Oxford University genocidal maniacs want all over 50s on poisonous Statins to kill their Livers


Statins could be a real lifesaver

Thursday May 17,2012
By Jo Willey

CHOLESTEROL-busting statin drugs could save thousands of lives a year if they were prescribed to everyone over 50, scientists said yesterday.

Researchers at Oxford University say half of fatalities from cardiovascular disease happen “completely out of the blue” to people with no family history or previous symptoms of heart attack or stroke.

They recommend millions more adults be given the pills, which cost as little as 4p a day, even if they are thought to be at low risk.

More than six million adults already take statins to reduce their levels of artery-clogging “bad” cholesterol, saving around 10,000 lives each year.

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence currently recommends statins are given to those with a 20 per cent or greater chance of developing cardiovascular disease within 10 years.

However, writing online for the medical journal The Lancet, the scientists recommend lowering the threshold to a 10 per cent risk over 10 years.

If we are going to prevent these events, we have to consider offering statins to healthy people

They say this would see an extra five million people given statins, slashing heart attacks and strokes by 10,000 a year and saving at least 2,000 lives.

Lead researcher Professor Colin Baigent said: “If we are going to prevent these events, we have to consider offering statins to healthy people.”

The researchers examined data on 175,000 patients who took part in 27 separate trials on statins and said there was no evidence of increased incidence of cancer or deaths from other causes.

In an accompanying article, Professor Shah Ebrahim and Dr Juan Casas, from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, recommend giving the drugs to everyone over 50, also saving between £7 and £700 per patient for screening.

They wrote: “Because most people older than 50 are likely to be at a greater than 10 per cent 10-year risk of cardiovascular disease, it would be more pragmatic to use age as the only indicator of statin prescription.”

The study was part-funded by the British Heart Foundation.

One comment

    Do not listen to these quack scam artists who will have your Liver destroyed as quick as they possibly can. If you start taking Statin drugs you will end up with Liver damage and enzyme problems. You will eventually damage your Spleen, Heart and Kidney leading the further dysfunction of the Lung over time. The damage starts early on in the death treatment, as it progresses to the Kidney, the memory loss will form and increase.

    Those with lower cholesterol die younger than those with higher cholesterol. Anyone who alters their cholesterol unnaturally will suffer since one of cholesterols functions is to act as a puncture outfit over internal damage such as lesions in the arteries. If this does not occur when needed then arteries could explode and you will die. The LDL cholesterol turned into a demon is actually your best friend as it takes all the fat soluble vitamins around your body to where they are needed before coming back aided by the HDL cholesterol for reprocessing in the Liver.

    The enemy if any is the Lipoprotein(a) which can by tested for on a Vertical Auto Profile test. You need a proper intake of vitamin E daily containing six of the eight different forms of the vitamin which the cholesterol is made up of. This vitamin helps stop the oxidisation damage of cholesterol which aids in the creation of plague. Your body needs correct levels of vitamin C otherwise it needs an intake of amino acid Lysine which should be accompanied by Proline. Liver herbal medicine should be taken in order to restore the organ’s functioning and one of the best ways to do this is with Artichoke leaf.

    Do not run from foods containing high levels of cholesterol which the establishment have put you off eating. This is all planned in accordance with the Global 2000 Report by the Club of Rome calling for population reduction. When one does not have proper cholesterol levels then one cannot make their own vitamin D no matter how much Sun you take in. You also should not wash if you Sunbath and make sure your skin oils are not washed off. Its now time to study the subject properly and stop taking advise that feeds the death industry and profits of The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries who control the pharmaceutical/medical industry with The Worshipful Company of Barbers.

    -= The Unhived Mind

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