Pakistan launches first indigenous armed drone

Pakistan launches first indigenous armed drone

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Pakistan has successfully launched an indigenously developed armed drone and test-fired its laser-guided missiles, military sources say.

Pakistan’s army chief General Raheel Sharif, who attended the launching ceremony, witnessed the test-fire on static and moving targets on Friday.

Gen. Sharif also congratulated scientists and technicians involved in the development of the drone.

The drone, named Burraq, has the ability to fly in all types of weather conditions and strike its targets with pinpoint accuracy.

Meanwhile, the Pakistani army said in a statement that the locally constructed drone would be a very effective force multiplier in counter-terrorism operations across the militancy-riddled country.

The developments came after the United States refused to sell Pakistan its advanced drones.

Pakistani government has repeatedly asked the US administration to provide it with armed drones, claiming it could carry out attacks against militants more effectively.

Senior Pakistani authorities had earlier said that Islamabad would look for help from China in response to US intransigence.

Sources say Beijing has offered to sell Pakistan the Chinese-built CH-3, which can carry at least two laser-guided missiles.

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