Pakistanis stage massive rally against killing of Shia Muslims

Pakistanis stage massive rally against killing of Shia Muslims

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Pakistanis have staged a massive rally to protest against a recent deadly attack on Shia Muslims in the northwestern city of Peshawar.

Large crowds of protesters, including members of civil society and peace activists, poured onto the streets of the city of Peshawar on Friday to voice their outrage against the massacre.

The angry demonstrators chanted anti-government slogans and demanded the arrest of those behind the incident. The angry protesters blamed the government for failing to prosecute the perpetrators.

The rally comes a week after 23 people were killed in a gun-and-bomb attack on a Shia mosque packed with worshipers in the volatile city. The attack also injured more than 50 others, according to police and medical sources.

Also on February 18, at least three people were killed and two others injured when a bomb explosion rocked a Shia mosque near Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad. This is the latest deadly incident in a wave of violence against the Shia Muslim community in Pakistan.

On January 30, another explosion hit a Shia mosque and religious center in southern Pakistan killing 61 people, who were performing Friday prayers in Shikarpur district of Sindh province. Dozens were also wounded in the attack.

The frequent incidents have raised concerns among human rights groups, while moderate Pakistani Sunni groups have described the issue as a conspiracy against the country.

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