Passengers stranded in Tenerife as Monarch aircraft suffers technical problems

Monarch broken aircraft passengers stranded in Tenerife

Passenger Shaun Rawcliffe said people had been panicking

20 August 2012 Last updated at 15:03

About 150 passengers are stranded in Tenerife after problems with the plane which had been due to fly them back to Birmingham on Saturday.

The customers were asked to get off Monarch flight ZB933 after problems with a faulty door hatch.

Passenger Shaun Rawcliffe said after a three-hour delay they had been kept on the plane in “blistering” heat for another hour and then at the airport.

Monarch said it hoped to fly the passengers back later on Monday.

The passengers are now being put up in a hotel in Tenerife’s capital Santa Cruz while they wait for further information.

Mr Rawcliffe, who filmed fellow passengers as they waited in the airport and posted the footage on YouTube, said Monarch had chartered an aircraft from Lithuanian airline Air Aurela.

He said that as passengers had waited on the aircraft, they had been given no details about what was happening.

“I saw the pilot going in and out of the cockpit with a torch,” Mr Rawcliffe, from Redditch, Worcestershire, said.

“He was slamming about and that happened about six or seven times over an hour.

“People were panicking, there was no water provided and no-one was giving us any information.”

Another passenger, Sarah Blakemore, said once they had been taken off the plane people had been made to wait again in a corridor in the airport before being taken to a hotel.
Spare parts

She said: “We were given food and drink vouchers at 2am in the airport because we were running out of cash and we couldn’t get out to get any more to be able to feed our children.

Monarch apologised in a statement to the passengers affected

“Can you imagine the distress?”

The incident comes after passengers on a Monarch flight from Birmingham to Majorca on 24 July reported hearing the pilot make a Mayday call on the plane, which had been chartered from Slovakian company Air Explore.

In a statement on the latest incident, Monarch said spare parts needed to fix the aircraft in Tenerife were due to fly out of the UK on Monday afternoon and it expected the plane would be able to fly back to Birmingham during the evening.

However, Mr Rawcliffe said he believed passengers would not want to fly on an aircraft which had had technical problems.

Monarch has apologised to the passengers and said representatives were arriving at the hotel to answer questions.

The statement said: “Once passengers had boarded the flight being operated on behalf of Monarch by Air Aurela, a technical fault was discovered.

“A Monarch crew member who was on board made announcements to passengers with information as soon as it became available.

“Passengers were advised that the aircraft had a technical fault and were asked to disembark and return to the terminal, whilst engineers who work on behalf of Air Aurela investigated.”

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