Poor Ebola Eric is a DESPICABLE FRAUD

Poor Ebola Eric is a DESPICABLE FRAUD


I bet you thought Eric was just a poor guy who scammed his way back to America only to live in a GHETTO. Well, that is the story the media was saying so that is what I thought, but once again the MSM has been caught in a HUGE LIE, take a look at Eric’s Linkdin!

Eric was Director of Operations for the Peace Corps, and the Vice President of Bank Of America at several levels for FIFTEEN CONSECUTIVE YEARS. This flies in the face of logic regarding the story of Ebola Eric, TRUST ME, this man will NOT be bleeding through his eyes ears and rectum!

We now have cold hard proof that the image the media is presenting of this guy is a fraud, and if this part is a fraud, the entire “Ebola” story is virtually assured to be a fraud.


I HAVE SAID THIS BEFORE AND IT REMAINED TRUE: We have not had ONE IMAGE of classic Ebola emerge on Google from Liberia, a country where 70 percent of the population is running around with cell phone cameras. Additionally, we do not have even ONE IMAGE of the bloody stools or anything else the media has claimed this “new strain” causes. We do not have ONE IMAGE of bodies piled up, nor ONE IMAGE of any mass graves, folks, we have NOTHING AT ALL in the way of proof that any of this is real and Now we know that Po Boy Eric is likely to be a millionaire having worked the top positions in Bank of America for 15 consecutive years, only to move on to the top position in the Peace Corps, WHY THE PO BOY RUSE IN THE MSM?

I will tell you why: Because Eric has a background which does not fit the profile of anyone who would ever act as irresponsibly as what has been spun in this story. The MSM wants you to believe that good ol Ebola Eric was just a low level volunteer who joined the Peace Corps to get free food and travel abroad for free.

Reality? America’s first “Ebola victim” is a TOP OF THE TOP OF THE TOP executive in the TOP PAYING POSITIONS OF TWO OF THE TOP ORGANIZATIONS IN THE WORLD at the pinnacle of how high anyone is likely to go, and in a world where Jews rule, ONLY THE MOST CORRUPTIBLE PEOPLE EVER GET TO THAT LEVEL. Eric was selected for this scam because he could KEEP HIS MOUTH SHUT and play the part, BET ON IT.


“I believe this “outbreak” is a scripted effort to trick people into forced vaccines that are not for Ebola at all, and are instead for personality sculpting to create an underclass subservient to the New World Order.” And Eric certainly meets the profile of someone who would work to make that happen.

Ebola outbreak is obviously scripted

Here is what would happen if no disaster was wanted:
Five months ago, ALL travel to the “Ebola” zone would have been stopped. No flights, no road traffic, NOTHING, and they would have let the outbreak burn itself out. Yet that is not what they are doing with this one, they seem to want either a real virus to spread or to provide plausible grounds for initiating martial law and getting a full scale crack down on the people.

Why would they want a full scale crack down?

So people have to prove they got a shot to even be out in society. The only way you could continuously prove you had your “Ebola” shot is if you were chipped, and THAT has been the goal all along, has it not?

I believe Ebola is nothing more than a ruse to get people chipped and pacified, and (possibly) reduce population in the process. This time they are not backing off as usual, they are going full steam ahead and the up scaled aggression this time around probably has a lot to do with the blood moon tetrad, which the Jewish community probably sees as some sort of deadline.

I really think, based upon the incompetence shown by the CDC, that it is all intentional, real or not. How will the world look two years from now if they manage to pull this off? My guess is that it will look a LOT worse than America after 911. This is probably it folks.

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