People in the alt media had better wake up about script based censorship

People in the alt media had better wake up about script based censorship

Jim Stone

The Alt media is under attack, with scripts that call in stats, services and ads as the primary weapon

If you run an alt media web site that is good enough to anger the elite, you need to wake up to the fact that any script you put on your web site that needs an answer from an outside location can be used to wreck your web site.
The biggest ones are:

Google stats/analytics – If you have content on your web site that Google censors, Google has already read your web site and will either entirely stop it from loading onto people’s computers by hanging the analytics script, or slow it down considerably by using the analytics script. I have personally seen Google destroy web sites with this, Google analyitics is a censorship weapon that absolutely will be used to stop people from seeing your web site if someone sees fit.

Gee, ever wonder why none of that crap is on this web site? I am not too stupid to put it there!

Any script that calls in fonts, any link builder, ANY resource that your site needs to run is a death sentence

Bitly link builder is a prime culprit here. If you link to anything that is politically sensitive that someone like Hillary won’t want seen, count on the link not working when people hit your web site, all the while it looks like it works fine from your computer. It is not difficult for anyone who runs such a web site to make things look fine to you, while they destroy it for everyone else.
This is also true with web sites that provide fonts or any other “resource” to “make your web site look good and run smoother”, it is my opinion that ALL of these were set up to provide a way for an enemy to destroy your web site when the right time comes. Write your links yourself, and NEVER use resources someone else provides. What are you going to do when you write something great that someone hates, and then the font does not come in and no one can read it anyway, while your web site sits there and hangs?

Ads are a great weapon!

Yep. That ad script can call in anything who is running the system the script calls out to wants it to. Want a great virus funnel? Want yet another way for an enemy to hang your web site? Want everyone who hits your web site to have their computers die mysteriously after – for example – Hillary nukes Los Angeles and someone figured out it was her that did it and you posted it? There is a reason why I don’t have ad scripts on this web site, because this web site is one that got attacked by this early on and I can’t find an ad server that won’t use the scripts to attack people’s computers.
If you are real alt media, you can’t be doing it for money.

Aside from calling out for fonts and other gadgets, the threats against your web site that can be externally inflicted boil down to money. Google analytics are for money, one way or another. Loading ads is for money. And even Google will hang your web site with an ad script, if the can’t first hang it with analytics. And of the ad servers, Google ads is the least used for attacks, usually if you are alt media that is real, Google won’t serve you ads anyway, you have to use other people who are a lot less scrupulous.
The bottom line is that if you are alt media and your web site has scripts that use anything at all on someone elses computer, and tshtf, you are going down, and now that you have read this, don’t say you were not warned. And you will die, all the while it all looks like it is working on your end, Google and everyone else has you identified, and will make it all work perfect, FOR YOU and whoever is in your circle of acquaintance, all the while your real audience can’t see jack.

Obviously if you do not have your own domain at least, and are using Blogger or some other public platform, you are dead before you even start.

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