Palestinian activists set fire to Israeli products

Palestinian activists set fire to Israeli products

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Palestinians supporting boycott of Israeli products have set a consignment of such goods on fire in the north of Israeli-occupied West Bank.

The activists unloaded a truck filled with Israeli products and set fire to them in the city of Nablus on Wednesday.

The truck was distributing products from the Strauss label, a major Israeli food manufacturer.

The push to boycott Israeli products has acquired renewed popularity in the West Bank since Israel’s summer war on the besieged Gaza Strip.

Israel heavily pounded the blockaded coastal sliver in the recent war that started on July 8 and ended on August 26 with an Egyptian-brokered truce. Over 2,140 Palestinians, mostly civilians, including women, children, and the elderly, were killed in the Israeli onslaught on Gaza. Around 11,000 others were injured.

Israeli forces targeted hundreds of factories and businesses over the course of the 50-day assault. The International Monetary Fund has said in a report that the war caused the Palestinian economy to contract by about 15 percent.

In January, Israel blocked more than USD 100 million of tax revenues after the Palestinian Authority applied to join the International Criminal Court. The move further strained the economy.

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