Cancer treatment kerosene?

PETROJEJ SOMEONE CALLS AND DRAFT OR GAS (However, it is kerosene, which is used in lamps and lanterns for lighting, especially in those times when there was no electricity in the poorer areas of …

“Since my dad is suffering from myeloma Mutiplex-one of many types of leukemia … I went in search of the drug. After a short time I came to the tea that the real one Homoljskim grandmother in the mountains, but what I was told when taking tea, prompting me to further examine this method of treatment. My grandmother said that otherwise would be to give dad and spoon-kerosene or gas lamps. Then I began to question how much petroleum and helps in the treatment of cancer. So I found this text may be others to help. “In alternative medicine has no boundaries, proving the case of Nemacke, where people lenses, believe it or not – kerosene! The doctor Paul Ganeri, with clinics “Jakob” Main, who claims to drink twelve days per year in a row, one teaspoon of petroleum, will never oboleti cancer, leukemia or some similar serious illness. And Dr. Paul alone was in a difficult situation, when 31 age of patients suffering from bowel cancer. Operated, but her cancer has spread to the kidneys and when the doctors found out that she can not help she was released from the hospital. Then her husband recommended that takes petroleum. And the miracle happened: after just three days she got up out of bed, and after six weeks reached a normal weight and became more healthy. Since then she herself sick persons, as well as the healthy recommended to drink kerosene in your records there are over 2,000 cases of healing of severe illnesses. An interesting case is that of Schwarz family, from Berlin, who introduced the practice, that every Friday each family member takes a sugar cube with 15 drops of kerosene. This work already 70 years old and have never suffered, all are healthy, and lasting. Petroleum still has one major drawback, why not introduced its wider use in the treatment: it is very inexpensive. And this of course does not suit many doctors and the pharmaceutical industry, because they “live” from the most serious diseases that attack mankind. Even the state Ganeri had trouble with the authorities and even the convicted, but the use of kerosene in some countries legalized for medical treatment. For now, in Switzerland, France, Poland and Hungary, where it can be purchase pharmacy petroleum from which they removed unpleasant odors. So, go ahead, try it. Drowning at straws catches, and the sick man for what he can to help him. Acting crazy, but who knows – maybe it effectively? Transmitted from generation to generation, and there are records, that the Germans use kerosene for medical purposes taken from us Serbs, during the First World War. Weakened Serbia, the Balkan wars and the war against the Turks, so to speak was left alone to fight the big three armed forces, without basic medical devices and drugs to care for sick and wounded, the drug is sought in kerosene. At least one part of the population in occupied Serbia and the members of the army, which is kerosene was available. “Otherwise, my dad is blood improved after treatment with petroleum but the other day stuck in the hospital because he got pneumonia, of course, his own fault for not pazio.PS This is not an advertisement, but an attempt … like someone said, drowning catches for straw ….

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PSUsudila I take two comments to: because it is the same disease …

– Hello, I suffer from multiple myeloma (when you C90.0). For two and a half years after chemotherapy drug treated with Alkeran drink. Getting harder and harder to bear. After discontinuation of the drug (taking the drug once a month at 4 days), appear to me nausea, fatigue, decline in the blood, they can not eat. After the last treatment I thought I would not survive. I spoke to my doctor’s that we abolish treated with Alkeran, however it has not yet adopted a final decision. Is there an adequate substitute for this drug, you might be better accepted? Thanks in advance.

– Dear Miroslav,

We also know personally, if I’m not mistaken. Treated with Alkeran is the “gold standard” in the treatment of myeloma and one of the most effective drugs. Alternatives exist but some of them are even harder to tolerate. For example one of the alternative medicines causes even more distress, vascular thrombosis, numbness and dysfunction of peripheral nerves and very large drowsiness. Another drug that is given to maintaining causes high fever, pain in the bones. The third kind of drugs are already combinations of cytostatics that are kept for the moment when there is a significant deterioration and disease progression. We will be in touch … Regards

– Here’s another story from the life (perhaps some help)
Kerosene was cured CANCER

Kostadin Stojanovic (1924) for the past 14 years living a second life. The first is “ended up” back in 1993rd , when he said they were suffering from incurable cancer of the colon, which is well advanced in its second phase. Cold him then told that his “days are numbered”. The pain was all neizdržljiviji so he and I began to think the worst. However, he went there to still try to “overcome” terrible disease, and decided to seek refuge in Belgrade.
– Dr. Djukic I was first operated on in the Emergency Center, the First surgical, 1993rd year. Since all sick removed, we suggested a cytostatic and radiation therapy, as well as in all the patients suffering from malignant cancer. I do not even know why, but somehow I did not fit. It seemed to me that this is just an unnecessary torture, and anyway I was convinced that the imminent end of my only inevitable. Of course, faced with death, I began to “back the film,” that I recall no easy life. Seventeen I went to the partisans, and as a prisoner deported to Norway in the camp. Of the 6,500 prisoners have returned home until 1200, of which more than 1,000 have died already. Then I think, well I’ve seen 69 and I will not knowingly exhibit this difficult and unpleasant treatment. After all, my wife died in agony from cancer, so let it be done as judged – says for our newspaper Kostadin. Resigned, he decided to go home from the hospital and waiting for doomsday. It did not take much time when metastases were beginning to spread through his body. Already the 16th March in 1994. again came under the surgical knife. Immediately after surgery the rounds came The doctor, whose name is not remembered, she looked at his medical history and coolly told him – you still five or six days of life. You do not need any therapy! Kostadin was shocked, but he realized that the shortage of basic medical supplies, due to sanctions, it should preserve the medication for one who has a chance. At that moment, Kostadin was clear that his life was “hanging by a thread”, and as previously decided that a waiver of therapy to help her was dead, he wanted to say goodbye to his closest friends and neighbors. After a few days, he came to say goodbye to him and the next door neighbor, and gave him into the hands of a magazine whose names Kostadin today can remember. Waiting for the “one hour”, calmly flipping through a magazine and suddenly saw a dramatic confession of a German doctor’s …

– Woman, and it still Doktorka, beautifully says that cancer is cured by drinking kerosene, and, if that is so easily saved my life, I would not and I tried kerosene has almost all the shops, and here and there some symbolism. Em can not die from it, gives light em – I thought and decided to drink kerosene and guides diary to see if you and me. With therapy that is prescribed to himself, Kostadin began the fifth May in 1994. Exactly 45 days every morning and drink the contents rakijske-third cup of kerosene. The first day of the bristled at the idea that the strong liquid that can burn its way and “broach” organism. When he saw that nothing terrible had happened, but the second is easier slid down my throat.

– Detailed analysis, meanwhile, showed that my body is all gone and malignant disease. I lived with a third hose until a year ago when they again began to bother me, “close”. The review found that in the same place from where the previous operation removed the tumor have a thickening 5:00 to 6:00 centimeters. The doctor told me that this time the operation is not possible, and gave me a liquid, just to help me clean the intestines. Although he claims that no longer exists no reason why they should not live, because there are 83, Stojanovic and this time forgot to prescribed medication and again began to drink kerosene. This time, he says, not to postpone the inevitable death, but to ease the misery.

– From 18 May five mornings in a row I drank kerosene per teaspoon. I later, after I “used” the body until the sixth June after drinking soup spoon saving fluid. Up to ten tablespoons of kerosene was really bad, and I thought that was the end. But here I’m just fine, I just have serious problems with their feet. Sugar destroyed my circulation. True, drink tea and Siberian kombucha mushroom, since the first surgery when I was this natural remedy brought one doctor, the son of a friend of mine. So while forbearing … Kostadin considers that there is more growth to live, and will not even want to burden his family granddaughter with whom he lives. True, looking forward to his granddaughter, and he gives him strength, but it is, as he says, too much hassle and plenty of moments to remember forever …

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    Do not forget there is a homoeopathic Petroleum remedy as well as Carcinosin nosode you could look into.

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    What is your take on Doc Marquis exopising of the Protocols of Sion as a plot against Israel?

    The Illuminati Protocols of Zion – The Plot Against Israel part 1 (Time 1:38:16)

    The Illuminati Protocols of Zion – The Plot Against Israel part 2 (Time 59:01)

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      I have not watched this yet but from my research the Protocols of the elders of Sion originates back to 1482 in Rome well before the Jesuit Order was created by the Venetian Empire (Contarini). I will try to watch this information but always remember there are darker forces behind that with which we can see or are allowed to see. Do not fall for Israel being a victim it is an evil place connected with the nefarious Venetians created in modern times by New Venice and protected by New Venice. Venice is the place of the Chosen Ones and we are all fooled into believing the so-called jews are the Chosen Ones. Study the Venice and Jew connection!

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