Petri Dishing the Apocalypse

Petri Dishing the Apocalypse

By Les Visible on February 16, 2016

Reflections in a Petri Dish — Feb 15, 2016

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

It looks like I can write again… for the moment. I had something almost finished but it was on the other computer and the monitor I was using is no longer accessible, so later for that posting. Anyway, much has changed in the world since; in the wider world and our own personal world… we’ll just start anew.

On a personal level, I thought I would stay here but that runs up against roadblocks in every direction. It is a shame because I have met some great people in the town here and there are all kinds of possibilities to make myself more financially secure but I suspect that is workable in many another place besides here, in fact I am sure of it. Life can put you through an interesting series of progressions and never make its point and when it does, it turns out to not be the point you were expecting. You just have to have faith and fortitude and not get sucked into defining conditions, when you don’t really know what they are. Often, as much as not, it is later proven to you that you misjudged the whole thing. I’ve had my share of that in recent times… so I am keeping my thoughts clear. Life may not work out as we expected but it always works out if we do not fight the results intended by the one will. This is the single critical mistake that people make and I have had ample experience of that. .

In the wider world all sorts of dark designs are making their blueprint mosaic, in the hope of bringing about Armageddon. The Satanic leader of Turkey and his equally Satanic counterpart in Saudi Arabia are attacking within the bordersof Syria and this does not happen, except by the command of the Zionists that control NATO, US and Crown countries and they have this power because they print the money and they serve the Prince of Darkness. No argument counter to this can be made anymore because the observable facts all confirm this and the research of the last couple decades that has been done by brave souls, some of whom are no longer among us, also confirm it all.

The information airwaves are awash in tales of utter bullshit, like the Flat Earth Theory that has been designed to give the sleeping populations the idea that all conspiracy theories are bullshit. This is being promoted by the various intelligence communities to shield Israel from being exposed for their complicity in 9/11 and so many other terror attacks.

The new world war that they seek to be bring about is mostly for the purpose of shielding them from public wrath over their destruction of the economic systems and their theft of the wealth of the world, in pursuit of the designs of their personal greed, which is like a runaway forest fire and which will never end until it has eaten every tree, every growing thing and every life form that lives in that forest, including the one in whose belly this fire burns. The critical theme for anyone now living is to step away from communion with the thoughts, words, actions and intentions of these monsters who presently seek to destroy civilization and the Earth as we know it. This is the greatest danger, that any one of us will be sucked into agreement with the preposterous lies and ambitions, which pump their visions into the human mind through their toxic media and all information systems and… once again, we know who owns and operates these. This is not rocket science or brain surgery but… many people cannot open a bag of potato chips these days and keep a single thought otherwise in their heads.

I am appalled at what I have seen since I began traveling around and talking to people. Seemingly intelligent people have the most ridiculous nonsense in their heads and they are passionate about it. It hasn’t occurred to them that they are being lied to. How is that possible? How could massive institutions be engaged in the forms of deception and evil manipulations that they most certainly are engaged in? For some they turn to alternative media and they are lying too. Their lies are woven in with truth to make the lies more plausible.

They lie and lie and lie and do terrible things and people go along with the program. There is no mention of what is happening in The Middle East at the moment but when they ramp this up, as they will, people who may have seemed intelligent the day before, now turn into venomous apologists for the people who want to subjugate and destroy them, as well as everyone else, everywhere else. Often they just turn into canon fodder.

What seems to me to be the single most important feat possible for any of us in this moment, is to not buy into the bullshit. Somehow I sense that this is one of the single most critical imperatives we are faced with. Consonant with that is to put our faith and fealty in what is enduring and which lasts beyond all conditions in this world of appearances. History tells us that times can be grim now and again. In fact, it tells us that times are nearly always grim… somewhere. If history is for the purpose of demonstration… and it is… then it seems avoiding being the one negatively demonstrated on is the key concern.

Life is all about priorities and the relative level of the importance of each, in relation to each other. How you list and define your priorities, defines you. You are your values. You are the living expression of what you believe to be real AND important. How many times has this been said here in how many different ways? How many times has some version of this been said by someone else? Truly… just about everything else has been said more often somewhere else. This is what most people believe. Even when they believe in higher things, their information comes mostly from predators who make a living off of them or who are working in concert with the bigger predators that make it possible for them to appear on TV and get book deals and whatever it is that they want out of this world, while they preach about the world beyond. The way into the world beyond has to be accomplished here and that means in any direction.

I plan on writing these things for the rest of the time I am here- in some fashion or another. The fashion or the medium may change but the message is unlikely to. It might improve and become more refined. We hope it does. It may come from different locales, as long as there are locales in this world that will have me. This is in reply to those who have reached out in response to mistaken impressions about my future expressions… as if I was going into some kind of retirement or retreat. That isn’t what is happening. Occasionally hiatus points are required. Sometimes the environment I am in lays too much pressure on me and sometimes I am in transit (too often these days). Sometimes the water just stops being a natural and unhindered flow; not often and not for long but it must be seen and respected by the water bearer, or one simply mails in uninspired redundancies.

More and more it looks like the world is going to go through some kind of collection of radical changes. For many people, as they watch it come about, it can and probably will become incredibly terrifying. For some of us who know that the maestro of all maestros is behind everything, even if only in the sense of weaving every plot together for a greater good, it is less terrifying than exciting. It is like two people, separate from one another on a state of the art roller coaster. One of them is trembling in fear and one of them is exhilarated and excited. It is the same roller coaster but there are two different perspectives. That’s life… everyone is on some circus ride or another and they are all experiencing it from a personal perspective and that perspective is a manifestation of their Karma that led them to that point. Some are dreaming big dreams of triumph and accomplishment and some merely suffer but no matter where they find themselves… the meter is running.

At present, one of the biggest buffoons who has ever lived, Kanye West; who publicly pronounces that he is also the greatest artist who ever lived, has gone and invested a large portion of his income in a fashion business. He was probably thinking that he could do one of those Punk Daddy Combs things, or some Doctor Dre variation but his idea was to sell, four thousands dollar coats and all kinds of other expensive items in a down turned economy. So ‘he says’ he is 53 million dollars in debt, when I last heard he had 150 million dollars and now he is publicly asking for Mark Kupferberg to save him from his excesses. He’s saying all kinds of dumb things. You can head off into the internet and get a load of it. I feel like I would bring down the value of this place (grin) if I link to the tale. Oh what the Hell. It is excruciatingly embarrassing this but this guy is not capable of embarrassment. The things he says…. Wow!

Anyway… in order to get to the usual length of a posting, I threw that in… more purpose of demonstration. There is going to be plenty, plenty of that… up and coming.

Be well my friends!

End Transmission…….

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