Police uses teargas on protesting children in Kenya

Police uses teargas on protesting children in Kenya

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Kenyan police have fired teargas at children protesting the destruction of their school’s playground, prompting hospitalization of many of the young ones.

On Monday, the students from Langata Road Primary School in the capital, Nairobi, joined others trying to remove a wall, propped around the playground. Video footage showed children, some being carried away, writhing in pain, screaming and choking.

The property is said to have been grabbed by a powerful politician.

A Facebook page started by Kenyan human rights activist Boniface Mwangi has said the playground was seized “by a group of known professional land grabbers acting on behalf of a very senior politician.”

Mwangi said, “The governor, the senator and other government officials are all scared of the politician, they cannot do anything to stop the playground from the being taken.”

Opposition politician Eliud Owalo has said the property has been acquired to build a parking lot for the politician’s hotel.

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