Perfect Sense (2011) – Official Trailer [Video]

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  • Does anyone still have the video or audio of a so-called agent highlighting information on Planet Niburu? The one where he speaks of the effects on the brain via the magnetic pole shift and how quickly this will really take place? Its the one where he mentions the force will be so great it will suck quicksand? Whether its correct or not, whether there is a niburu or not something is on the cards. It may be a psy-op so when the frequencies are let loose by ionospheric weaponry and people start going crazy you blame Niburu even though you’ve never seen it. Lets face it how many will look up with a telescope when they cannot be bothered to see the chemtrails and admit it to themselves? Let me know or add a comment with the video if you have it.

    -=The Unhived Mind

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