Poisonous gases during rainstorms are a real possibility in Tianjin

Poisonous gases during rainstorms are a real possibility in Tianjin

Jim Stone

As far as poison falling from the sky goes, that will not happen. The wind already blew all of the possible cyanide producing material out to sea. But what will be a problem is cyanide producing materials on the ground and rooftops producing cyanide during a rain. I doubt this will be a huge problem more than a few kilometers away from the blast scene, but at the blast scene and in the immediate surrounding areas, there is a very good chance of it becoming a major kill zone during a heavy rain. This problem will go away after a few rains.
A renegade journalist got into the restricted area around the blast, but did not get in any farther than the fringe areas. Even as far as he got, a nuclear type blast is easily proven, with intact buildings that had everything blown out of them and scattered everywhere outside. Unfortunately he did not get anywhere near the blast scene (which would be difficult to do) because everything anywhere near the blast is completely gone and there is nothing to hide in or behind. His report did, however, in my opinion show that the Chinese government thinks it was a nuclear bomb.

Only a very limited number of specialized people were allowed in as far as the reporter went, and they were allowed in only to keep tabs on the huge container pile and snuff any fires. I would think that soon after such a huge blast that there would be large numbers of ordinary paramedics going through all the blasted out buildings and outside areas and debris looking for the injured so soon after the blast if it was “as advertised”. I would have expected an ongoing rescue operation yet there was nothing going on AT ALL.

If this was the case, one good reason would be that they are waiting out the time it would take for radiation to subside. Another possible reason might be cyanide producing dust, but simple face protection would mitigate that threat and cyanide poisoning is super easy to treat which to me means that any rescue teams that entered could do so with easily implemented full protection and an easy to administer antidote for anyone who happened to have troubles. Cyanide is not a good enough reason, but radiation sure would be. This would obviously be an assumptive decision, if a Rod of God did this there would not be any radiation.

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