Overthrow of the Republic by Sherman Skolnick (40-52)


by Sherman H. Skolnick 9/29/03

Sensible Americans take it as a given. That the oil-soaked, spy-riddled American monopoly press simply cannot tell us the truth. About Iraq, about the murder of President Kennedy, and a lot of other issues. The mouthpieces of “the powers that be”, the Ruling Class—in short THEM—are shackled to the Establishment’s outrageous if not cruel BIG LIE agenda.

Confronting the U.S. Supreme Court and one step below it, the Chicago Federal Appeals Court, is a Motion detailing Fraud Upon Those Courts perpetrated by the Judges themselves. These facts revolve around a mammoth fraud involving Coca-Cola Company, the American CIA, and the Courts, overlapping onto the litigation of the high court called Bush versus Gore. That is, the Five-Judge, Military-Style Junta in Washington, that under a malign and corrupt influence, arbitrarily installed George W. Bush as the occupant and resident of the White House. The duly elected President, Albert Gore, Jr., was simply not INAUGURATED.

[Visit “Coca-Cola, the CIA, and the Courts”, Part 9, on various websites, such as archived on

More details necessary to be understood:

[1] As detailed in the Motion, cocaine is a by-product of the processing, within the U.S., of huge amounts of coca leaves for the production of the secret base of Coca-Cola. Reportedly tied into the “leakage” of cocaine, within the U.S., into non-legal channels are top-level U.S. judges and members of the Bush Crime Family. Plainly, some of the cocaine snorted in the U.S., even by Judges themselves, is NOT smuggled in from somewhere else, outside the U.S., such as Columbia.

[2] Those in law enforcement contend that tied to the Coca-Cola, CIA, Courts, cocaine mess, is Vicente Fox, President of Mexico. He headed Coca-Cola of Mexico and had a dominating, if not having even now a continuing role, as to Coca-Cola in most of Latin America, south of the United States.

Fox is implicated, say those in a position to know, in the BIG FIX in Bush versus Gore litigation in the high court. And in various ways, he is tied to those judges in the Coca-Cola litigation, acting under a mlaign if not corrupt influence. Judges obligated by law to divulge their financial relationship to Fox, Coca-Cola, and such, but do NOT show the same on their mandatory annual judicial financial disclosure forms required to be signed by the judges subject to the penalties of perjury..

3] Mexico President Fox has, on and off the record, made serious demands for concessions, favoring Mexico, from the George W. Bush White House. Some legal scholars assert that some of those arm-twistings border on being, if not actually, unlawful and unconstitutional. That illegal Mexicans in the U.S. be permitted to prevail on U.S. authorities with documents, issued within the U.S., by Mexican officials officed in the U.S. That such otherwise undocumented persons be issued state drivers licenses. That they collect U.S. Social Security, Medicare, and other U.S. and state benefits, the same as U.S. citizens.

[4] Beyond that, Fox is demanding of the Bush White House guarantees as to Mexico and Fox, that Mexico have certain rights as to southern California, New Mexico, Arizona, and parts of Texas. Not identical—would they blatantly dare?—but similar to those areas being somehow returned or annexed to Mexico, nullifying and reversing the results of past wars between the U.S. and Mexico, which would be unconstitutional and beyond the Bush White House authority.

[5] As a horrendous blackmail and diversion, Fox and company are threatening to steer up a big Texas secret, just to trouble Americans who may oppose the demands of Fox/Mexico. Texas was the only territory that entered the Union with provisions. Texas, through their State Legislature, has been granted the proviso, that they can, if they so wish, divide Texas into five separate states, each with Two U.S. Senators to sit in the U.S. Senate. The power to do so has for generations been quietly carried over, from session to session of the Texas State Assembly. It is a legal political nuclear bomb that can be triggered off, at any time, or more openly referred to, by way of strong-arming certain positions.

[6] Another big whisper, fearful to the newsfakers, is about how those sneaking over the border into the U.S. have been used for America’s Imperialistic designs. A sizeable number coming across the deserts and the Rio Grande, have been grabbed, sent to U.S. Military boot camp, and make up part of the U.S. forces in Iraq. They do not speak English and are difficult to supervise. When these “grunts” are killed in fire-fights and such with Iraqis and others who oppose U.S. as foreign invaders, or die from accidents or illness in Iraq; their bodies are NOT returned to the U.S., or, for that matter, to Mexico. These “U.S. Troops” are buried in mass graves in Iraq, and no count kept or officially revealed as to how many perished.

A documentary maker, apparently uncovering the mass graves of “U.S. troops” and this terrible secret, was ordered reportedly to be murdered by U.S. Special Forces or similar teams, and explained away as an “accident”.


[7] If there is a Presidential Election in 2004 in the usual way, George W. Bush may have a problem. Remember, in advance of the 2000 Presidential Election, I stated on numerous radio talk shows and on-line, that the then upcoming Election may not be conducted in the expected, usual way, if at all. The same may true as to 2004.

Can Bush call up enough Reserves to fulfill the Aristocracy’s requirements as to safeguarding the oilfields in Iraq? If not, would Bush dare order a Draft of Men and Women, to send them as Military to Iraq?

An alternative would be a secret pact with Fox and company, to arange more, great numbers of U.S. “Green Card Soldiers”. That is, dragoon sizeable numbers of young Mexicans and other Latin Americans, coming across the border, and hustle them into the U.S. Military, and then, swiftly off to Iraq as “throwaway soldiers”, expendables, not to be noted, counted, nor their dead bodies returned to the U.S/Mexico. Or, if wounded, shipped where?

Obvious to most, is that pulling out all U.S. Military from Iraq, and returning them to the U.S. in possible dishonor, most likely would destroy the Bush White House and Overthrow the American Republic.

[8] I have described George W. Bush as an incompetent who pisses on his own shoes, to put it crudely. Would Bush dare rattle the chains of Fox as corruptly linked to the looming scandal of the bribery of some of the Judges on the highest tribunal in the nation, jointly overlapping the corruption of the Judges of the Chicago Federal Appeals Court? All swirling around the malign, corrupt influence in the litigation known as Bush versus Gore?

Bush may thus knock down Fox and his demands. BUT, then further revealed would be the corrupt way Bush was installed by the malign influence on the Five-Judge majority on the U.S. Supreme Court.

It would be an understatement to say Vicente Fox merely sleeps with the corrupt Judges, Chicago and Washington, outlined in the court-filed Motion. Fox seems plainly to be implicated with the Fraud Upon those courts perpetrated by the Judges themselves along with their co-conspirators.

Fox and Bush are together in a box. For them, there is no way out. Stay tuned.


by Sherman H. Skolnick 10/29/03

Sometimes certain events of a mystery are right under the noses of the monopoly press. Either because they are lazy, or their bosses will not let them write what they find, or whatever—parts of the strange happenings remain unexplained, sometimes for years and years.

A network reporter whispered into our ear, pressed to the ground. Not an unusual happening for us. If they find out something that is censored, and they cannot go with it, because of the higher-ups—well, they know where the independent loudmouths reside. And sometimes for various esoteric reasons, they owe us some favor. (Such as by digging up “dirt”, we got their boss off their back.)

Before you consider some of the details, you have to consider the following:

[A] Some of what is contained hereafter as to certain persons in the World Trade Center may remain unexplained and not completely correct. So as to give those referred to the benefits of all doubts, that they may, in fact, be innocent of complicity in 9-11.

[B] BUT, possibly true and for the first time revealed, are the details that happened right under the view of the oil-soaked, spy-riddled American monopoly press.


1. Various details analyzed and compiled by others, strongly support the view that the World Trade Center Twin Towers in New York City, on September 11, 2001, did not suddenly collapse shortly after something—an actual airplane, or a missile disguised with a hologram projection to simulate an airplane somehow hitting the Towers and each entire plane getting somehow swallowed up inside the buildings.

Yet, aviation and engineering experts seriously doubt that a huge airplane, wings and tail, could penetrate the buildings hitting heavy reinforced pillars and such. Some question: how come the huge wings and tail, from vibration and impact, did not fall off to the ground below? How come Fire Department experts, on their walkie-talkies, stated that they got high up in one of the buildings; that the fire they saw was not that bad; and that other firemen should bring up hoses because the fire could easily be brought under control. Yet, shortly after making such a report, the buildings got pulverized and collapsed all the way down.

2. The youngest son of George Herbert Walker Bush, namely Marvin Bush, is seldom mentioned in the monopoly press. Yet, there are detailed articles available in search engines [such as www.google.com MARVIN BUSH ] that Marvin was the director of a casualty insurance company with coverage of the World Trade Center, and that the coverage was stopped sometime before 9-11. Also Marvin Bush was a director of a firm that was involved with the security of the World Trade Center.

[For more details, review the known stories about FBI Deputy Director, John P. O’Neill, an expert on counter-terrorism, who about August, 2001, quit the Bureau because the Bush White House blocked him from further investigating Osama bin Laden. Why? Clearly, because O’Neill’s probe would lead to the Bush Crime Family, the Carlyle Group, and related banks and entities tied to Osama. O’Neill became the head of Security at the World Trade Center, and about his first day of work was 9-11. He was outside one of the buildings but was somehow lured inside where he perished, CONVENIENTLY.]

3. Notice this strange series of events. A group of purported German and Austrian artists apparently smuggled their way into the World Trade Center. THEY LIVED FOR SOME TIME ON THE 91st FLOOR of one of the twin towers.

[What may or may not be relevant: the U.S. authorities tried their best to torpedo a criminal action in Germany, following 9-11, as to purported Moslem “terrorists” being implicated or in some way blameable for the destruction of the World Trade Center buildings. Yet, the head of the U.S. FBI and other top U.S. officials refused to show up to testify as requested. The apparent reason? German counter-intelligence was apparently pursuing an angle troubling to the U.S. Namely, that certain Saudis, living for a while prior to 9-11 in Germany, were part of a high-level U.S. government diversion to what really happened on September 11, 2001. That is, that Osama and his cohorts were NOT actually involved. And because of the data uncovered by German authorities, the supposed Moslem “terrorists” were merely on what is known in espionage, as a “parallel track”, a trick to disguise the real events and make them like Lee Harvey Oswald, a patsy, falsely blamed.]

The German and Austrian purported artists were working on a book while living on the 91st floor of one of the Twin Towers, in an area that had been a warehouse, where they built a balcony.

“In short, the book belies the extravagance of the feat it seems to document: the covert installation, and brief use of a balcony on the 91st floor of the World Trade Center, 1,100 feet above the earth. Eight photographs—some grainy, all taken from a great distance–depict one tower’s vast eastern facade, marred by a tiny molelike growth; a lone figure dressed in a white jacket, standing on a lectern-size box.”

“Balcony Scene (Or Unseen) Atop the World; Episode at Trade Center Assumes Mythic Qualities”, by Shaila K. Dewan, Metropolitan Desk, New York Times, Saturday, August 18, 2001 (1645 words to story).

More from the same article:

“Still, how did a balcony escape the notice of one of the most security-conscious office towers in the world? An examination of the security system revealed that it was focused on the ground floor and basement. Mr. Janka [one of the “artists”] said, adding, “There’s no surveillance on the facade itself”.

And more from the lengthy article:

“Yet, since the Sunday morning in March 2000, when the balcony was allegedly installed, and, 19 minutes later, dismantled, the affair has taken on the outlines of an urban myth, mutated by rumors and denials among the downtown cognoscenti.”

Yet, more:

The four purported artists, “…the four, wearing harnesses, unscrewed the aluminum moldings that hold the window in place and used two large suction cups to remove the glass (air pressure adds about 300 pounds to the effort). As warm air streamed past, they outfitted the window with a cantilevered box, big enough for only one person at a time.”

The World Trade Center security apparently at first denied to the New York Times and others that there was anyone living inside one of the Twin Towers on the 91st Floor.

4. So, questions remain:

===were the purported “artists”, escaping notice of the WTC security and living on the 91st floor, a diversion for certain persons who wired up the towers for internal explosions, to concide with something striking the towers on 9-11? Did they know, or see anything, while living inside one of the towers, by which they could be witnesses to foul play? The “artists” may deny the whole thing as merely a “prank”. And vigorously deny any complicity in any dirty business to bring down the towers. Until more facts are elicited, we must consider the possibility that they may be entirely innocent. To prove they lived in the building, the artists produced a bill proving a helicopter, paid for by them, was used to photograph their occupancy of the 91st floor, photos made from the outside through a window.

===the firm that got the contract to clear up the debris after the collapse of the towers was Controlled Demolition, Inc. Is it a mere coincidence that they are the same one specializing in taking down old hotels and such, by internal explosives causing such buildings to fall down on themselves. The firm was involved with what some contend was a cover up in the rapid way in which the FBI wanted to remove all evidence of what brought down the Federal Office Building, April 19, 1995, by multiple explosions in Oklahoma City. The building was quickly smashed down and the site covered up with cement, courtesy of the FBI and apparently with the demolition firm.

We are making every effort to attach a copy of the New York Times article to this story.


The Public Execution of John F. Kennedy

by Sherman H. Skolnick 11/17/03

Testing A Coup

Supposing there was a sizeable military unit. And they threatened violence in the main city of the Republic. They demanded that the President and the

Circulating for many years in the alternative media underground have been the notes of what some contend were the true perpetrators of the political assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Some of these reports had titles such as “The Gemstone Files”, and “The Torbett Document”, and were copied and re-copied, and shared as background by various political assassination researchers. These details were often discussed when such researchers got together at meetings.

According to some alternative commentators, these notes were to be read and considered in conjunction with the book “Farewell America”. Published in Europe about 1968, and circulated in about fourteen languages, the book was no t permitted by U.S. postal and customs authorities to be imported into the U.S. to be sold in bookstores. This censorship in the U.S. ended about 2002, when amazon.com began selling a paperback edition of the book now listed on their webs ite. Until 1973, I was only one of two researchers in the U.S. who found a way to get “Farewell America”, in English, in hardback, into the U.S. At nationwide college seminars by me, I gave them away to students in return for small donations to support our work.

Here are matters necessary to understanding the political wipe-out of JFK

Starting in 1841 and continuing until the first year of the 20th Century, were the visible results of violent struggles between the Vatican/the Jesuits and the Protestant Church in America as well as the efforts of Great Britain t o take-back the American continent, reverting the inhabitants to being mere subjects, not U.S. citizens, of the British Monarchy and returning this land to being puppet colonies of the Crown.

In furtherance of these ends, five U.S. presidents were assassinated for the benefit of Great Britain and the Vatican/the Jesuits.

===William Henry Harrison, killed by being poisoned, in 1841, a month after being inaugurated as President. U.S. Senator Thomas Benton in his book stated as to President Harrison, “that the deceased President had been closely preceded and was rapidly followed by the deaths of almost all of his numerous family, sons and daughters.” Only one of President Harrison’s eight children, a son, was permitted to live. “Thirty Years’ View From 1820-1850” by Thomas Benton.

===Zachary Taylor, like Harrison, killed by being poisoned 1850, during the slavery controversy, called the Compromise, instigated by Great Britain to divide up and conquer the United States. These efforts by England eventually led to the American Civil War, also called The War Between the States, in which England financed and outfitted with weapons the Jefferson Davis Confederacy, breaking away from the United States of America.

===Abraham Lincoln,, assassinated, as a symbol, on Good Friday, April, 1865, a few days after the South surrendered. Part of the plot against Lincoln included the guard at the door of Lincoln’s box at Ford’s Theater. The guard fled to the Vatican and was sheltered as part of the Vatican Guard. The Vatican, through various strategies, including making their presence and power known to a U.S. jury, effectively kept the guard from being convicted and jailed for being part of the plot ag ainst Lincoln,upon the guard returning to the U.S.

===James Abram Garfield, murdered 1881. He was against England interfering with the industrial development and finance of the U.S.

===William McKinley. Prior to his first term as President, he promoted U.S. industrial and financial interests in opposition to Great Britain by the McKinley Tariff. In his first Presidential term, he promoted U.S. imperialism, in the U.S. war against Spain, in opposition to England. Like Garfield, he was opposed to Great Britain interfering with U.S. industrial and financial development. He was assassinated in 1901, a few months after being inaugurated President for the second time.

===John F. Kennedy. The 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified January 16, 1919 and repealed by the 21st Amendment, December 5, 1933. It prohibited the manufacturing, sale, and importation of intoxicating liquor within th e U.S., and exportation of the same from the U.S. The period was called “The Prohibition”.

John F. Kennedy’s father, Joseph P. Kennedy, during Prohibition, made the British royalty beholden to him for financial benefits. The Brits controlled the manufacturing and export of booze from England and Scotland. Joe Kennedy arrange d to smuggle into the U.S. the British royal products through a transit point, being a small French island in the mouth of the St. Lawrence Seaway.

Old man Kennedy distributed the spirits in the U.S., in violation of Prohibition, mainly through his financial arrangements with gangsters, in Boston, Chicago, and Detroit and the massive bribery of state and federal U.S. officials. &n bsp;The British royals, for their financial gain, tolerated Joe Kennedy, despite the fact they considered him a lower level being, as an Irish Catholic. In the 1930s, as a reward, despite Joe being a Catholic, he was made U.S. Ambassador to England.

Joe Kennedy made the Rockefellers as well, beholden to the Kennedy Family. The Second World War started September 1, 1939. Three weeks into the war, England arranged a secret supposed “peace-time” arrangement between Rockefeller’s Stan dard Oil of New Jersey with the German chemical and synthetic rubber cartel, I.G. Farben. With the corrupt aid of Ambassador Kennedy, the deal was fraudulently back-dated as if arranged prior to the start of the war. The Rockefellers treasonously shared profits with I.G. Farben, through supposed South American neutral countries, all during the war. See “The Crime and Punishment of I.G. Farben” by Joseph Borkin.

Joe Kennedy, in October, 1940, gave up being Ambassador and returned to the U.S. Being heavily anti-Jewish and pro-Hitler (similar to the British royals who were actually German royals from the House of Hanover), Kennedy tried to persu ade President Franklin D. Roosevelt for the U.S. to stay neutral, since Kennedy was convinced Hitler would win the war against England. After delivering U.S. weapons to Britain, U.S. ships sometimes returned, not empty to U.S., but with loads of liquor from the British Royals spirits industry headed for Joe Kennedy’s firm, Somerset Imports, Ltd., even during World War Two.

What happened to Joe Kennedy’s son John F., was similar to the supposedly fiction book “Winter Kills” by Richard Condon who was also author of the political murder thriller “The Manchurian Candidate”. “Winter Kills” is about an Irish p atriarch, thick with hoodllums, who through them, arranges to get his son elected President. And then the gangsters join with others to assist the assassination of his son. (For a while, the movie version of the book was blocked from presentation in the U.S. At a limited showing at the Art Institute theater in Chicago, I taped an interview with the movie producer, how the Kennedy Family went about destroying him.)

Joseph P. Kennedy’s booze firm was Somerset Imports, Ltd., with offices in Chicago. I taped an interview with the company manager who told how the ownership changed hands exactly at the time of the murder of President Kennedy. Despite that, he said, the Kennedy Family continued post-assassination to get financial benefits from five out of eight British/Scotch booze labels distributed in the U.S. We also interviewed a key salesmen from the firm.

John F. Kennedy in an extremely close election against Presidential candidate Richard M. Nixon, won the Electoral College vote and hence the presidency, by Chicago gangsters stealing some eight thousand votes used to have JFK carry Ill inois’ necessary electoral vote.

Shortly after being inaugurated in 1961, President Kennedy proceeded with the plan, started by President Eisenhower, to invade Cuba at the “Bay of Pigs”. In so doing, JFK, nominally a Catholic, violated Catholic Church canon law and do ctrine, by proceeding to make war against another Catholic country, namely Cuba, and its leader, Fidel Castro, a Jesuit. The invasion plan became a fiasco when JFK refused to have U.S. war planes aid the invaders on the beach.

Joseph P. Kennedy had a financial interest in toppling Fidel. Through a bank he owned in Boston, the elder Kennedy owned North Cuba Railroad Bonds, made worthless by Fidel but having value if he was removed.

Catholics in the American CIA considered John F. Kennedy a traitor and a butcher. Three weeks before the Dallas murder, President Kennedy ordered a coup against the devout Catholic South Viet Nam government in Saigon. Murdered on Kenne dy’s authorization for geopolitical reasons, was the South Viet Nam premier, Ngo Dinh Diem, and his two brothers. The premier’s widow, Madame Ngu, taking up residence in Paris, supervised the American CIA’s assassination of JFK, using French assass ins previously part of a failed plot by disgruntled French Generals against French Premier DeGaulle. (The French military was sore at DeGaulle for not defending French interests in Algeria.)

Madame Ngu was in charge of huge dope funds from the “Golden Triangle” of Southeast Asia. In later years, participating in the financial benefits was the unholy trio of George Herbert Walker Bush, Colin Powell, and Powell’s sidekick, R ichard Armitage. The American CIA arranged for General Powell to avoid being prosecuted for war crimes in his role in the vast murders of Vietnamese women and children known as the My Lai Affair.

To harass the Lyndon B. Johnson administration, Madame Ngu used part of the illicit funds to finance the American CIA’s agents provocateurs posing as supposed leaders of the anti-Viet Nam War Movement, 1966 and thereafter. A fake peace-nik leader, Rennie Davis, had his father as consultant in the later war-mongering Nixon White House. Because I early on with my associates investigated Rennie and the Madame Ngu links to the peace fakers, I was numerous times falsely arrested or threatened with arrest.

Every U.S. president following the murder of JFK, either assisted the assassins in some way, or participated in covering up the CIA/Nazi War Criminal murder of Dallas witnesses, or kept incriminating U.S. records from being revealed.

===LYNDON B. JOHNSON, just prior to the JFK assassination, told his mistress, who later wrote about it, that “after tomorrow that bastard Kennedy will not be able to embarass me anymore”. Johnson’s war industry cronies stood to make bi llions from the Viet Nam War that JFK opposed spreading out. Johnson abandoned JFK ‘s order to issue Two Dollar genuine U.S. Paper money, NOT phony-baloney Federal Reserve notes masquerading as the “U.S. Dollar”. (More on this later.) Johnson using the fraudulent Gulf of Tonkin Affair to justify enlarging the Viet Nam struggle, pandered to the Aristocracy financially benefitting, as they do, from Wars and Depressions, to the great detriment of the American commonfolk.

Johnson appointed the Warren Commission to whitewash the high-level murder of JFK.

===RICHARD M. NIXON. According to writings by the highly-skilled assassination researcher, Penn Jones, Jr., and others, there was a meeting in Texas, just prior to the assassination, of U.S. Generals together with FBI dictator J. Edgar Hoover, Richard M. Nixon, and others, plotting out all the details. Living in the Dallas suburb of Midlothian, Jones found out plenty and wrote about it.

After leaving office as Vice President, Nixon, as little-known, headed-up and supervised, for the American CIA, the plan to invade Cuba in 1961, at the “Bay of Pigs”. Later, as President, Nixon kept blackmailing the Aristocracy on the high-level plot to murder JFK, the details of which Nixon knew. The CIA, through the instigated Watergate Affair, forced Tricky Dick from the Presidency in 1974.

By the way, the CIA through their Foundation fronts, sponsored the 1968 commotions in Chicago at the Democrat Convention, discrediting the Democrats and enabling Nixon to win the election as President on the GOP ticket.

Nixon’s false statement, which ended up in the Warren Report, was that he left Dallas on the morning of the murder. He was there as General Counsel for the Pepsico Bottlers Convention. Years later, a Pepsico director who was on a Dallas radio program with me, confirmed from his own direct knowledge, that Nixon was there all that day. In fact, said the director, Nixon outraged others at the Convention by demanding that the Convention proceed even after JFK was killed just after h igh noon. Nixon stayed at a hotel next to a suite occupied by movie star Joan Crawford whose husband, heading up Pepsico, was apparently conveniently wiped out.

===GERALD FORD. Becoming President through the Rockefeller-instigated 25th Amendment, without an election, following the resignation of Nixon, Ford was in a perfect position for the JFK murder cover-up. Ford in 1964, had been a member of the infamous Warren Commission, falsely proclaiming a “lone assassin” killed JFK. Ford was a spy, for J.Edgar Hoover, on the Warren whitewash, and acted along with staff faker Arlen Specter to promote the ridiculous single-bullet theory. Specte r was later rewarded by the American CIA which purchased for him the position of U.S. Senator (R., Pa.)

As part of a scheme to stop Nixon, after resigning, from continuing to blackmail the CIA and others, Ford, without much formality, pardoned Nixon from any federal criminal prosecutions.

===JIMMY CARTER. Selected for the Presidency by the Rockefellers and the infamous Council on Foreign Relations (members of which flooded the Carter Administration), Carter was, like the other Presidents following the murder, a perfect choice. During the 1976 Presidential Election, a doctor with apparent direct data, claimed Jimmy Carter was actually an illegitimate off-spring of Joseph P. Kennedy, “Founding Father” of the Kennedy clan. Seldom-noted, the Kennedys remain silent about t he high-level plots that snuffed out JFK, the attempt in 1964 by a sabotaged plane crash to wipe out Teddy Kennedy, and the murder of Bobby Kennedy in 1968 as he was possibly on the way to occupying the Oval Office. The Kennedys, with the possible excep tion of JFK daughter Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, are reputed blackmailers. Unable to do anything about the high-level plots against the Kennedy Family, they get great financial benefits from their blackmailing the Aristocracy.

[More about the Kennedys, in our website series, “What Happened to America’s Goldenboy”, the murder of JFK, Jr.)

===RONALD REAGAN. For many years prior to being California Governor and U.S. President, Reagan was a stooge for General Electric and their propaganda series on network television, the “General Electric Theater”. G.E. helped finan ce the rise of Adolf Hitler and their facilities in war-time Germany, Second World War, were NOT bombed. [See Antony Sutton’s documented book “Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler”.] Hence, Reagan was as well entangled with the Bush Family and their pro-H itler past. [See “The Unauthorized Biography of George Bush” by Webster Griffin Tarpley et al., 1992.]

In the late 1960s, New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison conducted criminal prosecutions of those involved in the Louisiana aspect of the JFK murder plot. Reagan, as California Governor, blocked the Garrison investigation by refus ing to extradict a key witness from within the California jurisdiction.

In 1981, a few weeks after being inaugurated as President, Reagan was violently reminded to keep his mouth shut. He was hit in the chest by some kind of a projectile while coming out of the entrance of a hotel in the District of Columb ia. Although some network TV reporters, as eyewitnesses, said there were multiple shots fired from several directions, the monopoly press blamed it all on John Hinckley, a member of the American Nazi Party, and whose father was in the oil business with George Herbert Walker Bush who as Vice President, itched to take over the Oval Office.

===GEORGE HERBERT WALKER BUSH. The elder Bush, as shown by an FBI document, was part of the witness cover-up of the JFK murder. He was entangled with those who were part of the high-level plot against JFK. Bush played a role in supervi sing, with Nixon, the aborted invasion of Cuba, 1961, for which the head of the CIA, Allen Dulles, called JFK “a traitor”. No stranger to Nazis and Nazi war criminals then living in the U.S., Bush was implicated with the Nazis in the U.S. used to snuff out JFK murder eyewitnesses. [See the voluminous writings of the highly-skilled late assassination researcher Mae Brussell.]

===WILLIAM ROCKEFELLER CLINTON. The person using the name “Bill Clinton” is actually the illegitimate great grandson of old John D. Rockefeller, founder of the infamous monopoly Standard Oil. On our website, in various articles, we tel l why we feel justified in using Rockefeller as Bill’s middle name.

From an early age, Bill Clinton was recruited for doing agent provocateur acts for the American CIA. He was most of the time under the supervision of the London Station Chief of the U.S. spy agency. Falsely posing as a draft-dodger (de spite the statements of the monopoly press, he was NOT but rather a cover story as CIA spy), Bill in the late 1960s traveled in Europe, while compiling reports for the CIA on the anti-Viet Nam War Movement in Europe. He helped keep track of Madame Ngu, widow of premier Diem in Saigon along with Diem’s two brothers, ordered assassinated by JFK. She was stationed in Paris and headed up the CIA acts resulting in the murder of JFK and the killing thereafter of eyewitnesses.

Starting in 1970 and thereafter, at various seminars, I commented, to no avail, that JFK ordering the wipe-out about November 1, 1963, of the Diem brothers running the Saigon government, was instrumentally involved in two events. First , the aborted plot in Chicago, two and a half weeks before Dallas, to murder JFK at a football game. He cancelled his visit. All the details became part of a federal court lawsuit by me against the National Archives and Records Service. I attached eleve n documents to my lawsuit, April, 1970, apparently stolen from the government records repository. A judge previously CIA Counter-Intelligence Chief in Europe, put my lawsuit out of court without legal formality. Assassination researchers, spending all t heir book-authoring and lecture efforts as to which way the bullets went in Dallas, all the years ignored my lawsuit and often condemned me for not joining with them as to the Dallas aspect.

Secondly, Madame Ngu headed up the American CIA murder of JFK. More than thirty-three years after my revelations about this, a few details related to this came out in a book published November, 2003. “Triangle of Death The Shocking Truth About the Role of South Vietnam and the French Mafia in the Assassination of John F. Kennedy”, by Bradley S. Leary and L.E. Seymour, World Net Daily Books.

A member of the Warren Commission, Congressman Hale Boggs (D., La.), in later years had misgivings about the “lone assassin” finding of the Commission. He began publicly grumbling about this and about the FBI Dictator J. Edgar Hoover s pying on Congress by wire-tapping. In October, 1972, a month before Nixon was re-elected President, Boggs was to take a private plane on a planned trip to Alaska. Guess who, as a young man, drove him to the airport? Why, none other than Bill Clinton!

Boggs’ plane disappeared in Alaska. The CIA and Military Intelligence falsely claimed the plane was never found. Boggs’ daughter, Cokie Robert (nee Boggs), knowingly made false statements that her father’s plane was never found and, th at her father believed a “lone assassin”, Lee Harvey Oswald, killed JFK. She was rewarded by getting a multi-million dollar per year position on Sunday morning programs on ABC-TV network.

Our interviews with private investigators as to the Boggs’ Alaska event, convinces us the plane was found and the matter covered up. This was a month BEFORE Nixon’s re-election. A month AFTER Nixon’s re-election was the murder of Dorothy Hunt, wife of the Watergate burglar, E. Howard Hunt, and eleven other Watergators through a sabotaged plane crash in Chicago, December, 1972. [See my four part website series, “The Secret History of Airplane Sabotage”.]

===GEORGE W. BUSH. Like his father, he has been part of the JFK murder cover-up. Bill Clinton, as Arkansas Governor, participated in the CIA weapons/dope smuggling through the Southern States, including through the tiny airport at Mena , Arkansas. Clinton co-operated in these illicit activities with Daddy Bush and Ollie North. Clinton, from time to time, visited at the Bush Family mansion in Kennebunkport. Maine and Bill is part of the Bush/Clinton Crime Family. [See the book, “B oy Clinton”, by Tyrell, page 2.]

George W. Bush, like his father, surrounds himself with those with purported Nazi links, including Karl Rove. And Bush met quietly with Arnold Schwarenegger two years before Arnold became recall Governor of California. Arnold’s immedia te family in Austria were Nazi officials under Hitler. Remember, as pointed out by the late master assassination researcher, Mae Brussell, the Nazi criminals quietly residing in the U.S., post-World War Two, were involved with their criminal specialty, murdering witnesses, in particular those who knew too much directly about the Dallas details.

The actual duly elected President in 2000 BUT NOT INAUGURATED, namely Albert Gore, Jr., to his credit as U.S. Senator and thereafter, told others in Congress he was in favor of getting to the bottom of who all was involved in the JFK m urder.

In sum, John F. Kennedy was the subject of a public execution, November 22, 1963, having his brains blown out in an open car in Dallas.

The motives for the Aristocracy arranging the political assassination of JFK, justifying at least to themselves why the murder was necessary for THEM to survive running the United States of America, WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE

[1] Kennedy angered the oil tycoons headquartered in Texas where he was executed. He announced he favored scrapping the tax loophole enriching them, namely the oil depletion allowance. The once-banned book, “Farewell America”, has a wh ole section on this subject.

[2] Kennedy antagonized the Aristocracy and their ownership of the PRIVATE central bank, pretending to be part of the U.S. Government, namely the Federal Reserve. A month before the wipe-out, JFK invoked a little-known provision of federal law, authorizing him to issue genuine U.S. currency paper money in the form of Two Dollar Bills. To counter this over the years, the spy-riddled, oil-soaked monopoly press made jokes about the Two Dollar Bill. JFK did not live to see his auth orization of the genuine U.S. paper money issuance to be carried out, the same having been nullified by President Johnson.

As ruled by the U.S. Court of Appeals, for the Ninth Circuit, headquartered in San Francisco, and not challenged or disputed, “The regional Federal Reserve banks are not government agencies….but are independent privately owned and lo cally controlled corporations.” Lewis vs. United States, 680 F.2d 1239 (9th Circuit, 1982). [Can be referred to in a law library, the reference to be read as Volume 680, Federal Reporter 2nd series, starting at page 1239.]

[3] Kennedy angered the Aristocracy by threatening to wind down the Viet Nam struggle, depriving the Ultra Rich of war profiteering benefits.

[4] On the other hand, Catholics in the Aristocracy justified his execution on the basis he committed, even nominally as a Catholic, violations of Church canon law and doctrines. Namely, proceeding to attack a Catholic nation and leade r, Cuba, with Fidel Castro, a Jesuit. And ordering the assassination of the Diem brothers, in a coup, for geopolitical reasons, against the devout Catholic Saigon government.

[5] The most important motive for his public execution By his charming ways and speechs, he gave the impression to the American commonfolk that the era of the common man had arrived, a dangerous mindset that had to be quickly end ed for the Aristocracy to survive. This psychological trend was ended when JFK’s brains were blown out, as a warning to would-be charming leaders who departed from the orders and rules of the Ultra Rich.

For additional and supporting details as to the foregoing, consult the book listing of one of the leading assassination book specialists The Last Hurrah Bookshop, 937 Memorial Ave., Williamsport, PA 17701 (570) 321-1150 (phone and fax ). http//hometown.aol.com/jfkhurrah For example, as to books about Lyndon B. Johnson being part of the plot, on their website, click on TEXAS/JOHNSON.

More coming. Stay tuned.


Daddy Bush and Teddy Kennedy-The Meeting

by Sherman H. Skolnick 11/25/03

It was centuries in the making. The split between the Old World and the New World. Between East and the West. The Divide, the Vatican, the Reformation, the Protestant Church. The Capitalist World and their creation of their own “enemy” , the Communist World.

It was the fall of 2003. In the view of some, there was a most unlikely meeting of two persons. At least as considered by some, each a spokesperson for a different faction. George Herbert Walker Bush. Promoted into the oil business by the British Royalty (actually German Royalty, the House of Hanover, masquerading as the House of Windsor). A functionary of the American CIA since 1959, using his front worldwide units of Zapata Petroleum Co., later Zapata Offshore. In 1961, supervisor of the disastrous aborted CIA invasion of Cuba at “The Bay of Pigs”. 1976, Director of Central Intelligence, arranged the murder in Washington of a former top official of Chile. 1977-1981, Director of a pharmaceutical firm, complicit re portedly in the dope underground with cocaine, a by-product of the production of the secret base of Coca-Cola by Stepan Chemical Co., Northfield, Illinois.

October, 1980, French Intelligence videoed Daddy Bush arranging a traitorous deal with top officials of Iran near Paris. The Iranians were bribed to help the Reagan/Bush ticket win the Presidential/Vice President election by showing in cumbent President Jimmy Carter as a wimp running for re-election. The bribery was to avoid the dreaded “October Surprise”, if Carter got the release of the 52 U.S. hostages held by Iran. By the Bush treason, the hostages were held to exactly the moment in January, 1981, when Reagan/Bush were inaugurated. Bush was Vice President, 1981, and President, 1988.

Edward M. Kennedy, Democrat U.S. Senator from Massachusetts. Son of the Irish Patriarch, Joseph P. Kennedy. The Family having been from the 1920s, during Prohibition, making British royalty beholden to them. How? By Ol d Man Kennedy arranging to smuggle into the U.S. the booze products chartered by the British Royals. This was done with the aid of gangsters, Boston, Detroit, and Chicago. The criminals continued the distribution of the booze even after liquor was legal in the U.S. Teddy in 1964 survived an assassination plot in a sabotaged plane crash. His brothers, John F. and Robert F., did not survive murder plots, 1963 and 1968.

A transcript of the Fall of 2003 meeting, before the 40th Anniversary of the JFK murder.

Edward M. Kennedy “George, I think by now, through your sources, you already know, the French CIA, for several decades now, has leaked out a few details as to Dallas. Although their people infiltrated the plot, their high-ups did not see fit to stop it, believing I suppose it could not be stopped or better to withhold details for blackmail. As you know, Oswald was a French intelligence agent, a hero, who fell between the cracks. His mother often said Oswald was under cover as with N aval Intelligence. Now my niece Caroline insists that I show you these films and documents.”

[A projector is set up and the films shown. On one film, taken from the Overpass bridge, is shown the shots straight-on hitting Kennedy. Other parts of films, show one of the shooters using the storm sewer up on the railroad embankment , right near Dan Rather standing in the shadows nearby.]

George Herbert Walker Bush “Teddy, you know the problem. Your brother Jack was soft on the Communists. Three weeks before Dallas, he ordered the coup against the Saigon regime of Premier Diem, a devout Catholic, and his two brothers, all anti-Communists—they were assassinated on your brother’s orders. And your brother denied U.S. warplane cover at the Bay of Pigs, thus helping Fidel Castro, a Communist. Jack lost his nerve in 1962 in the Cuban Missile Crisis.”

Teddy “That Saigon matter is a frame-up, supposedly making the Vatican approve of what happened to Jack.”

George “Jack was allowing the country to be split on black-white racial lines by an agitator, Dr. King, a Communist.”

Teddy “I do not believe Dr. King was a Communist. I know Hoover hated us and said King was a Red.”

“I suppose you know about the book written by a team of French Intelligence under a pen-name? ‘Farewell America’.” George “The main thing is your brother was dealt with like any Crowned Head of State. After the powers that be determined that your brother was a traitor, Lyndon [Baines Johnson, then Vice President] and I, and other noteworthy person s, including those in the Military and Intelligence, and others, arranged a public execution. On the facts, it was justified and proper.”

Teddy “George, it was not justified. Jack found terrible murder plots within the CIA, and was determined to scatter them to the wind and you know it. He would not instigate a nuclear strike against the Soviets. It is nonsense to claim Jack was a Communist, or soft on them. He wanted to take away the tax loophole favoring your oil pals.”

George “Your brother was a traitor. He had to be punished, as a symbol to all, that a traitor will have his head chopped off or his brains blown out, in public, for all to see.”

Teddy “My family has been in favor of silence on these subjects. They do not want to go public to rebut these outrageous accusations. Caroline, my niece, dissents. She demands the matters, the films, the documents, once and for all, b e made public. Her husband, Schlossberg, a grain speculator, for business reasons, wants the silence to continue.”

George “Publicizing the details cannot be allowed.”

Teddy “Why?”

George “Because the public is stupid. How can we explain high-level Affairs of State to dummies? The public execution was justified and necessary, and you know it. To reveal all the details now would tear the country apart.”

So, on the 40th Anniversary of the assassination of John F.Kennedy, the media permitted, at least some did, the finger to be pointed at Lyndon Baines Johnson, now dead, once Vice President and then President. In espionage jargon, this is dealing with a sticky subject by a “limited hang-out”, a throwaway detail.

Not accused, and they should be, are the British Royalty, the American CIA, Daddy Bush’s Texas oil buddies, and Fascist killers high up in the U.S. Military and Intelligence agencies.

Considering that the French are holding all the cards—the films and proof as to Dallas—it was plain stupid for Bush, Jr., that is George W. Bush, to attack the Paris government regarding the plan to invade Iraq. Daddy Bush, maybe m ost have already forgotten, publicly opposed the pre-emptive attack on Iraq.

The oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press would not dare report any details, which they already know, of the meeting between Daddy Bush and Teddy Kennedy.

For background, visit our website series Overthrow, Part 42 and other parts. Also, as to revealing details of the Kennedy Family, see our four-part series on the murder of JFK, Jr., “What Happened to America’s Goldenboy”. Somewhere on our website is the FBI document showing George Bush, of CIA, was involved with in some way covering up witnesses as to the Dallas murder. As to Daddy Bush, the Corrupt Federal Judges, underground dope and cocaine, and Stepan Chemical Co., see our extensive website series “Coca-Cola, CIA, and the Courts”.


Saddam Double-Crossed

by Sherman H. Skolnick 12/4/03

Some years ago we coined the phrase “oil-soaked, spy-riddled American monopoly press”. It is not an idle statement. The basis for it are the numerous examples we have shown over the forty years we have functioned as a research/investig ative group.

About forty years ago the American CIA created Saddam Hussein and his political party as a bulwark against a growing left-wing in Iraq. Historically, it was just another way the West deals with Europe and the East. American/British Big Business financed Adolf Hitler and the Nazis as an opposition to the Soviets which had themselves been created by the West.

Common Americans do not seem to understand, or want to undertand, the principle, perfected many centuries ago by the Romans. To solidify your power, create so-called “enemies”. and then build up your armies to protect you from “them”.

Shortly after he was Director of Central Intelligence, Daddy Bush was instrumental in supplying Saddam with chemical/biological weapons as well as starting Iraq on the road to nuclear development. The Elder Bush, as a stooge for Americ an.British Big Business, instigated the Iran-Iraq war, 1980 to 1988, to tie-up both nations and keep up the price of oil, while weakening and impoverishing both Mid-East nations.

The Reagan/Bush White House armed Saddam. [See the heavily-documented book “The Spider’s Web” by Alan Friedman, 1993, which did not get much mass media mention.]

Savvy folks are well-aware that Saddam was suckered into invading Kuwait, in 1990, as part of a long-simmering ruckus over Iraq’s claims to oilfields on the Kuwait-Iraq border going back to 1960 when Kuwait was still a British colony.

In the pre-emptive attack on Iraq by the U.S., March, 2003, the Bush White House arranged to massively bribe the top element of the Iraq Republican Guard, the elite military units supposedly most trusted by Saddam. Thus,` the U.S. Mili tary went almost unopposed up the highway to Baghdad. These turncoat brass and their families were quietly and secretly whisked out of Iraq to safety and housing in the U.S. Remember also, we were among the first to mention that following Persian Gulf War One, Daddy Bush arranged to bring into the U.S. more than four thousand supposed Iraqi military intelligence defectors. Two thousand of them were with their families, at U.S. taxpayer’s expense, housed, fed, and given work, in Oklahoma City. Kn owledgeable journalists have contended that these supposed defectors played a role with American dissidents as surrogates for Iraq, in the multiple bombings of the Alfred Murrah Federal Office Building, in Oklahoma City, April 19, 1995.

Yet, Daddy Bush and his financial crony, Bill Clinton, were both in a position to know that these Iraqi military brought into the U.S. had a number of double-agents, saboteurs now on U.S. soil.

[Related details on earlier parts of this website series.]

The Kuwait dictators, the al Sabah Royal Family, after Persian Gulf War One, hired an American investigation firm, Jules Kroll & Associates, to locate Saddam Hussein’s properties. Details were published in 1991, in the Wall Street Journal. Saddam was one of the richest men in that part of the world. He held a huge financial position (and still does) in what became Daimler Chrysler (maker of Mercedes Benz and Chrysler cars); Fairchild Missiles, of Italy; Hachette, which owns, amon g other things, magazines in the U.S.; and Matra, the Paris-based firm operating the “People Mover” System at O’Hare Airport, Chicago, a light railway moving passengers and baggage from the airport terminals to the planes.

December 13, 2003, was an unlucky day for Saddam. At least, some think so. It may have been a staged event, with Saddam as one of the actors. Bush Crime Family super bagman, James A. Baker III (Daddy Bush Administration Secretary of St ate), heavily bribed Saddam’s guards to abandon him. This made Saddam, supposedly all by himself, available to be arrested in the basement of a farmhouse on the outskirts of his home-town, Tikrit. Coming to grab Saddam was part of a secret U.S. unit alo ng with Saddam’s historical enemies, Kurdish troops. Assisting with the bribery of Saddam’s guards and the apprehending of Saddam, were OPERATIVES OF CBS NETWORK NEWS. In a live broadcast after the arrest, a CBS Network news hen accidentally let slip th e role of CBS in arranging the capture of Saddam. Maybe we can expect that the newswoman making the monstrous mistake, will mysteriously later be found shot to death “accidentally” by some U.S. military, like numerous other report! ers in Iraq.

You can see why we call it “the spy-riddled American monopoly press”. CBS has assisted the American CIA since the creation of the spy agency.

James A. Baker III is the same bagman, in the year 2000 Presidential election mess. He reportedly bribed southern Florida DEMOCRATS, at a strategic moment, to stop the recounting of ballots for Albert Gore, Jr. Thus George W. Bush was able to get the Florida vote, crucial to the Electoral College vote, and thereby steal the Presidential election.

If Saddam lives to be put on public trial, he could defend himself and wreck the Bushies, with his own eyewitness testimony of treason committed by the Bush Crime Family. A complicating factor, is that France is in the middle of the de al to grab Saddam Hussein. Master blackmailers, the French have plenty on the Bushies, their role in the assassination and the cover up of the same, of President John F. Kennedy, the Florida election theft, George W. Bush and his travels with his male s ex-mate, and a French as-yet not released documentary on the Florida election, and plenty more. Insofar as Saddam has been moved out of Iraq, was he quietly moved to Paris?


Saddam, Prisoner of Carlyle Group

by Sherman H. Skolnick 12/16/03

As usual, the Liars and Whores of the Press promote the Big Lie as to the secret team that snatched Saddam Hussein.

Some claim the unit was not fully informed, other than they had a high priority target. And there are contentions that the unit, part of the American CIA, came within a few seconds of misguidedly hurling a grenade down into the “spider hole” in which Saddam was kept as a prisoner. Left unsaid by the oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press is that Saddam was being kept as a prisoner buried in a grave-like hole, breathing air through a tube to the surface, rather than the media fairy tale that he was simply hiding.


The reasons for having kept Saddam a prisoner under such circumstrances, and elsewhere kept for some time in captivity, revolve around his huge worldwide properties. Through some of his relatives, and through secret trust accounts and agreements, and through secret bank accounts and other financial intermediaries, Saddam Hussein has been a major stockholder/bond holder, through nominees, front persons, and other ways to conceal ownership, of and in the following, among his other worl dwide properties

===as owner of Daimler-Chrysler, maker of Mercedes Benz car and trucks and through cars and products of Chrysler. Supposedly, if Saddam was not held prisoner as he was for some time prior to be removed from the hole near a farm h ouse, on the outskirts of his home-town of Tikrit, Saddam could come to a meeting of Daimler’s Board of Directors and demand to sit down as a duly authorized member of the Board, Saddam being a major owner of the firm.

===Hachette, the foreign firm,owning, among other things, magazines in the U.S. and elsewhere. In the U.S., Saddam’s firm owned George Magazine, now defunct, the editor of which was John F. Kennedy, Jr. In 1999, as the son of assassina ted President John . Kennedy, Junior was fighting around with magazine owner Hachette which was planning to cease publication of George magazine on or about December, 1999. Junior claimed this would violate his contract and agreement with Hachette.

John F. Kennedy, Jr., was secretly intending to use the magazine to publicize at least two otherwise censored stories. (A) As to who-all was complicit in the murder of his father, including the Bush Crime Family, particularly Daddy Bush, the Texas oil tycoons tied to Daddy Bush and then Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson, as well as some owners of the Federal Reserve key unit, the Federal Reserve District Bank of New York.

Just prior to being assassinated, President Kennedy issued an Executive Order, under a little-known provision, authorizing him to issue hundreds of millions of dollars of genuine U.S. paper money, principally two-dollar bills, in opposition to the Federal Reserve private paper money masquerading as “the U.S. Dollar”.[More details in Part 42 of this website series, sub-titled “The Public Execution of John F. Kennedy”. And, as archived through MAIN PAGE, left-hand side of sa me CLICK on COLUMNISTS Sherman Skolnick at www.rense.com ]

And further, (B) For JFK, Jr., planning to use George Magazine to publicize, as he knew, the treasonous arrangements of Daddy Bush with Saddam Hussein. Junior was threatening, to keep Hachette from suspending publication of George Magazine, to publicize Daddy Bush’s private business partner, Saddam, as a major owner of Hachette. Also, to expose the long-time trickery and game-playing by Saddam by, for, and with the American CIA and Daddy Bush and his various business pals including Carlyle Group.

The monopoly press, belatedly ran a story of Saddam’s more than 40 year role with the American CIA. United Press International, UPI. AFTER the U.S. as a pre-emptive strike, not by a Declaration of War, invaded Iraq, ran a story of the secret role of Saddam with the American CIA. The UPI story, April 10, 2003, had an opening statement in a detailed article “U.S. forces in Baghdad might now be searching high and low for Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, but in the past Saddam was seen by U.S. intelligence services as a bulwark of anti-communism and they used him as their instrument for more than 40 years, according to former U.S. intelligence diplomats and intelligence officials.” UPI goes on to point out that Saddam, at a very young age, was made by CIA, a part of an assassination team in 1959, trying to murder the Iraqi Monarch running the country. Saddam, apparently incompetent to do so, failed.

Also, visit our website story “The Secrets of Timothy McVeigh”, where we point out the secret private business partnership in the billions of dollars between Daddy Bush and Saddam Hussein, as shown by suppressed records of a Chicago unit of an Italian bank owned in part by the Vatican. It became the subject of a Chicago Federal Court lawsuit where we were the only journalists attending a key hearing in the litigation and in the back of the courtroom we interviewed participants.

As to the murder of JFK, Jr., by a sabotaged airplane, visit our website series, “What Happened to America’s Golden Boy”. The series has the substance of a secret FBI report of what happened. Also, in the series, the aborted attempt, one week apart in July, 1999, to first assassinate Vice President Albert Gore, Jr., intending to be a candidate for President, and then succeeding in murdering John F. Kennedy, Jr., who was himself secretly planning to be a candidate for President in the year 2000.

===ownership by Saddam of Fairchild Missiles, of italy.

===ownersip by Saddam of Matra, the Paris-based firm operating, by satellite, among other things, the “People Mover” System at O’Hare International Airport, Chicago,a light railway transporting passengers and baggage between the airport terminals and the airplanes. Hey, with Saddam owning this system, what is all this talk about “terrorists” at airports?

So, Saddam Hussein was being kept as a prisoner in a grave-like hole, called by a top U.S. Military Officer as a “spider hole”, where Saddam himself could NOT get out. Saddam Hussein was being kept as a prisoner by surrogates, including Saddam’s relatives as CIA contract employees, for CARLYLE GROUP.

Carlyle is run by by a group of top level stooges for the American/British aristocracy, including a former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, a former top official of the American CIA, Daddy Bush, and others jointly with Saudi Royals. Carlyle is a sinister worldwide operation to take over war production firms, among others and reportedly by corruption, squeeze war contracts out of the Pentagon. Among other things, Carlyle reportedly owns in great part a sinister manufacturer of an thrax vaccine—Are THEY the cause in part of strange illnesses and deaths among U.S. Military? Visit Part Three of the Overthrow series, subtitled “The Anthrax Commissars”.

Also, there have been many stories elsewhere about Carlyle. Visit search engine www.google.com

By holding Saddam Hussein as a prisoner for many months before he was removed from the grave-like hole he was kept in(somewhat similar to a Viet Cong “tiger cage” for humans), and in other places where he was kept captive, Carlyle Group was determined to force Saddam somehow to divulge his portion of at least a two-part series of codes into Saddam’s vast ownership of worldwide properties.

The other half of the secret codes has been kept by Saddam’s half-brother who resided in Switzerland. That relative, according to European sources, made public statements in the 1990s, that were Saddam to be harmed or assassinated by the American CIA, that the relative would release secret records of the Bush Crime Family’s treason, requiring that they be subject to criminal prosecution, as shown by their worldwide 25 secret accounts.

Late in the 1990s, that relative’s great bunch of documents fell into our possession. We began posting them early in 2000, ON-LINE as attached to our website series “Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush”.The records are in two parts. First, there are the hand-written notes of the head of the Internal Affairs Division of the U.S. Treasury, analyzing with codes the Bush Crime Family’s secret 25 worldwide accounts. Then there are the secret Federal Reserve wire transfer records, under the secret code of Alan Greenspan, Fed Commissar, showing the worldwide accounts of the Bush Crime Family.

One document shows the Bush Crime Family with their joint account with Queen Elizabeth II, of ONE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS, in HER private bank, Coutts Bank London. Part of that sum belongs to Saddam Hussein. There are related documents in our website series. Also, the Hundred Billion Dollar document is archived through www.cloakanddagger.ca the website of a radio program where I am a regular participant. In the Financial Times of London, December 19, 2001, is a story how Queen Elizabeth II ordered the head of her bank to go and become an official of Carlyle Group.

Thus, the secret codes of the vast ownership of Saddam’s worldwide properties are divided in at the minimum, two parts, One, with Saddam’s half-brother, the other with Saddam himself. Shortly after the U.S. without resistance captured Baghdad (the top Iraqi military were bribed by the American CIA and the Iraqis and their families taken to safety and profitable refuge in the U.S.), Saddam’s half-brother mysteriously showed up in Baghdad where he was seized by the American CIA and put into captivity.

The sinister, war-mongering, worldwide octopus, Carlyle Group, has been in the process of keeping Saddam as a prisoner, in a grave-long hole and elsewhere. To facilitate surveillance of Saddam’s captivity by satellite imaging, a orange and white taxicab was parked, for example, nearby to the “spider hole” at the ramshackle farm house.

Will Carlyle Group succeed in extracting, from Saddam, his part of the secret codes to unlock the details of his worldwide properties, so they can reportedly be stolen by the Bush Crime family jointly with the Carlyle Group?

Acting as a “terrorist” stooge for the Carlyle Group/Bush Crime Family/Saudi Royal Family Bankers/American CIA, has been Osama bin Laden, originally an inhabitant of Saudi. Convenient to this adjunct nest of the American/British aristocracy is the mass media and their accusation, repeatedly using the word “terrorist”, of “Osama did it!” This, as an excuse to cancel the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights (as outlined in this website series).

WILL THE CARLYLE GROUP GET ALL THE SECRET CODES of Saddam’s worldwide properties?

Naive and foolish folks repeatedly heckle us why we do not make these details “available” to the mass media. To state an answer bluntly if not crudely, we try to be polite in responding to assholes. Evidently, we sometimes do not succeed. Plainly said, the monopoly press has dumbed down America.

More coming. Stay tuned.


Senator Cash and Carry

by Sherman H. Skolnick 2/4/04

In retail, to turn merchandise quickly into hard currency, it was advertised as “cash and carry”. As to public officials, however, like judges and lawmakers, the term designates sweet-talking, all-mouth characters who are themselves “f or sale”. That is, those who front for bloody spy cartels, bank criminals, and are all-around fakers.

He came back from Southeast Asia looking-like and speaking-like a handsome Kennedy. Later, as a U.S. Senator he headed a subcommittee supposedly investigating narcotics traffic and terrorism. This, at a time former Secret Political Pol ice Chief Daddy Bush became President.

The Senator looked in but past the Bank of Criminals and Conspirators International, and saw nothing. Funny thing, the Senator and his pals in the U.S. Senate received loot from—you guessed it!—BCCI. Disguised, of course, as “campa ign contributions”.

The worldwide criminal bank with branches in the U.S. bought and owned twenty five per cent of Congress, 108 members of the House of Representatives and 28 U.S. Senators. Including, of course, the U.S. Senator himself, head of a suppos ed Senate watchdog committee.

Supervising BCCI was the Bank of England. As an open record, mysteriously only for thirty days at the London-based Central Bank, was the BCCI bribery list of U.S. officials. Wow! A very wide-awake reporter for a major news o rganization copied down the list before it was suppressed. [Begun in London, January, 2004, is the trial of Bank of England as defendant accused of covering up BCCI crimes. The trial is expected to take at least a year. BUT IT IS NOT ADEQUATELY MENTIONE D IN THE MONOPOLY PRESS. It has taken all the time from 1991 up to 2004 to put together the case against Bank of England. Also, on our website, see the various stories we have how the Bank of England fraudulently manipulated the gold market.]

Shown to his editor, the list brought a profound gasp, “We can’t go with this. Why, it would bring down the U.S. Government.” [This was in 1991, just after the U.S. slaughtered Iraq in Daddy Bush-instigated Persian Gulf War One.]

So the list was turned over to us; we being known as independent-minded, free lance journalists and investigators running a court reform group disclosing certain instances of judicial bribery and political assassinations, and sav vy about banker-judges and the role of banks in corruption of public officials.

The major news reporter told us the steps necessary to corroborate the bribery list. We went to work checking out the list for ourselves. For example, in 1991, we interviewed Senator Phil Gramm (R., Texas, since retired) on the b ribery list. He was a key senior member of a Senate Committee as to bank matters. His wife, Wendy Gramm, for many years was the head of the highly corrupt federal agency regulating the commodities industry, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, CFTC . Later, she was on the Board of Directors of the infamous Enron Corporation, and has, so far, because of links to the Bush Crime Family, escaped being prosecuted for her role in reportedly covering up this vast money laundry.

As we confronted Senator Gramm with being on the verified BCCI bribery list, he did not deny it. Instead, raising his voice, he threatened us with physical harm if we dared set about to circulate the list. We got similar thr eats after confronting other members of the House and U.S. Senators.

The major journalist who gave us the list and all the details liked and trusted us. We got to know as well about his family, his unlisted number where he could be reached outside his office, and similar details. We promised him, a s we do for all our sources, that we would never, never, never reveal his identity, even if faced with jail for contempt of court for refusing to answer [I have been jailed for such “contempt of court” some eight times in the last forty years.]

One time the reporter called us and I suspected his editor, the boss, was listening. The reporter sounded cold and strange. The reporter started denying that he ever previously spoke to us or gave us details of anything. He later wrote stories about BCCI, never mentioning the bribery list. Despite his precaution, he later lost his job.

We carefully followed up on every step he told us as to how to verify the list. In the process, we were astounded to discover that BCCI secretly in part financed Ted Turner, and his worldwide news empire which became CNN.< /DIV>

The bribery list was correct. Two U.S. Senators knew too much themselves about the murder of President Kennedy; about treason committed by Ronald Reagan and the Elder Bush in the Iran-Contra Affair; about how the American CIA and various foreign intelligence agenci es used BCCI to launder funds for political assassinations, committed within the U.S. and overseas.

One such Senator was John Tower (R., Texas). He headed up what became known as the Tower Commission which whitewashed the criminality of Reagan and Daddy Bush as to Iran-Contra. The other one was Senator John Heinz (R., Penn.) Heinz kn ew too much about fellow U.S. Senator Arlen Specter (R., Penn.) Specter had previously been on the staff of the infamous Warren Commission. Specter formulated the big lie that a single pristine bullet, marked Warren Commission Exhibit 399, somehow wounded John Connally in the limousine with JFK, and blew out Kennedy’s brains. Cynics contend the bullet still circles the planet and no doubt, under Specter’s big lie, also killed Dr. King, Bobby Kennedy, and a host of other assassination victims.

In the spring of 1991, just as we were verifying the bribery list, Senators Tower and Heinz were both assassinated, a few days apart. Both, in separate sabotaged plane crashes. By October, 1991, our exclusive story about the bribery li st ran in a populist newspaper, “Spotlight” (later defunct after publishing continuously for 25 years). They had from us the bribery list and ran the complete story, but at the last minute, deleted the list from my story.

So, thereafter Senator “Cash & Carry”—Senator John Kerry (D., Mass.)—married the Heinz widow, heiress to the Ketchup fortune. And now the Senator is apparently going to run for U.S. President against his secret pal, George W. B ush. Both are members of the super-secret satanic worshipping cult, the Skull & Bastards Society.

Kerry is an expert on dope from Southeast Asia, from what is known as “The Golden Triangle”. He is in a position to know that a Burmese General, in a videotaped confession and statement, stated tthat the dope cartel is headed by George Herbert Walker Bush, General Colin Powell, and Powell’s sidekick, the infamous scoundrel Richard Armitage.

General Powell, by blackmailing others and corrupt means, escaped being prosecuted for his complicity in the My Lai scandal, where hundreds of Vietnamese women and children were murdered. Senator Kerry and Powell are in a position to k now that Madame Ngu, widow of the assassinated head of the Saigon government, with Daddy Bush, Powell, and Armitage, jointly headed up “The Golden Triangle” dope cartel and financed thereby the murder of President Kennedy. [See the details in my website story “The Overthrow of the American Republic”, Part 42, “The Public Execution of John F. Kennedy”.]

Why do Senator “Cash & Carry” and his pal, George W. Bush, assume that some of us common Americans are asleep, and do not know what is really happening? When Daddy Bush ran against his CIA buddy Bill Clinton, in 1992, it was just s hadow-boxing and a fraud upon the American common people. And now Dubya and Senator “Cash & Carry” are going to do a similar number on us?


The Treasonous Agenda

by Sherman H. Skolnick 2/10/04

Those who scrutinize the history of most long-playing nations, notice things. Such as, each one had a lengthy pattern of the highest level treason. Pearl Harbor was no surprise or accident. It was a White House policy to draw a neutral U.S., separated by oceans on either side, into becoming entangled in Europe’s and Asia’s war. We had to be bloody tricked into joining the wars, which served no interest of the U.S., but were for the purpose to use our industrial and mineral might to save industrially-backward Great Britain from being over-run by the Nazis.

Pearl Harbor, like the home-grown disaster 9-11 (falsely blamed on the Moslems), each cost about three thousand innocent Americans. The Aristocracy did not cry in 1941 or 2001.They cause the deaths of large numbers in wars and depressions, and then the potentates, undisturbed, sit down and eat their suppers in their private dining rooms with the golden utensils.

If you have a weak stomach, stop reading NOW.

The satanic worshipping cult, known as Skull & Bones, is basically an elite cabal made up of primarily pedophiles and homosexuals, all pledged to extreme secrecy in return for the doors of finance, industry, central government, and media to be thrown open to them. But the Society name has become a cliche. So, we re-named them Skull & Bastards.

Their proposed new members are initiated at Yale University in an infamous windowless building called “The Tomb”. Only fifteen are carefully chosen each year. Those who become members have to (a) accurately divulge their complete sexual history and (b) then two of them, while naked, have to homo-sex cavort in a mud-filled double size coffin. Most of the times, it is secretly filmed or videotaped, to be certain the members “remember” to keep their oath to “keep your mouth shut”.

If you have read this series from the beginning, then you know the aristocracy has no plans whatever to continue the mirage of “Equal Rights” guarantees for the commonfolk, now too numerous to continue guaranteeing them the rights on this continent. It has become already too often for dissidents a dead letter.

To the Establishment, “the powers that be”, the Ruling Class—-that is THEM, the enemy never was Moscow, created by them as a diversion. Rather, the enemy of the Aristocracy has always been the common people of America. But a very large-numbered populace, contrary to Ruling Class banker-judges’ attempts to slap them down—still now, and in the past, have been and remain, great believers of being armed against the possible tyranny of a royal prerogative central government. The Ultra Rich point to non-political “street crime” as a worthless excuse to disarm the peons, the shirtless ones.

There has been for some time now various intrigues, to put an end once and for all to the idea in the minds of ordinary Americans of Presidential elections. After all, the secret Australian paper ballot, once used in America, is no more. Election fraud, however, is throughout the history of the U.S. No longer can they simply have gangsters stuff the ballot boxes, such as was done on behalf of John F. Kennedy, by his criminal-linked father, winning JFK the 1960 Presidential election.

Vote counting systems are now through computers supplied and supervised most often by reputedly corrupt foreign entities, “for sale” types. They use their own design software and hence most often refuse to have a system that leaves footprints or can be audited by election board authorities. The claim is that the software is proprietary and cannot be divulged to others. And, we are most often told, that election boards have no right to infringe and invade the software codes.

Thus, a vote for one presidential candidate of one political party can actually be corruptly counted for the opposing presidential candidate or, disappear entirely and not be counted at all.

As facilitators and apologists for the aristocracy, publishing, radio, and television bosses are in a position to know the following, and act for the plutocracy accordingly. And the scheme that they are all in a position to know about is:

[1] George W. Bush is a stooge and scapegoat for the Aristocracy. He can be thrown away into scandal and oblivion at any time by THEM. Since puberty, Bush has been the homosexual lover of Victor Ashe, currently Mayor of Knoxville, Tennessee. It is not a private sordid affair since it involves national security. The Red Chinese Secret Police, resident in the U.S., are using it, as we have previously mentioned, to blackmail U.S. military secrets out of the Bush White House.

[Visit our website, to view extensive series of articles on the operation, on U.S. soil, with impunity, of the Red Chinese Secret Police. Both their history in the U.S. since about 1956 as well as their involvement in the U.S. with Wal.Mart.]

Some in the U.S. Secret Service have quit, affronted by Bush’s male sex-mate traveling with Bush, staying at the Bush ranch, and reportedly sex-cavorting with Bush at a lounge owned and operated by a financier linked to Osama bin Laden.

Some in the presidential guard aver that Ashe cries like a woman in the presence of Bush. From all the circumstances, the guards surmise that Ashe is ill from HIV and may have passed it along to Bush who suffers from possibly related facial lesions.

[For related details, visit other website parts of THIS series. Part 24, “The Pedophile/Homosexual Underground”. Part 15 and 15 update, George W. Bush same as misfit British King Charles I and what happened to him. ]

A scandal and glamour magazine publishing group, American Media, Inc., headquartered in Boca Raton,Florida, reportedly has a picture showing George W. Bush and Victor Ashe, both naked, sex- squirming about in the coffin of the Bonesman “Tomb” at Yale. The picture editor of the publications, Bob Stevens, was the first one in the fall of 2001 to die from breathing in weapons-grade anthrax in an envelope delivered to him. Known to being short-sighted, he held it up closer to his face, breathing in the fatal anthrax spores.

For some time thereafter, the media group’s entire building was evacuated and kept vacant, and their text and picture archives unavailable to the staff and others. The picture editor’s widow has brought a damage suit against the FBI and others claiming their misconduct. All the circumstances support contentions of foul play in the death of the picture editor.

[For related details visit other website parts of THIS series. Part 3, “The Anthrax Commissars”. Part 13, as to picture editor Bob Stevens, sub-titled “Anthrax Frame-up?” Also THIS series, Part 38.]

[2] Another member of the super-secret Skull & Bastards cult is U.S. Senator John Kerry (D., Junior Senator from Mass.). He ostensibly left his first wife because of “incompatibility”. His second “wife”, appears to be part of a marriage of convenience. She is apparently what is known as a “dyke”, and is the widow of U.S. Senator John Heinz (R., Penn.) She is heiress to the Heinz Ketchup fortune. Senator Heinz was assassinated by a sabotaged plane crash, 1991. About the same time, in another sabotaged aircrash, was murdered U.S. Senator John Tower (R., Texas). Both were snuffed out, as we have pointed out, because of matters relating to the murder of President John F. Kennedy, the Iran-Contra scandal as it involved Daddy Bush and the Bush Crime Family, and other dirty, bloody black ops of the American CIA orchestrated by Daddy Bush, part of CIA since 1959 and in 1976, head of the Secret Political Police.

Credible sources contend that Kerry has been the male sex-mate of George W. Bush, including Victor Ashe, and various persons in the radio/television networks. To sidetrack and neutralize any later possible mention of this, in stating as a Bonesman that the matters are secret, Kerry volunteered that Kerry was at Yale University at a period two years different from Bush. No one in the monopoly press dared ask Kerry why he volunteered such a statement.

Having compiled their own firsthand knowledge and details, two members of the Kennedy Family are in a position to know about this sordid relationship between two public officials. That is details about both Kerry and Bush, supposedly coming to the point of running supposedly against each other for U.S. President, 2004.

One Kennedy Family member was instrumental in the cover up and whitewash of the 1999 murder of John F. Kennedy, Jr., by a sabotaged aircrash. And that Kennedy Family member himself arranged the false story that the bodies of JFK, Jr., his wife, and his sister-in-law, all who perished in the crash, were supposedly cremated and the ashes dumped into the ocean. Actually, the bodies, not adequately examined, were sent off in unmarked containers to France, to be there kept by a trusted long-time friend who once held an important U.S. television network position. The bodies, apparently preserved, are proof that the plane was downed by an explosion, presumably by a bomb in the luggage compartment and/or a projectile hitting the plane.

The Kennedy Family has long been the target of blackmail by possible scandal. Such as, how Marilyn Monroe was poison-murdered, to keep her quiet about being the bed-mate of both John F. Kennedy and brother Bobby. A year later, JFK was assassinated. And in 1964, was an attempt to murder younger brother Edward Kennedy, by way of a sabotaged aircrash. He survived but had to thereafter wear a backbrace. Several subsequent attempts to murder Teddy by commuter plane crashes did not succeed. In 1968, while possibly able to be elected as President, Bobby was assassinated.

And why have the rest of the Kennedy Family, with one member exception, not spoken out about these events? Simple. They apparently know what is really happening and keep silent in return for blackmailing financial advantages out of “the powers that be”.

One member of the Kennedy Family, at great danger to themself, in opposition to practically the entire Family, has made it known that the person will speak out about these happenings and knows about the Kerry/George W. Bush male sex-mate relationship. The mess has been covered up by Teddy, the Senior U.S. Senator from Massachusetts.

[For related details, including background details of Kennedy Family, visit other of our website stories: “What Happened to America’s Goldenboy”, the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Jr., parts 1 through 4 inclusive and “Murder of JFK, Jr., Update”.]

[3] So far, the plan of the Aristocracy is to let two fakers, John Kerry and George W. Bush, purport to run against each other for U.S. President. And further, that at the Democrat Convention, Kerry would be the chosen candidate, secretly approved of by Bush White House Rasputin, Karl Rove. The rationale being that it is doubtful that a Northeastern type, in the current political climate, could succeed against Bush. That what is needed is either a Middle-States, or Southerner, or Westerner, as Democrat Presidential candidate to run against Bush.

After the Democrat Convention, BUT NOT BEFORE, the oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press will suddenly wake up and announce that John Kerry and George W. Bush are known male sex-mates and analyze the national security consequences of that relationship.

Thus, too late to pick other presidential candidates, the U.S. Presidential election will be blockaded.

The current planned trick is to, thereafter, in dealing with the crisis, which would be both financial and political, that the Ultra Rich would foist upon the unsuspecting American commonfolk, an Emergency Administration panel, to run the nation. Called a troika, named after the Russian system of three horses pulling a wagon, the panel will be three Establishment trusted Fascists, to supposedly run the central government. This, while the asleep public is propagandized into accepting that the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights have to be at that point, cancelled and nullified.

In earlier website stories and on radio and television broadcasts, in the U.S., Canada, and overseas, I have raised related questions. Such as, that like his uncle Nelson Rockefeller, John D. Rockefeller 4th (D., W.Va.), itches to be president WITHOUT AN ELECTION. Remember, Nelson was made Vice President WITHOUT AN ELECTION, and then, by way of three genuine plots in 1975 to assassinate President Gerald Ford, himself put in without an election, that Nelson came within a heartbeat of occupying the Oval Office without an election.

On the other hand, in previous stories, I presumed that such an Emergency Panel would include a known populist, Albert Gore, Jr., John D. Rockefeller 4th (with Gore somehow persuaded or forced to accept Rockefeller, called Jay to be cute), and an acceptable top U.S. Military official. Gore is part of a family with a long history of populism. That family was instrumental in continuing to support the Tennessee Valley Authority, TVA, which operates to give those of Tennessee, electricity virtually for nothing. The Gore Family, to their credit, was instrumental in sending to prison for Anti-Trust violations, the topmost officials of the electric machinery monopoly, including those of General Electric and Westinghouse. As a result, NBC, owned by G.E., is always out to defame Albert Gore, Jr.

[For related stories, visit our website stories: “Breakaway States of America”. “American Troika”. “What Happened to America’s Goldenboy”, Part 2, sub-titled “Plot Against Albert Gore, Jr., and JFK, Jr.” As to attempts to break up the U.S., see website story of Overthrow series, part 38.]

As currently plotted, the scheme is to push Fascism upon the American people, to deal with financial dislocations and a real estate bust created by the Aristocracy that has no interest whatever that the common people of America lead a peaceful, prosperous life, owning a home, and sending their children to University.

We are gravely concerned that further political assassinations may befall the Kennedy Family by way of covering up and instituting the diabolical plan to oppress the ordinary people of the disunited states of America.



The Bribery List

by Sherman H. Skolnick 2/13/04

THE PURPORTED LIST OF SECRET ACCOUNTS of Paul Martin, currently Prime Minister of Canada, and/or his Canada Steamship Lines Ltd., and/or their subsidiaries, of which he has been the owner and was the Chairman and CEO, which entities purportedly shipped forbidden clandestine goods such as nuclear items destined to North Korea; and the joint accounts of the Bush Crime Family with Queen Elizabeth II in her private bank, Coutts Bank London, one account amounting to ONE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS, in which Saddam Hussein, once the private business partner of George Herbert Walker Bush, has a large interest in the same; together with Philippine banks acting as money laundries; together with related persons and entities; funds from illicit transactions, including but not limited to gold smuggling, American CIA and other espionage agencies funds for covert operations including political assassinations, North America, and overseas, and osmium nuclear bomb triggers, and funds transferred from the traditional Mafia by way of the Vatican Bank, as well as disguised funds resulting from the Red Chinese Secret Police using soybean and currency trading through the Chicago markets to disguise illicit transactions in violation of “due diligence” provisions required of commodity brokers and allowed to be violations by the highly corrupt U.S. commodity regulators, namely the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, CFTC; such reputed illicit trans- actions federal criminally implicating certain members and transactors of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and certain of their account holders, but not limited to the same; some of the accounts were ostensibly used to bribe and/or otherwise corruptly influence public officials in the U.S., Canada, and elsewhere, for the purpose of corrupting their official duties and functions, and to corruptly influence elections of public officials. Some of the accounts were for apparent tax evasions funneled through banks and enttties headquartered or otherwise operating through the Channel Islans, offshore France, also the Grand Caymans, and elsewhere.

An interest in some of the purported bribery accounts is by highly corrupt U.S. Treasury Officials, Internal Revenue Service, as well as other nations’ tax collectors. Some accounts refer to fake names, known as “nominees” and other evasions. The LIST contains secret code words and numbers. OTHER SUCH LISTS MAY FOLLOW.


Ionian & Popular

29/02/96 ATHENS 1 GREECE 2
31/08/00 N N 26/01/01 U

Coutts Bank

H1632 COUTTS & CO 0 N PB10 06/03/00 HARROGATE

53257 COUTTS & CO (SUISSE) S.A. 0 P COUTTS 31/10/94
25/06/01 N N U
15/09/97 10/11/97

11/06/99 19/07/99
90804 COUTTS (IOM) LTD 1 E COUTTSLT 31/10/94
07/02/00 31/01/01
91383 COUTTS (JERSEY) LTD/CD2 1 E COUTTS 31/10/94 ST
HELIER 1 JERSEY, C.I. 6 11/06/99
G1073 COUTTS + CO STAR REPO ACCOUNT 1 N 8231 08/08/97
25/06/01 30/08/01
11/10/95 27/12/95

90416 COUTTS AND CO. (JER)/NW AC 1 E COUJER 31/10/94
24/04/95 14/08/95

29/01/01 ZUERICH 1 Switzerland 0
D 25/06/01 N N U
29/01/01 ZUERICH 1 Switzerland 0
D 25/06/01 N N U
21/02/95 HONG KONG 1 HONG KONG 2
15582 25/06/01 N N U
E000000170 25/06/01 N N
19/01/01 09/04/01
19/01/01 09/04/01
15/09/97 10/11/97


15/09/97 10/11/97

15/09/97 10/11/97





02/05/97 VILA 1 VANUATU 0
25/06/01 N N U
12/02/01 VILA 1 VANUATU 2
25/06/01 N N U
12/02/01 VILA 1 VANUATU 2
25/06/01 N N U
12/02/01 VILA 1 VANUATU 2
25/06/01 N N U
VILA 1 VANUATU 2 25/06/01
12/02/01 VILA 1 VANUATU 2
25/06/01 N N U
31/10/94 VILA 1 VANUATU 6 E000000427
25/06/01 N N U

Overthrow Of The American Republic – Part 49

Ralph Nader And The Ruling Class

By Sherman H. Skolnick

There are certain more or less censored or forbidden subjects. And if one writes on the same, an author can flunk a popularity test. Why? One simple, but incomplete reason, is that too many inhabitants of North America believe in fairy tales. If the monopoly press designates someone as their “hero”, not enough peons are suspicious. This article may qualify to put me on the “crap list” of acceptable commentators.

[1] About thirty five years ago, Ralph Nader had a group of purportedly “idealistic” young men and women. He dubbed them “Nader’s Raiders”. One part of that group in the Chicago area met occasionally at my house. In my own sly way, I quizzed them. Who are these folks crusading supposedly against the “Establishment”? All of them were young law students or beginning lawyers. But crucial to my understanding of them, they were moreover, I quietly discovered, the sons and daughters of the ultra rich.

Among my close pals, I called such persons “RBs”, short for rich bitches. In my own way, I went down my list of what I urged them to do. INVESTIGATE BANKER-JUDGES. I got a blank look. RUNAWAY COURT CORRUPTION. Another blank. Expose the war-mongering mostly private huge Universities. “Nader’s Raider’s” absolutely not interested. INVESTIGATE THE CIA/FBI’s AGENTS PROVOCATEURS. They dismissed the idea.

I tried not to show my suspicion. Privately, I discovered directly that they simply wanted to correct some of the more blatant misdeeds of the Ruling Class, “the powers that be”, the Establishment—in other words THEIR elders. That is control perpetuated by a play for time, continuing problems of the system to a generation or more hence, if ever remedied by drastic measures.
[2] Ralph Nader was good at planting phantasies. Such as, that he lived in a cold-water flat, paid almost nothing per month for it, and lived on a very reduced financial level. All of it complete rubbish. Very credible sources contended he had a friend who on occasion drove him around in their Rolls Royce. Nader lived secretly in luxury houses. See: “Me and Ralph: Is Nader Unsafe for America” by David Sanford, New Republic Books, 1976.

[3] For thirty years and more, he has been an extremely high-paid visiting lecturer at the very universities identified as the center of the “war industry”, as documented in the book “The Closed Corporation”, by James Ridgeway, 1969 (those familiar with the subject, say little has changed since the book was first published). Ralph Nader was paid between fifteen thousand to thirty thousand dollars honoraria for each speech, which took up about ninety minutes of his time on the lecture platform. Nader received speaking fees over two hundred fifty thousand dollars annually, even in the 1970s.

By the year 2000, when he ran as a candidate for President on the Green Party third party ticket, his lecture income was about just short of a half a million dollars a year. As required by election regulations to be divulged.

[4] Calling it the “Green Party” should be a dead giveaway of what they are about. Basically, their idea of the world, at least as I understand it from having in years past talked to Green Party officials, is that so-called “left-wingers”, those truly devoted to workers’ rights as against bosses, are the “Reds”. That is union members, labor activists, and such, are immediately thought of as dreaded “Communists” whether they espouse anything like Marxism or not. In simple form, it is the “Greens”, presumably “anti-Communists” versus “The Communists”. I suspect some Green Party supporters will hollar me down on my analysis of the situation.

Nader busted the Union of his own low-paid workers. “Anti Labor Chapter Surfaces in Nader’s Past”, by Heather Szerlag, Pacifica Radio News, 10/31/2000. “Union Buster? THE NADER?” by Nick Mamatas, Greenwich Village Gazette, Vol.5, #44, 9/15/2000. “Editors Claim Firing by Nader Based on Unionizaion Attempt” by Peter Perl, Washington Post, 6/28/1984, page B 3. As to his group, Public Citizen,Inc., Nader refused to divulge their finances, although required by law. “Public Citizen’s Non-Disclosure”, Wall Street Journal, 3/17/1992, page A 14.

[5] By the time of his mandatory disclosure as presidential candidate in the year 2000 campaign, Ralph Nader had about three million dollars in high-tech industry stock, primarily firms into war electronics for the Pentagon. Nader amassing money sources. Ralph Nader’s official financial disclosure for year 2000. Open Secrets web site. “Inside Nader’s Stock Portfolio” by Jake Tapper, Salon Magazine, 10/28/2000. “Mr. Nader’s Conglomerate” (editorial), Wall Street Journal, 4/17/1980, page 26. “Ralph Nader, Inc.”, Forbes Magazine, 9/17/1999, pages 119, 122. Nader amassed his fortune by speculating on the very stocks of corporations he condemned. “Abuse of Trust: A Report on Ralph Nader’s Network”, by Dan Burt, Regnery Gateway publishers, Chicago, 1982.

[6] From about 1969 into the 1970s, I gave lectures and seminars all over the U.S. on the subject of “agent provocateurs” and war-mongers and war- profiteers. This was at small junior colleges, which were mostly trade schools for working class students; and student government sponsored lectures at State Universities. These lectures were often vigorously opposed by faculty members who wanted to silence me. Placards announcing my upcoming speeches often were torn down by mysterious forces.

I cannot forget the speech I was scheduled to give at a junior college in a Chicago suburb. My court-reform group was to receive, for my lecture, seventy-five dollars (a laughable sum by Nader standards). It was toward the close of the Viet Nam War. At the last minute, the college President revoked the seventy-five dollar budget.

Into his office came several disgruntled students, ex-GIs, still wearing their Marine outfits but with Peace symbols painted on their back. They told the junior college boss, “Look, we want Skolnick to give us the low-down on the war-mongers. We learned in Nam how to blow up places. Restore the f—ing money, or we’re going to level this place with you in it.” They wore the same outfits to my speech.

Later, over supper with them, they told me all about it. I asked, “How did you survive being so shot at in Nam?” They answered, “We slept near the rice paddies and told the Lt. that HE should be point man on night patrol and most likely go home himself in a body bag.”

“Then what?” I asked. “If he did not listen, we late at night threw a grenade into his tent. (Called ‘fragging’, apparently from the word fragmentation.) And if he survived, we said ‘Lt., it was the little V.C.woman doing your laundry. SHE did it.’ ”

I understand that “fragging” U.S. officers is happening in Iraq by the “grunts”.
[7] Nader, a lawyer, apparently never openly discusses the situation with THIRD PARTY candidates in America. They are obstructed from having equal ballot access by a thick forest of State laws. And the U.S. Supreme Court, traditionally made up of zillionaires on behalf of the Ruling Class, has repeatedly refused to strike down these obstructions.

Europe, to their credit, does NOT block third, fourth, and even fifth party candidates from sitting in their Parliaments. By way of a defect in the U.S. Constitution, the highest Executive, the President, is NOT required to come before the Parliament, that is Congress, to be regularly if not daily grilled and even, if necessary, heckled as to his policies, as a Prime Minister is before a Parliament.

In the annual State of the Union speech, the President is not questioned in Congress by anyone present there. On that extremely rare occasion of Resolutions of Impeachment in the House, followed by a Senate Impeachment Trial, the President is not required to attend to give oral testimony or answers.

In a Parliament system, the Prime Minister has to appear almost daily to be grilled if not heckled by the “back-benchers”. He must organize votes above a certain number to introduce any legislation.

Does Nader ever comment on the arithmetic of American law? Notice. Canada has about thirty million population. And they have about three hundred representatives in their Lower House.
GET THIS. AMERICA, with about THREE HUNDRED MILLION POPULATION, has just 435 Representatives in the Lower House, and 100 Senators in the U.S. SENATE. Most every Representative and Senator is a lawyer and/or represents huge financial interests, not the ordinary person in their back-home district.

Among 535 that purport to represent Americans THERE IS CURRENTLY JUST ONE “INDEPENDENT”, a great rarity to have even one. NOT A SINGLE THIRD PARTY CANDIDATE is generally permitted to sit in Congress.

I have particular insight into this. In the 1960s and 1970s, in Illinois, on behalf of myself as a voter, and on behalf of all voters similarly situated, I brought and won vast class action Reapportionment suits as to most every type of State and U.S. election district. My suits were on the basis of scrapping the then-current mal-apportioned districts and applying the doctrine of ONE MAN, ONE VOTE, each district re-drawn to have, within a very few per cent, equal population. The federal judges on occasion violently opposed me. In my suit against the Mayor & City Council of Chicago, to re-district the fifty city Wards into equal population voting districts, and open the way for blacks and latinos to have equal representation; I accused the Chief Judge of the Court, assigned to my case, of being beholden to gangsters in that the Chief Judge was a Director of the gangster-originated Albert Parvin Foundation. The Chief Judge in 1967, falsely told his bailiffs I was a “vioient,

dangerous” person, and two bailiffs in his courtroom, without provocation, grabbed hold of my wheelchair and tried to turn it upside down with me in it. Eighteen mass media reporters were witnesses to the same but did not report it. The situation became an assault and battery case by me. The higher court said I am not entitled to any remedy even though there was no proof I was a “violent, dangerous” person. [Skolnick vs. Guadagno, et al., U.S. Court of Appeals, 7th Circuit case.]

[8] For more than 12 years, I conducted a one-hour weekly, public access Cable TV Show, cablecast within the City Limits of Chicago, to upwards of 400,000 viewers. In many election periods, we put on Third Party candidates, often completely ignored by the monopoly press. I found most of such candidates to be intellectually superior compared to what the Establishment offered the public by way of two parties, the candidates of which are generally bought and sold.
The press-fakers, generally, if forced to depict a Third Party candidate, BUT NOT THEIR BOY RALPH NADER, usually describe them in a way that they are nuts, kooks, or numb-skulls with no platform or policies whatever and having no news or issue value whatever.

In the year 2000 Presidential election, Ralph Nader, a spoiler, pulled 97 thousand votes in Florida while condemning the Democrats. As a disrupter, Nader made it possible and economical for GOP officials to purportedly heavily bribe South Florida DEMOCRAT officials, at a strategic moment, to stop the recount of Democrat ballots. Candidate Albert Gore, Jr., had won the popular vote nationwide by a 600,000 plurality. The Florida vote was crucial to the Electoral College vote system.

A five-judge, military-style Junta, on the U.S. Supreme Court corruptly installed George W. Bush as the occupant and resident of the White House. To see the court records of the corruption involved in the high court in Washington, in the litigation Bush versus Gore, visit our website story, “Coca-Cola, the CIA, and the Courts”, parts 9 and 10.

It is no secret that Bush White House bagman and Rasputin, Karl Rove, is overjoyed that Ralph Nader has announced he is running on Third Party ticket for President. If not on the Green Party ticket, Nader may not even be on lesser state ballots, but no doubt will be shown on those necessary for the big fix favoring possibly Bush.

IS RALPH NADER AMERICA’S MOST PROTECTED AND CONCEALED “Agent Provocateur”? Using polished rhetoric to mislead those dumbed-down by the oil-soaked, spy-riddled American monopoly press? Retired spooks aver that Nader is a CIA weirdo provocateur. He appears to be part of the gay underground media and government cult, that includes George W. Bush and U.S. Senator John Kerry.

IS NADER JUST MORE BUSH WHITE HOUSE ELECTION INSURANCE? Is Nader part of “The Secret Agenda” to discredit the U.S. nation-state, put an end to Presidential elections, and create the Breakaway States of the disunited provinces of America? [That was one purpose of the Brits in turning the North versus the South, on the excuse of the “slavery” issue, in the U.S. Civil War, or “War Between the States”.] AND TO RUN THIS LAND WITH AN EMERGENCY FASCIST PANEL, not a Presidency?

[Visit earlier parts of this series as well as my co-authored series The Middle-Finger News.]
For example, on Sunday, February 22, 2004, Nader appeared on the NBC Network program, with NBC owned by General Electric. Did Nader say anything against G.E.? He should have mentioned—but didn’t— that the Albert Gore family was instrumental in the perpetuation of the Tennessee Valley Authority, TVA, by which electricity in that State is almost free. Further, the Gores were instrumental for the first and only time in U.S. history to get the top officials of the electric machinery monopoly, General Electric and Westinghouse, put in federal prison for anti-trust violations, fingered as they were by the TVA and the Gores, 1961.

Is Ralph Nader ready to adopt a motto against BIG OIL, BIG MEDIA, BIG ELECTRICITY? And how about Nader’s cronies in the war-mongering high-tech electronics industry, and he owns millions of dollars of their stocks? Does Nader ever raise questions about the political assassination of U.S. leaders, such as John F. Kennedy, and civil rights activists, such as Malcolm X and Dr. King? Of course not. Does Nader ever raise questions about the Queen of England getting huge U.S. cotton subsidies based on British Royalty having owned the Illinois Central Railroad, from Chicago to New Orleans, operating through farmlands in the South and owning vast tracts of land on either side of their tracks?

Does Nader ever raise questions about the Bush Crime Family being in a ONE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLAR joint account with Queen Elizabeth II, in her private bank, Coutts Bank London? And that Saddam Hussein, having been a private business partner of Daddy Bush, has a huge interest in that account as well?

[9] I conducted seminars at small colleges, not those big private ones of the Ruling Class, and at a broadcast school in Chicago. I used to suggest a possible government undercover operative as a target of the class investigation. I said to my students that as they start the probe, first go down to the drugstore and buy a roll of cotton.

“But Mr. Skolnick, why the cotton?” And I responded, “Because provocateurs have polished rhetoric most times being impossible to penetrate. Plug up your ears, do not listen to their mouth. TRACE THE MONEY. EXAMINE THEIR ACTS.”

During the Anti-Viet Nam War movement period, I taught methods, quite successful but often not accepted by naive sorts, of identifying agents provocateurs. It is a French term defined as “A secret agent hired to penetrate some organization to incite trouble designed to make the organization or its its members incur punishment”.

Methods I taught included tracing the money to them through CIA-linked Foundations. Little-known, such tax-exempt entities have to file publicly available federal tax forms.[It is a tedious task, however, following the money through various conduits, pass-throughs, and fronts. Scroll all the way down the website for a related story. www.skolnicksreport.com “A Short History of CIA Fronts”.]

I was often misunderstood, condemned, or ignored by naive idealists. In Chicago was a peacenik group headed by a charming CIA operative with believeable rhetoric. Dressed as a bearded hippie, he worked tirelessly to incite the members to “action”.

“Don’t just sit there!” he exhorted his group. “Come on. Let’s fire-bomb the ROTC Center!” [The military facility, Reserve Officers Training Corp.] As he led them into breaking windows and were getting set to torch the place, the peaceniks were directed right into confronting the National Guard, lined up, ready with fixed bayonets. Some of the peaceniks were bloodied and later, all were arrested, and the Peace group scattered and disbanded. The provocateur-leader? Just before the flash-point of the commotion, he had safely disappeared behind the military lines.
My repeated prior warnings to the group about their “leader” were ignored and I was bad-mouthed as someone who does not understand the “Peace Movement”.

Naive, poorly-informed persons probably “bought” Ralph Nader’s words. Provocateurs, to seem credible, say believeable things. So what? In a politically realistic world, they are just running their mouth. As a lawyer, Nader is not about to finger top-level judges, as we do, who are inherently corrupt as Banker-Judges. He will not really heckle the high court in Washington. He will say nothing about the British Royals and the Jesuits who for two hundred years of U.S. history, benefitted from and instigated the political assassination OF SEVEN U.S. PRESIDENTS who opposed British encroachment on U.S. financial and industrial development and opposed the Vatican itching to have a firm foothold in America. [Four Presidents murdered by gunfire from supposed “lone assassins”, three by poisoning. See earlier parts of this series.]

[10] He would have you believe he is “Saint Ralph” which he is NOT.
Nader is a bagman for the trial lawyers’ lobby. “Ralph Nader is a bargain for trial lawyers at $1,000 a Table”, Wall Street Journal, 6/24/92.

He blocks releasing money records of organizations he runs, and for such violations is not bothered by the Justice Department. Such as his group Public Citizen., Inc. “Abuse of Trust: A Report on Ralph Nader’s Network”, by Dan Burt, Regnery Gateway publishers, Chicago, 1982.
.He amasses millions while playing the stock market regarding corporations he publicly attacks. Numerous details catalogued at www.realchange.org/nader.htm which details various sources of Nader’s dirty business including his family members (some reportedly with the American CIA).
More coming. Stay tuned.

The Overthrow Of The American Republic – Part 50

Viet Nam, Madrid, & The Reversal Of War Policy

By Sherman H. Skolnick

Suppose you put your ear to the ground and heard something a-coming, from afar off. Would that foresight make you rich and famous? Depending on the historic era, you might get widely heckled, if not condemned, by your countrymen. Why? Because opposing the common wisdom of the times can be greatly misunderstood.

It was 1967 and the Viet Nam conflict was approaching full boil. In the Spring of that year was a sensational series of articles, principally in the New York Times. Other publications and media outlets pretty much ignored it. Documents were uncovered showing the American CIA was widely controlling various supposedly dissident and other domestic groups.

The CIA funds were funneled through three layers,
technically described as conduits, pass-throughs, and fronts.
[Well equipped public Libraries have a set of volumes, called New York Time Index, summarizing articles, year by year. If the Library still have the one for 1967, you can review a summary of the CIA items listing many of the Foundations implicated.]

Much later, Kennedy Administration left-over U.S. Attorney General, Robert Kennedy, was privately accused of causing these disclosures. Some later claimed it let to his political assassination in 1968, blamed, as usual, on a “lone assassin”.

Sensing a break-through, we grabbed up copies of public records, before they would become “unavailable”, to trace what groups claiming to be dissidents were fronting for the American secret political police. It enabled us to later show that the so-called American Civil Liberties Union, ACLU, had become defunct in 1967, and had been quietly bought out by a spy agency operation, the Roger Baldwin Foundation. Yet, the press even now refers to them as the American Civil Liberties Union, a non-existent organization.

[About 1990, the Nation Magazine, funded in part by CIA Foundation funds, ran a story about CIA’s competitor, the FBI. Namely that for many years after World War Two, the ACLU was a spy-front for the FBI. Ha! Ha! That was one way of the CIA sticking it to the FBI.]

As to the New York Times 1967 series, the records in question were IRS Form 990-A, for foundations, which unlike the income tax returns of corporations and individuals have to be a public record. The records are kept by the District boss of the IRS in the district the foundation shows as a headquarters. For 50 cents a page or so, the IRS office supposedly has to furnish you copies. [A private research group, Donors Forum, with offices in major U.S. cities, over the years were among those which kept copies of some of these Forms.]

[Scroll way down our website www.skolnicksreport.com for story “A Short History of CIA Fronts”.]

In the same year 1967, was a huge supposedly peacenik-type convention in Chicago. Called “The New Politics”, it was convened at a fancy old hotel, the Palmer House, that strangely charged a knock-down rate of eight dollars a day for rooms for those registering for the convention and staying at the hotel.

The brains behind the affair was a local political analyst guru, Don Rose, a likeable fellow with a full-mouth of rhetoric sympathetic to naive anti-war types. Not known to us at the time, his then father-in-law was a top official of the wire-service, United Press International. (Several years later UPI’s internal documents, showing the CIA link, fell into our possession.)

There was too much strange money behind the week-long gabfest. Present with his seemingly peace-loving mouthing-off was Rennard C. Davis, called “Rennie”, a cute way to make him acceptable. Not known at the time, he was the son of a Frenchmen with links to the French CIA, and the elder Davis became the top advisor in the White House, after 1968, to then President Richard M. Nixon. And note our earlier stories in this series how the French CIA infiltrated the Dallas plot to assassinate President Kennedy, took secret films of the happening, and have used it ever since to blackmail favors out of the U.S.

Years later we uncovered that Don Rose was reportedly financed by a CIA-linked foundation. (In 1969, when I got a few minutes on the local TV, fingering him and Rennie, Don Rose ended up persuading me to allow him to visit me in my home, where he threatened harm against me, such as if I did not shut up, he would see to it that the media would never cover my viewpoints of court reform or anything else.)

In 1967, anyone with something to say to his fellow citizens was at the mercy of the monopoly press. In Chicago, to be acceptable to local media, dissidents had to go through Don Rose. No Internet, no radio talk shows were widely functioning, no public access Cable TV. Just the liars and whores of the press.

At the New Politics convention, I sensed a reversal coming, of the national and international policy of the U.S. as to the Viet Nam War. The “powers that be”, the Establishment, the Ruling Class—THEM—wanted somewhere in the future to extricate themselves from the blunder. Instead, they wanted to explore offshore Viet Nam for oil.

Every time I tried to speak up at the huge public gathering in the Ball Room of the fancy old Hotel, I was snubbed, shouted down, and threatened to be shoved out. Known supposed peace-nik leaders did not allow any real questions to be asked.

In 1968, occurred a widely misunderstood event. It was the confrontation of anti-war types with the Chicago Police, at the August gathering in the Windy City of the Democratic Convention. The Democrat Party candidate for President, Hubert Humphrey, and his supporters were discredited by the commotions, in front of the Conrad Hilton Hotel where many Democrats were staying, and commotions with the police, across the street in Grant Park.

Who noticed the real activities of straw boss Don Rose? Some claim they saw him go from the anti-war paraders into the Police lines. If true, what side was HE on? To enrage the police, the peaceniks, egged on by government agents provocateurs, in the Park threw bags of excrement at tthe police.

Later, a group supposedly orchestrating the violent disturbances were indicted on the new Federal Criminal charges, crossing state lines to incite riots. They were later called “The Chicago 7”, Rennie Davis, Thomas Hayden, Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, and others. [Their federal jury conviction was over-turned when one of the jurors, reportedly with a CIA-funded research group, wrote or revealed a behind the scenes report of what went on with the jury deliberations.]

I did speak at College lectures and other gatherings, about the situation by which the CIA-funded peaceniks helped install Nixon. The result? Chicago U.S. District Judge Julius Hoffman, criminal trial judge in the “Chicago 7” trial, demanded I come to his court chambers to talk to him. There he insisted that I stop publicly discussing the CIA-link to the “Chicago 7”. He tried to persuade me that it made him look foolish and that I should not want to harm him as the Judge, as he told me some of his personal anecdotes to try to make me soft-hearted as to him as Judge and once top official of the Brunswick Company, maker of bowling machine equipment (which I always believed was part of the mafia).

I tried to be heard but obviously failed. The spy-riddled, oil-soaked monopoly press was not interested in anythiing I was prepared to say and show. I claimed that the whole event was staged by the American CIA to discredit the Democrat candidate for President and help install Nixon as President, to rule the U.S. with an iron-fist, Fascist-style.

After 1968, as I repeatedly tried to publicly confront Rennie to ask questions about the massive spy agency funding supporting what he and the others did. The outcome? I was either repeatedly pushed away by security patrols or actually arrested. In 1972, I finally walked onto the set of a live, not taped, TV show in Chicago. Dragging myself forward on my braces and crutches, I demanded that Rennie, the
tv guest, be asked specific questions about his CIA funding, such as a quarter million dollars from the Roger Baldwin Foundation, CIA successor to the ACLU. The TV station went off the air with the program as eighteen police arrived to arrest me for trespass.

At the later criminal trial, I beat the charges by locating, and subpoenaing the CIA Station Chief FOR CHICAGO. Under their Charter, THEY are not supposed to have DOMESTIC operations. At other times, however, into the 1970s, I was repeatedly threatened with arrest when I confronted Rennie, Hayden, and others of the “Chicago 7”.

By 1970, I became a political assassination researcher. I used to talk publicly how the press seldom paid attention to how Rennie Davis “The French Connection”, frequently flew to Paris, to meet the widow of the Saigon premier, Madame Ngu. I found out that she was a principal financier of Rennie and the supposed “Peace Movement” leadership which, as I stated, helped install Nixon in the Oval Office.

I also knew and publicly discussed that Madame Ngu had a motive to arrange the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. There were secret reports that Kennedy, himself a Catholic, ordered for geopolitical reasons, the murder of her husband and other family members, themselves devout Catholics. It is a violation of Vatican Doctrine, punishable by death at the hands of Jesuits, for one Catholic leader to attack and murder other Catholic leaders. And remember, JFK and brother Bobby were repeatedly plotting to invade Cuba, a Catholic nation, and assassinate Fidel Castro, a Jesuit.

Madame Ngu had huge funds available to her, as the head of the dope cartel in Southeast Asia, “The Golden Triangle”, going back to the time when the area was called French Indo-China. A Burmese General gave a video-taped interview. He stated that his business partners in the dope trafficking were George Herbert Walker Bush, General Colin Powell, and Powell’s sidekick, Richard Armitage. That they arranged to build a road through the jungles, for the General to be able to easily ship the dope product. and the Bush Crime Family to supervise the worldwide trafficking of the same.

In 1971, Daniel Ellsberg, a reputed CIA “darling”, somehow was given the “Pentagon Papers”, telling revealing and incriminating details of the Viet Nam disaster. He planted copies with the New York Times and others. The Justice Department sought an injunction against the newspapers publishing the same. The case came up before a CIA-linked Federal Judge, New York U.S. District Judge Murray I. Gurfein, had previously been with the predecessor group to CIA, being the OSS. The American secret political poilice wanted to save the “powers that be” from further trouble, so the case ended up before the U.S. Supreme Court, trumpet and enforcers of the Aristocracy, that refused to block the documents from being revealed. This was part of the turning point to force the U.S. out of Viet Nam, 1975.

Now a book relating to Madame Ngu and what she was into, has been published. “The Triangle of Death—the Role of South Viet Nam and the French Mafia in the Assassination of JFK” by L.E. Seymour and Bradley S. O’Leary, November, 2003, World Net Daily Books (www.worldnetdaily.com). They purport to have a document showing the CIA, several days after the Dallas murder, had several of the French mafia Dallas shooters in custody and had them flown to safety out of the U.S.

[Eventually, we intend to post ON-LINE our entire report on the “Chicago 7” and the CIA which we issued in 1972.]

Disguised by a dust-storm of lies, the monopoly press would have us believe “The Arabs Did It!” as to the March 11, 2004 violence in Madrid. The bloodshed in the U.S. on September 11, 2001, orchestrated by high-level U.S. military with the White House, was a turning point to give the occupant and resident of the Oval Office, George W. Bush, Fascist-like powers, cancelling the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. “9-11” was likewise falsely blamed on the Arabs who were just patsies, the violence New York and at the Pentagon being a home-grown product.

The invasion of Iraq seems to be coming to a turning point, sort of like the Viet Nam War. Have we forgotten what happened? There was in Viet Nam growing dissident within the U.S. “grunts”, the ground troops. When ordered to go as point man on night patrol, they told their Lt. HE should be point man and go home, as often happened too much, in a body bag. When he refused, they threw a grenade into his tent, “fragging”, and said, if he survived, “Lt., your V.C. laundry woman did it!”

Prior to the pre-emptive U.S. atttack, without a Declaration of War by Congress, against Iraq, there were huge anti-war parades in London, Paris, Germany, and Spain, and elsewhere as well. Now the Madrid terrible railroad bombing bloodshed, may be the beginning of the turning point, to extricate the American Establishment from their Iraq “adventure”. Is U.S. national and international policy going into the reversal mode? Will THIS mean the throwaway, by the British/American Aristocracy of their scapegoat and stooge, George W. Bush, and maybe, even Daddy Bush, Jeb, Neil, and Marvin as well?

Do we all understand that the Aristocracy does not cry or lose sleep when they order vast bloodshed to carry out their national and international policies? Or when they order the reversal of failed policies?

Despite everything said about the Madrid violence by the pressfakers, it may turn out to be, like Viet Nam, post-Nixon, a turning point where the U.S. Ruling Class wants to extricate themselves, to be either blaming their stooge and scapegoat, George W. Bush, for a financial and military calamity, used to instigate some other trick or surprise event.

More coming. Stay tuned.

The Overthrow Of The American Republic – Part 51

Plan To Attack Syria & Iran–Saving Bush

By Sherman H. Skolnick

Without a Declaration of War by Congress, the Bush White House and their War Cabinet intend to go forward with a secret plan to spread the Mid-East conflict by an attack on Syria and Iran.

This comes at a time that the U.S. foreign invasion of Iraq appears to be spinning out of control. Insurgents are attacking U.S. troops across the country.

The justification for the plan includes the following but is not limited thereby:

1. That alleged satellite images from the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office, NRO, purport to show that the spreading shoot-back within Iraq is, in part, from weapons supplied in part from Iran and from weapons trans-shipped through Syria.

2. The weapons supposedly contain toxic substances including bio-chemical agents to be supposedly let loose on U.S. forces, together with the small number of coalition troops, within Iraq.

3. Further purported justification is that the use of such weapons within Iraq by purported insurgents might, inevitably, draw Israel into the conflict. In that, Israel, being nearby, would feel endangered thereby. And further, Israel has already quietly informed the Bush White House and their War Cabinet, that Israel reserves the sovereign right to defend themselves, with sub-nuclear retaliatory weapons if they so deemed it necessary .This, against whosover appears to be, or is actually, threatening the entire safety of Israel, surrounded as they are by religious enemies pledged to the destruction of that tiny sliver of map. [Americans find it convenient to forget that the British, to control the Arab oil fields, in 1948, inserted the Jews to be amongst their mortal enemies, and be surrounded by enemies, to forever irritate the Arabs, with the Jews and Arabs attacking each other, with no clear-cut remedy available.]

4. Dissidents amongst U.S. Admirals and Generals, as “flag officers”, contend they have documented, irrefutable proof, as follows:

(a) That Daddy Bush together with certain crazies in the Joint Chiefs Of Staff, on behalf of a faction in the Aristocracy, felt the necessity for a latter day “Pear Harbor”. To force the half-asleep U.S. populace to warrant a necessary attack by the West on the Moslem world, in part to control large reserves of in-ground petroleum, such as in Iraq. This at a time that the Saudi oilfields were scheduled in a few years to be tapped out. [Pearl Harbor was to mask the U.S. entering the War to save the ill-equipped British in their War with Germany. About the same number of Americans were “thrown away”, sacrificed by the Aristocracy, December 7, 1941, and on September 11, 2001.]

A similar but aborted plan, 39 years prior to 9-11, was documented in a book that was published right before September 11, 2001, “Body of Secrets” by James Bamford.
It details “Northwoods” Plan, a scheme to blow up U.S. airplanes with innocent Americans onboard, and similar orchestrated violence, in 1962, to falsely blame onto Fidel Castro, to start an out-cry for the U.S. invasion and seizure of Cuba.

Under the prior conceived home-grown plan for 9-11, it was designed to be blamed onto Saudi exchange students and such others, resident in the U.S. on U.S. military facilities, to be the “airplane hi-jackers” and patsies. [No such Arabs were onboard the purported airplanes hi-jacked, or actual ground-controlled drones. ] George W. Bush was simply forewarned by Daddy Bush, unconstitutionally the actual controller of the White House, to “stay out of it”, delay any action. So although informed of two planes or something similar, hitting the twin towers at the New York World Trade Center, George W. Bush, nevertheless, continued to joke about goats with Grammar School students at a school in Florida. Bush, Jr., did nothing, as Commander-in-Chief , to counter-mand a U.S. Military stand-down for that very morning.

(b) To also jexplain away the seizure by U.S. forces of Afghanistan to enable certain oil interests, including the Bush Crime Family, to profitably run a oil and gas pipeline across Afghanistan. And from there to Pakistan, India, China, and points East. This from a time prior to 9-11, that Condoleeza Rice, a Director of Chevron-Pennzoil-Texaco, with large Bush ownership; she did not succeed in her negotiations with Osama bin Laden, as to the per centage to be paid to the Taliban and others for pipeline approval.

With the eventual U.S. grab of Afghanistan right after 9-11, but conceived by the Bushies prior thereto, two top consultants of the Chevron oil cartel became the top officials of the U.S. puppet government in Kabul.

5. Daddy Bush and George W. Bush have become aware that the current dissident “flag officers”, have been planning, at least since March 20, 2003, if not before, to arrest their Commander-in-Chief, as authorized by the Uniform Military Code. If the White House occupant and resident arrests them for mutiny, if they are not assassinated, then they intend to defend themselves at Courts Martial, with the irrefutable, documented proof of treason against the U.S. Constitution and the American people, committed by George W. Bush and his father.

[On our website and others, and on radio talk shows, we ran exclusive details since about 1996 of a smaller but similar group of 24 “flag officers” who vowed to arrest Comander-in-Chief Bill Clinton for treason. Ten of them were assassinated, some of whom we named only after their murder, pledged as we were to complete secrecy. Included were General David McCloud, head of the Alaska Military District. And Admiral Jeremy Boorda, Chief of Naval Operations, highest naval officer in Uniform, head of the patriotic military team. He was falsely described as having “committed suicide” with two different caliber of weapons, shooting himself, supposedly, in the chest and head. [Clinton’s assassins falsely justified their killing of Admiral Boorda, with statements that since he was a Jew, that by their twisted view of the world, he was automatically plotting against a sweet nice Christian, named William Rockefeller Clinton. As to Clinton and the Rockefellers, visit our website series, “Wal-Mart and the Red Chinese Secret Police”.]

6. The current dissident “flag officers” have documented, irrefutable proof:

(a) that Daddy Bush and George W. Bush had prior knowledge and were part of a home-grown, NOT Moslem, plot to murder several thousands supposedly “expendable” Americans, to make half-awake Americans approve of a supposedly American Christian war against the Moslem World. Seldom mentioned, naturally, is that centuries prior, the Christian Crusades against the Moslem World, were a failure. And that a Kurd, Saledin, rallied that part of the planet against the West.

(b) that there was no basis for a supposed pre-emptive strike against, and U.S. foreign invasion of, Iraq. That Saddam Hussein, became one of the richest men on the planet while a private business partner of George Herbert Walker Bush.
[Visit our website series as to the unpublicized pertinent Chicago Federal lawsuit, “The Secrets of Timothy McVeigh”, as to the Saddam/Bush business relationship. Other details, earlier parts of this series.]

(c) that the U.S. Military did themselves NOT capture, in December, 2003, Saddam Hussein. He was seized by the Kurds and held by them for U.S. ransom. The pay-off, they demanded, was for 40 Billion Dollars and that Kurdistan be a separate nation, not under the domination of a supposed “New” Iraq, or Turkey across the border with their Kurd population, or the U.S.

The Bushies took over the custody of Saddam. Thereafter, to double-cross the Kurds, George W. Bush ordered the American CIA to murder, by bombing, hundreds of Kurd leaders and followers at a Kurd meeting where many hundreds of Kurds were also severely wounded.

7. The secret plan to spread the conflict to Iran and to Syria, consists of the following, but is not limited thereby:

(a) The U.S. is to use “smart-bombs”, missiles, and other airborne and other weapons, to supposedly surgically destroy supposed targets in Iran, where by weapons to Iraq insurgents are being supplied, and from places in Syria from which they are trans-shipped.

(b) the supposed targets are to be shown to half-awake Americans as alleged satellite images from the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office. BUT, remember, in 1991, Daddy Bush, then President, had lured Saddam Hussein in going forward with his nation’s longstanding grievance against Kuwait. That the Kuwait royal family were slant-drilling into Iraq oil fields and that Kuwait was unlawfully keeping Province 19, part of Iraq, as supposed Kuwait territory. U.S. Ambassador April Glaspie falsely assured Saddam that the U.S. would NOT interfere with Iraq pursuing their grievance.

Left unsaid, of course, was that Kuwait, and Saudi, that far into the 20th Century, were still keeping black chattel slaves. And that U.S. Troops, a substantial number being Afro-Americans, were falsely sent into this situation, in violation of the U.S. Constitution, 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments, outlawing slavery and making the protecting of slave-masters illegal. [Visit earlier parts of this series.]

So, in 1991, to alarm Americans, and to scare the degenerate Saudi royals to let loose with more Billions for the Bush Crime Family, the Daddy Bush White House used fraudulent supposed “satellite images”, showing Saddam’s troops already passed through Kuwait and gathering on the Saudi border.

8. Daddy Bush as White House controller and the occupant and resident of the White House (who we refuse to label as “President” because the other candidate won the popular vote, the Electoral Vote was stolen by Bush/and five U.S. Supreme Court Judges, and so the actual elected President was NOT inaugurated)—have secretly arranged with the Five-Judge, Military-style Junta on the U.S. Supreme Court, as follows:

(a) that the high court majority will see to it that no lower federal court is permitted to take jurisdiction of any suit contending the planned attacks, or attacks underway, by the U.S. on Iran and Syria, are unconstitutional and not pursuant to a Congress-voted Declaration of War.This has been secretly arranged with and through Associate high court Justice Antonin Scalia, a latter-day iron-fisted Fascist mindset purported judge. In plain street lingo, a “Go To Hell” Judge. As we have earlier stated, Scalia, on the bench, represents the Billion Dollar stock portfolio of Rockefeller’s University of Chicago. In violation of the perjury provisions, and the mandatory federal judge annual financial disclosure, Scalia has not so divulged. Many of the stock interests he thus represents are war-mongering corporations.

(b) Thus, no court or other challenge to the secret plan of Daddy Bush and George W. Bush, will be permitted by the Fascist majority sitting supposedly on the nation’s highest tribunal. For the Bushies to so arrange this, is,of course, a violation of the U.S. Constitution’s provisions for Separation of Powers, Executive, Legislative, Judicial branches.

9. The current crisis is perfect in view of related events:

(a) because of financial hardships and dislocations, there is in the U.S. an epidemic of anti-Jew sentiment, inclining to blame all the planet’s problems on “the Jews”, the so-called Jew bankers, the Jew-owned mass media, and so on. Some point, to no avail, to documented studies, such as Martin Mayer’s book “The Bankers”, that only one bank-bank, that is, a bank housed in a building, in the whole U.S., has as much as one top official, a Jew. Others point, to no avail, to the documented study, “The New Crowd: The Changing of the Jewish Guard on Wall Street”, by Judith Ramsey Ehrlich and Barry J. Rehfeld, how the international bond houses with German Jewish names, and head people with Jewish-sounding surnames, have not been actual Jews for more than three generations, having long since converted to being Lutherans, Catholics, and such. It likewise avails nothing to point out that the major media do have managers and supervisors with Jewish surnames, BUT THE ACTUAL OWNERS are not Jews. For example, Citicorp, the actual owners are members of the Saudi Royal Family and the Rockefellers.

(b) The epidemic of anti-Jew sentiment in America has been fed, very conveniently, by the Mel Gibson movie. See my website series “The Ash Wednesday Plot”. So that those with Jewish last names are immediately dismissed as worthless when commenting with criticism of the Bushies and their war-mongering. Such as the commentators on the newly created Air America Radio network.

10. Among the motives for the secret planned attack on Syria and Iran, is to save George W. Bush. So that the highly patriotic dissident Admirals and Generals might reconsider arresting him as their Commander-in-Chief, for the treason committed by him and Daddy Bush.

WHAT will stop the war-mongers of America, spreading the Mid-East conflict, into an all-out war against the Moslem and Persian World?

More coming. Stay tuned.

The Overthrow Of The American Republic Part 52

Domestic Insurrection?

by Sherman H. Skolnick

Petitions for Redress of Grievances, if provided with no remedy, often lead to open grumbling and dissidence. And that, in turn, can lead to “Domestic Insurrection” directed against the Central authorities. If allowed to fester, these events could lead to “Revolution” directed against the Aristocracy, by the MiddleIncome/MiddleClass whose aspirations have been cut off.

Some disquieting developments:

1. By way of the year 2000 Presidential Election, the duly elected U.S. President, NOT inaugurated, is Albert Gore, Jr.

2. Installed as the occupant and resident of the White House, has been George W. Bush. This was arbitrarily and corruptly arranged by a five-Judge Military-Style Junta of the U.S. Supreme Court. [Visit the more recent parts of my website series, with court documents attached, “Coca-Cola, CIA, and the Courts”.]

3. Called Bushfraud by critics and dissidents, Bush, Jr., recently accused Albert Gore, Jr., of fomenting a purported “Domestic Insurrection” calculated, Bush contends, to cause the arrest for treason of purported Commander-in -Chief Bush.

4. While ostensibly not openly admitting or denying these matters, Gore reportedly informed Bush, or caused Bush to be so informed, that if Bush does not like it, Bush could purport to dare to take some action.

5. Bush is agitated by various happenings. Such as reports that a growing group of Admirals and Generals, known as “flag officers”, have been considering to arrest Commander-in-Chief Bush for treason, as authorized by the Uniform Military Code. If Bush causes them to be arrested for mutiny, if they are not assassinated, they contend they will defend themselves at Courts Martial with irrefutable documents showing Bush, and his father, have committed acts of treason against the U.S. Constitution and the American people.

6. George W. Bush is openly against a free market place of ideas, Freedom of Speech and of the Press, and the right of the people to peaceably assemble and to Petition the Central Government for Redress of Grievances. [Guaranteed by the First Amendment but unlawfully cancelled by the purported Patriot Acts instigated by the Bush Crime Family.]

7. In violation of the Declaration of Independence, Bushfraud “has erected a Multitude of new Offices, and sent hither Swarms of Officers to harass our People, and eat out their Substance”, establishing a Nazi-like American Gestapo, supposedly for Homeland Security, to punish and silence opposition to his dictatorial and corrupt domestic and imperialistic foreign policies, bankrupting the public Treasury and embezzling the Public Trust Funds of the elderly, disabled, infirm, and impoverished.

8. The Bush White House, with his Rasputin, Karl Rove, asserts that Chicago is, among other places, a center of such dissent along with Los Angeles and elsewhere. To squelch such opposition, Bush has reportedly instigated certain events.

(a) in opposition to the oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press, there has been formed a progressive, anti-war-mongering media operation, known as Air America Radio Network. Most if not all of their radio broadcast links have been somehow, as of this moment, silenced.

(b) some contend this may be somewhat more than a mere contract dispute with a parent firm of the broadcast outlet. Although the monopoly press, in respect to Air America Radio Network being silenced, states it purports to be a contract dispute; some nevertheless contend it is caused by the Bush White House invoking supposed “War Powers” to take Air America Radio Network OFF THE AIR for reasons of so-called “national security”. That is, criticizing the President/Commander-in-Chief at a time of supposed “war”, yet no Declaration of War by Congress against Iraq.

(c) As to his oil seizure/financial and military-secret treachery, Bush is being apparently blackmailed by Vicente Zorro (head of Mexico, also known as Vicente Fox, once head of Coca-Cola/American CIA operations in Mexico, Central America, and some South America dope countries, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, and Bolivia).

Part of Zorro’s arm-twisting of Bushfraud is that Bush should arbitrarily pave the way for Mexico to annex portions of southwest United States, as territory of Mexico, including but not limited to southern California (to be split away from northern California), New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado, among other states. [Described in some of my earlier website stories as the Breakaway States of the disunited States of America. A sort of wrecking apart of the U.S. of A., like the CIA did to the Soviets, using a huge quantity of superior quality counterfeit Rubles, the Soviet currency, to knock-down the Moscow government, 1990-1991.]

9. Bushfraud seeks to cover up a huge derivative scandal of oil/gold/soybean manipulation done through Bank of America and their parent firm, Bank America. Tens of trillions of dollars of these out-of-control speculations are done by the bank and its parent firm, owned principally by the Jesuits (through the highly sinister(not racial) so-called “black pope”, the Rothschilds, and more recently as a major owner, the Japanese underworld, the Yakuza. According to published accounts, Bushfraud’s uncle, Prescott S. Bush, Jr., has vast joint business with the Japanese mafia and the Chinese Secret Political Police. [As to “Yakuza” and uncle Prescott, consult numous items at www.google.com]

10. So far, not sufficiently reported or analyzed, two huge mortgage pools, not actually guaranteed by the Full Faith and Credit of the U.S. Treasury, are Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. And Bushfraud and his Treasury fakers are covering this us. Some more independent-minded auditors contend these two mortgage monsters are either already technically bankrupt or headed that way. It has vast, sinister meaning for the over-blown U.S. mortgage and real estate markets. Some aver that a residential real estate bust is soon around the corner.

So, is a “Domestic Insurrection” in the works, or soon upon us, or around the corner? Are any other uncensored broadcast facilities, IF ANY exist within the U.S. also subject to being taken off the air for reasons of supposed “national security”, that is, to prevent discussion of Bushfraud’s treason?

More coming. Stay tuned.
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