Pensioner fined whilst pushing his broken-down car out of the road

Pensioner, 79, handed parking ticket after pushing his broken-down car out of road and trying to call for help

Michael Peck’s Hyundai ran out of petrol just yards from his doctors’ surgery
He pushed car off the road before heading to a nearby newsagents for help
When he returned minutes later, he found a £70 fine on his car windscreen

PUBLISHED: 18:06, 10 June 2013 | UPDATED: 18:07, 10 June 2013

A pensioner hit with a parking ticket when he briefly left his broken-down car unattended while he called for help says the fine is ‘a sad reflection of the selfish society we live in’.

Michael Peck, 79, was just yards away from his doctors’ surgery when his car ran out of petrol and stalled in the middle of the road in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex.

The grandfather-of-four then spent more than five minutes trying to push his light blue Hyundai IX20 off the road to make sure it was no longer a hazard to other motorists before heading to a nearby newsagents to phone for help.

But he was left stunned when he returned a few minutes later to find a ‘jobsworth’ traffic warden had left a £70 ticket on his car windscreen for blocking the carriageway.

The retired financial advisor said: ‘When I grew up, if the village bobby had come along and found a driver in that predicament, his instinct would have been to take off his jacket, roll up his sleeves and help move the car.

‘This jobsworth clearly must have seen me struggling – yet instead of helping he was more concerned about the money that could be made.

‘It is a sad reflection of the way that we live in a very selfish society – it reflects the lack of civility and common courtesy.’

Mr Peck now plans to protest against the £70 fine issued by the warden employed by Southend Council.

Mr Peck, who lives with long-term partner, Kathy, 68, added: ‘It was annoying because a couple of more able-bodied, younger men were laughing at my efforts to move the car rather than try to help me.

‘It took an almighty effort to move the car – it must weigh a tonne – and I was absolutely shattered as it was one heck of an effort.

‘I got it as far as the sleeping policeman – the traffic hump in the road – and then I could not get any further.

‘It was an amazing effort to push it as far as I did – and where it stopped certainly was not obstructing anybody and then I went to call Kathy to bring some petrol from the lawnmower.

‘As I was stood in the shop, the newsagent said “someone is fiddling with your windscreen” and by the time I got out to the car, the ticket had been slapped on there – I think he may have been on a scooter as it was that fast.’

Derek Kenyon, Southend Council’s parking manager, said: ‘If anyone wishes to challenge a penalty charge notice, then there are set procedures to follow, laid down by the Department of Transport.

‘If there is a claim that a vehicle has broken down, then we would need evidence to support that – such as the relevant repair bill or details from breakdown assistance services.’

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