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    Think about it for a minute, how long has the Mega cloud storage system been online? Now all of a sudden the typical suppression methods are kicked into play starting with the usual Paypal drop out. The reason I believe isn’t anything to do with files and more to do with communications on a one-to-one video/message basis. Why? Well only the other week Mega started its video chat addition to the service which is fully encrypted and also a competitor to the spynest known as Skype. The idea of the copyright and files is as usual a diversion from the core of the anger. U.S sites which have used encryption have ended up being bullied out of existence through fear and a disliking of what is taking place with the NSA demands. Kim Dotcom isn’t going to roll over and diet like those others. So as usual the economics are used just as New Venice is doing against Russia. Russia has its own backups and anti-SWIFT systems. Kim Dotcom can of course move over to a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. If people really want Kim’s service then they will have no problem using Paypal to Bitcoin services in order to purchase Mega services. There is always a way. Remember unless you are blessed and have a silver spoon from the pirates at the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists then you’ll never be allowed to compete on their platforms such as the Internet and if you do then it will be a war for freedom. Lets hope Kim can provide us soon with the MegaNet he’s tempted us with and thus we can have a real independent internet away from the U.S Department of Defense spynet.

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