Pagan Jesuit influenced Church of England votes to ban white race, culture and Country loving clergy

Church of England to vote on banning clergy from belonging to BNP

General Synod is asked to back amendment making it ‘inappropriate conduct’ to be a member of far-right party, Saturday 7 July 2012 05.23 BST

The Church of England is to vote on legislation banning clergy from being members of the British National party.

Members of the church’s national assembly, the General Synod, will be asked to back an amendment on Saturday making it “unbecoming” or “inappropriate” conduct for clergy to be members of a political party with policies and activities declared incompatible with church teaching on race equality.

Under the proposals, Church of England bishops would make a declaration on parties or organisations deemed incompatible with Christian teaching.

Vasanatha Gnanadoss, a Metropolitan police civilian worker and synod member, first won backing for the ban three years ago. The synod is meeting at York University.


    Has anyone actually looked at some of the good things the British National Party has done for England? Have you looked at what they have tried to do for the communities suffering neglect from both Conservative and Labour parties and the Government? No! These things are not broadcast in the media and only negative comments on the BNP hit the headlines for propaganda reasons. If anyone is patriotic about nationalism, race, culture, gender then they are immediately demonized today.

    Tell me how many pagan Church of England churches have a King James Authorized Bible 1611 inside for their hoodwinked followers to read? Very few indeed if at all these days. Many now push speaking in tongues though which is actually the work of Satan. How interesting is that? Whats worse is that even that King James Bible is not a true Reformation Bible unlike the real Bible the Geneva Bible 1560/99 of the true-Christians and Puritans. So the Church of England has no right trying to speak about Christianity in the slightest. If they followed Christianity then all the races would be separated for the good reasons God did this in the first place six thousand years ago. But alas the peoples of today are hoodwinked by the Devil’s Messiah agenda using the false evolution theory to promote atheism and confusion. Along with hundreds of false patented copyrighted Bibles the Jesuits are behind in order to remove all from the Geneva Bible.

    The Bible also tells you that the blood of the races must never been mixed. At one time two different races could not be married, so ask yourself why was this? It went against true-Christianity thats why! Then the pagan Church of England started to accept this like they are today with gay unions etc. They bought about a blasphemous Marriage Certificate to allow two races to join and be married under their false God masquerading as the Christian God. How can man decide what is the right thing to do? How Catholic is that mindset? That should not surprise you since the pagan Church of England has always been a Catholic spin-off and pagan, whilst it has for hundreds of years been back under the Jesuit thumb through infiltration. Don’t believe me? Study Rowan Williams connection to the Catholic Church and the Jesuit Order. Williams is a Druidic Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor sneak used to infiltrate to help tear down the Church of England totally and bring back ignorant flocks to the Babylonian Harlot Church in Vatican City. Notice Williams signaling his complete subordination to the Pope as he kissed the Pope’s ring in the Vatican after praying in the home of the Beast on the ancient land of Saturnia. Not to mention the traitorous act of lecturing at the Jesuit Pontifical Gregorian University housing the power Monsignor Jesuit in Rome.

    Hows about the curse on Ham in the Biblical text? Are we supposed to forget the Bible, true-Christianity and history all of a sudden? This should not surprise you since The Worshipful Company of Haberdashers and its education system push that anything over thirty-years old is now classed as ancient knowledge. This is just the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations social-engineering brainwashing to make sure you follow their blasphemous Satanic society creation in the Aeon of Horus and to just forget about the truth and historical wisdoms for mere modern slavery illusions connected to occultist Aleister ‘The Beast’ Crowley and his ‘do as thou wilt’.

    First the banning will start with the British National Party then it will work up to the high patriotic British Constitutional Group and then in the future eventually even the UKIP currently run by Nigel Farage. This is how it starts folks, the same as this ‘domestic terrorism’ label. As the system gets more and more feudal the worse this will get. All the Acts have been put in place to remove you as soon as they can do so by these means just prior to the total draconian post-democratic society and martial law situations. All working to the planned Ordo-Ab-Chao model for complete control.

    Its time to forget the pagan Church of England, its time to remove the Archbishop of Canterbury and replace them with a true-Christian puritan leadership. Its time to remove the Bishop of London completely from the Church. Its time to remove all the paganism of the Church of England and all the Jesuit infiltration agents and systems passed. Its time to fill the Churches again and make sure everyone has a Geneva Bible 1560/99 bypassing that wicked City of London Corporation pirate Bible (King James Bible) created by The Worshipful Company of Mercers to remove the wisdom against Rome who master the City of London aka New Jerusalem and all the Kingships under the Temporal Power of the anti-Christos Pope.

    Its time for true-Christianity to take over again and defeat these Satanic and Luciferian Doctrine filth destroying the planet and civilization. Do not let the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations continue the destruction of society as they have done for decades and utilizing organizations like the CIA backed Congress for Cultural Freedom all connected to Bertrand Russell of the Opium trafficking family which rules over Yale University and the Skull and Bones Society aka Chapter 322. Society is being degraded each time further and further to where its dysfunction and almost beyond repair. Yet those generations believe they are better than the rest and that immoral acts are of the good. The mindsets have been reversed and riddled with double think and speak.

    -= The Unhived Mind

    • MetalHeadViking

      This subject is interesting.

      Have you written other articles on the issue of race in the Bible. There are meny who discuss this, but never really agree on anything. Can you recommend me some articles?

  • seekingtruth1

    Based on your prior advice I’m still looking for a good Geneva bible. Are there any major differences in text in the Geneva opposed to the KJV?

    • There is not a lot of difference between the two to be honest. Where the differences really come in is in the margins text against Rome and then the questioning of the Divine Right of Kings like Oliver Cromwell believed. The main difference is that the Geneva Bible is not copyrighted or was not and the King James Bible is Crown copyrighted and created by The Worshipful Company of Mercers. Knights Templars and Knights of Malta have no idea of Christianity and New Jerusalem is riddled with Masonic lodges masquerading as Livery companies. Freemasonry is against Christianity and vows to destroy it. So why would anyone want a King James Bible after knowing this? No we want the Puritan Geneva Bible carried by the real Reformists.

      -= The Unhived Mind

  • Eisenhorn

    Although there are demonic tongues, speaking in tongues is biblical.

    • You have to be very careful here with this because its exactly how the Satanists are hoodwinking Christians into speaking in jibberish demonic tongues. Yes there is normal speaking in tongues written in the Bible but this was meaning simply speaking a separate language such as English, Spanish or French. See how they use little wordings to twist things to aid Satanism through an uneducated non-thinking populace.

      -= The Unhived Mind

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