Paris terror suspects long on London’s watch list

‘Paris terror suspects long on London’s watch list’

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The two brothers accused of the recent slaughter in the French capital have reportedly been on a British watch list for years.

British sources say the Kouachi brothers were on a UK terror watch list for four years. Police and the security services are investigating whether they or their cell have links to Britain, the Guardian reported.

Cherif, 32, and Said Kouachi, 34, had been identified as a potential terror threat and placed on a British watch and no-fly list. They had been on UK and US databases as terror suspects prior to the attack.

Now Kevin Barrett, a Veterans Today editor, says: “The British government has a long history of working with radical Salafi and Wahhabi figures, which it protects and manipulates in order to achieve its political objectives.”
“The British are very much involved in manufacturing the so-called clash of civilizations that is essentially Western war on Islam,” Barrett said in a Sunday interview with Press TV’s UK Desk.

He also referred to the government complicity in spreading Islamophobia and pointed out: “The British have the best of all Western intelligence services in terms of having experience in manipulating the Islamic world. So they use radical Salafi figures in their various plots and of course the larger plot that is structuring the entire historical period that we are living in, is this plot of the war on terror and the clash of civilizations, the strategy of tension between Muslims and the West. So, that is what they have been trying to promote through all sorts of acts of false flag terrorism.”

The US journalist and ex-professor added: “The British intelligence services are not trying to protect anyone from terrorism; their real task is to keep the clash of civilization going. So, it is not a surprise then that well-known radical Salafi Jihadists like the suspects in the Charlie Hebdo’s attack are being actually protected by Western intelligence services.”

The Kouachi brothers were reportedly killed after French police stormed a print works warehouse in Dammartin-en-Goele near Paris, where the two suspects in the Charlie Hebdo magazine shootings were holding at least one hostage.

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  • theunhivedmind

    These are man-in-the-middle type informations put out by New Venice in order to cover-up their actions in the planning and execution of the terrorist events. If you inform someone now that it was the Black International Borghese vermind aka British Intelligence and NATO behind the attacks in Paris then people will just say it cannot be so because Britain has been monitoring these people. Well first of all if these were on a terror watch then how come Britain didn’t know what was going to happen in France? Do not kid yourselves, the intelligence services keep tabs on all their targets no matter what. These events are all intelligence controlled false-flag events. Look into the connection of the so-called French terrorists (patsies) to Abu Hamzir who was a British Intelligence asset and has become expendable like so many. Expect France to get its own back soon and rest assured France will go along with whatever Islamic excuse Britain comes up with for any French attacks. Why New Venice against France? The BRICS Development Bank and siding with Putin and possible Mistral warship sales to Russia not to mention the death of the U.S petrodollar aka Empire ponzi.

    -= The Unhived Mind

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