Panic! Dow Crashes 500+ Points, Markets Crash Worldwide… Super Shemitah Continues

Panic! Dow Crashes 500+ Points, Markets Crash Worldwide… Super Shemitah Continues

Posted on January 16, 2016 by Jeff Berwick — 1 Comment ↓

Panic! Dow Crashes 500+ Points, Markets Crash Worldwide… Super Shemitah Continues

In July, 2015, we made our first-ever short-term, bold, call. We said the markets would begin to collapse by September.

By the last week of August, stock markets worldwide crashed and over $11 trillion was wiped from markets worldwide in the 3rd quarter of 2015.

We said that while the markets and the economy looked set to roll over, the reason we focused on September was due to the eerily predictive, and destructive, seven-year Shemitah cycle.

The US markets recovered somewhat in October and many people thought that was the end of it. Not us, though. We said that the bounce would not reach pre-August highs before averages would start declining again. Part of our insight had to do with learning that Shemitah was a unique situation in that it was the 7th Shemitah, which leads to a Jubilee, or Super Shemitah, year (which occurs every 49 years).

We warned all through the fall that the Shemitah trends we observed in 2015 would extend into 2016. We predicted 2016 was going to be a bloodbath in the markets… and already it has been.

Today, by midday, the Dow was down over 500 points, and it ended up down nearly 400 points, again. This is now the fourth time since the start of the year that the Dow had been down more than 300 points.

Since January 1, the Dow is down 1,437 points. The Standard & Poor’s 500, the index of America’s biggest companies, has also lost more than 8% in the past two weeks and the Nasdaq index of technology stocks is down 10.4%.

Just in the last two weeks alone, US markets have lost $1.77 trillion and global markets have lost $1.4 trillion for a total of $3.17 trillion. Zerohedge estimates that a total of $15 trillion has been lost in global stock markets in the past seven months.

And, just two days after Barack Obama declared that those who said the US economy was doing poorly were “peddling fiction”, Walmart announced that it is closing 269 stores, 115 of them in the US, and laying off over 10,000 employees.

The US recovery, which never really existed, is again being exposed for the charade it is. Economic data on Friday shows a drop in retail sales and declining industrial output. The Baltic Dry Index that measures shipping activity continues to make new lows nearly every day.

Over the summer we made 4,500% for our subscribers shorting the market and telling them to buy bitcoin under $250. Bitcoin has since has gone over $500 (although it fell today… a topic we’ll cover shortly).

We’ve since told subscribers about two other option trades. Today, alone, one was up 66.7% and the other was up 80%. We only told our subscribers about one of them on January 6, nine days ago, and it has been up over 200% since.

If you’ve been procrastinating about subscribing, you missed out on a 200% gain in less than two weeks.

Here’s the good news, though. In our alert to subscribers today we told them not to sell. If we are right about the next few months it’ll still gain more than 1,000% from here, easily.

Here are just a few comments written to us in the last few days from subscribers:

“I plan to renew my subscription. Yayyyyyy!” – Michael C.

“I just renewed my subscription, just in time to have access to the latest article written by our resident chief analyst Edmond Bugos. So happy.” – Bernardo M.

“I read the words of Mike Hearn last night regarding Bitcoin. It was a bit disconcerting. I was planning on coming home from work today and requesting that TDV arrange for some interviews regarding what was said. So I get home, log in, and before making my request I find that you’ve already addressed it in a Special Alert, and you’ve already arranged interviews with key players to discuss it further. I’m thoroughly impressed. Thank you so much!” – Jon S.

“I just wanted to write you guys and say thank you for everything! I’ve ignored everything my broker has told me over the last 6 months and taken your advice and am up an obscene amount of money. Every time I place one of your trades he tells me I am crazy. And then it skyrockets! Drinks on me at the upcoming conference!” – Chris M.

We raise our rates in two weeks. If you’ve been waiting, you’ve missed out on some big gains. We expect 2016 to be one for the record books.

Subscribe today here. And make sure to register for our upcoming TDV Internationalization and Investment Summit on February 18th in Mexico. It’s quickly selling out and you won’t want to miss a single insight from the top investment experts we’ve specially flown in for this one-day event. We work with many of these top professionals on a day-to-day basis and know them for being among the best in their fields.

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