Pathetic Barack Obama passes his wrong doings onto the Eurocrisis as an easy get out

Barack Obama blames eurocrisis for slowing economy

The President says the latest US job figures reflect a still-struggling American economy also affected by Europe’s financial crisis, adding that election-year government gridlock is not helping.

9:46PM BST 01 Jun 2012

Mr Obama said the figures were a sign the American economy was still fighting its way back to full health and was not yet growing or creating jobs fast enough.

Employers added a paltry 69,000 jobs to their payrolls last month, the least since May of last year, which is troubling news for the President whose prospects of winning re-election in November could hinge largely on the health of the economy

Speaking to supporters in Minnesota, Mr Obama pointed to Europe’s own economic crisis as one of a number of factors driving the US downturn in job growth for May and the overall sluggish domestic economy.

He said: “We’ve had a crisis in Europe’s economy that is having an impact worldwide and it’s starting to cast a shadow on our own economy as well.”

He also repeated his call for Republicans in Congress to enact his so-called “to do list” of legislative steps that could lift hiring and spur growth this election year.

Stock markets fell on Friday after the government released its latest employment snapshot. Along with the May job figures, 49,000 fewer jobs were created in the prior two months than had been thought and the jobless rate rose to 8.2 per cent in May from 8.1 per cent in April.

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