Kevin Boyle — No One To Vote For April 28, 2016

Ex- leader of the Greater London Council and (more recently) Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone has been suspended from the Labour Party for stating a TRUE (if little-known) historical fact relating to Israel and Hitler.

There are two possible reasons for this mind-boggling development:

1) The Labour Party has become insane under the Jewish onslaught wreaked upon it over the past few weeks (the objective of which is getting Jeremy Corbyn removed as Party leader),

2) The Labour Party has had enough of infernal bullying and lapdog media pressure and have decided to do something stupid in order to highlight the ridiculous nature of the continuous charges of ‘anti-Semitism’ levelled against them. (After all, as Gilad Atzmon says, they could hardly have sold out to Jewish pressure more abjectly) … But, it appears that for this lobby submission must be total and the necessary consequence of criticism of Israel must be public humiliation, loss of career or both.

Livingstone said that Hitler was a Zionist before he “went mad” (i.e. started shoving millions of Jews into human gas chambers); that he did a deal with International Zionism in 1933 to transfer German Jews to Israel. This is true and well documented. The Haavara agreement is described on Wikipedia (definitely not an anti-Semitic site) here.

It will be interesting to see how the Labour Party and the media deal with this issue in the public domain and what spin they will try to put on Hitler’s ‘Zionism’. My guess is that it will soon be declared that Livingstone’s conflation of Zionism and “Hitler” had little to do with his suspension, thus putting aside the need to mention this issue ever again.

On the bright side, if this shocker does get a genuine public airing, here’s hoping we can all move along to discussion of Livingstone’s other reference, Hitler’s ‘madness’ … then, at long last, we might get fair debate in public (excuse the joke) relating to those dreadful human gas chambers in Auschwitz.

You know …. the ones that absolutely provably never existed.

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