Police identify WHITE man killed by trooper outside North East Walmart

Police identify man killed by trooper outside North East Walmart

Sun Aug 23, 2015.
By Carl Hamilton cahamilton@cecilwhig.com

NORTH EAST — A Maryland State Police trooper shot and killed a wanted man who allegedly resisted arrest in the Walmart parking lot at the Northeast Plaza on Friday night, police reported.

The deceased man was identified by police as Charles S. Hall, 30, of North East.

MSP spokesman Greg Shipley identified the officer who fired the fatal shot as Trooper Daryl K. Brackett, a three-year veteran of the force who is assigned to the North East Barrack, located next to Northeast Plaza.

The incident unfolded just before 9 p.m. when Brackett was heading to a call at the Advanced Auto Parts store in Northeast Plaza, said Shipley, who did not disclose the nature of that call.

As Brackett drove past the Walmart, he recognized Hall and knew that he was wanted by the Cecil County Sheriff’s Office for theft, Shipley said.

Brackett stopped his car and attempted to arrest Hall, but the wanted man allegedly resisted arrest and began fighting with the trooper, Shipley said. At some point during the altercation, Hall got into his vehicle and began to accelerate.

As Hall began to accelerate, he still was struggling with Brackett, who was partially inside the vehicle, Shipley reported.

“During the struggle, the trooper fired his assigned duty pistol, striking Hall in the upper torso,” Shipley said. “They (Brackett and Hall) were together. It wasn’t like the trooper was standing back and fired.”

Hall died at the scene.

Brackett has been placed on administrative leave. The MSP Homicide Unit will investigate the shooting and forward the results of the investigation to the Cecil County State’s Attorney’s Office, which will decide whether to file charges.

At the scene Friday night, yellow police tape cordoned off a large section of the parking lot, stretching from the Home & Living entrance at the south side of the Walmart almost to the grocery department entrance at the north end of the store.

Numerous officers with several law enforcement agencies, including Maryland State Police, Cecil County Sheriff’s Office, North East Police Department and Rising Sun Police Department, remained at the scene until past midnight.
Most of the police activity inside that marked crime scene took place less than a dozen parking spaces — and a drive lane — away from the store’s Home & Living entrance.

Walmart remained open after the shooting, despite crowds gathered at spots along the police tape to watch officers and other personnel working in and around the crime scene, amid the flashing lights of numerous police and emergency vehicles.

Tracey Lee and her 12-year-old son, Eric, arrived at Walmart after the fatal shooting, she said. They came to shop for necessary items as they prepared to move from their Perryville home to Pennsylvania, but they watched the crime scene investigation for a while first, Lee added.

“I saw all the lights and police and knew something big was happening. I heard three different stories about what happened. I don’t know if any of them are right. All I know is a man is dead and he’s laying in the parking lot, and I feel terrible for his family. It’s a shame,” Lee said.

Troopers escorted departing shoppers to their vehicles if those patrons had parked in the section of the lot that — while they were inside the Walmart — had turned into a cordoned-off crime scene, police said. Troopers took information from those shoppers before they drove away, something that was done to preserve the integrity of the crime scene, police added.

North East-area resident Maggie Repsher, 19, did not witness the shooting or the events leading up to it, but she saw some of the aftermath, she said.

“I saw a woman on a stretcher in the parking lot and she was screaming at the cops. She was trying to get up, but she was strapped down,” Repsher said.

In a video taken by a bystander and posted to social media, an unidentified woman could be seen being restrained by — and later consoled by — several officers.

“You’re a murderer,” the distraught woman yelled at officers. “He was not armed. […] You killed my husband, you piece of [expletive].”

At the time of the fatal shooting, Hall was serving three years of supervised probation that he received on July 23 after pleading guilty to theft of less than $1,000, according to Cecil County Circuit Court records.

The judge had imposed a suspended 18-month sentence on Hall in that case, before placing him on that probation and ordering him to “stay out of all Walmarts” and to pay $211 to that store, as two of the conditions, court records show.

As another probation condition, court records indicate that the judge ordered Hall to complete the Cecil County Adult Drug Treatment Court and that, some two weeks later, a “failure to appear” hearing was held on Aug. 7.
Hall had been scheduled to appear for drug treatment court on Friday, but that hearing was postponed, court records show.

He also was scheduled for a January 2016 violation of probation hearing in another criminal case — one in which Hall had received a three-year prison term in February 2013 for a third-degree burglary conviction.

In that case, according to court records, the judge had imposed a 10-year sentence on Hall and then suspended seven years of it. Court records do not detail how Hall allegedly violated that probation.

Hall had had other brushes with the law that resulted in convictions, court records indicate.

He received a 45-day sentence in July 2012 for a theft of less than $100 conviction, according to Cecil County District Court records.

In January 2013, Hall received a one-year sentence for a first-degree burglary conviction. The judge gave Hall credit for 158 days that he already had served in jail as a pre-trial inmate, court records show.

Then in March 2013, Hall received a four-month sentence for a second-degree assault conviction, court records show. In that criminal case, according to court records, prosecutors dropped a charge of second-degree assault on a Department of Corrections employee, court records show.

Hall had an active criminal case against him, after a North East Police Department officer charged him with possession of drug paraphernalia on July 6, according to court records, which also indicate that an Aug. 28 trial date had been set in that matter.

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