Possible MH370 Debris Found Could Hold Secret to Missing Plane

Possible MH370 Debris Found Could Hold Secret to Missing Plane

By James O Malley on 30 Jul 2015 at 8:30AM

Experts on the Indian Ocean island of Reunion say that a piece of aircraft debris that has washed up may be from the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which went missing on 8th March last year.

According to the BBC aviation experts say that what has been found may be a “flaperon” – part of the wing from a Boeing 777, which is the type of plane that disappeared.

What’s surprising is that Reunion (which belongs to France) is 6000km away from where authorities were previously searching off the west coast of Australia. It is actually much closer to Madagascar and Africa. This may not change the still on-going search though, as it is conceivable that one part could have floated off whilst the plane remains at the bottom of the ocean elsewhere.

Apparently figuring out whether the flaperon is from MH370 should be a relatively straightforward process once experts are able to take a look, as each part of a plane has a unique serial number which can be matched up. The BBC reckons though that figuring out the cause will take much more than the component, as it was likely not the flaperon at fault.

Since the plane went missing last year, a number of conspiracy theories have developed about its disappearance. There has also been suggestions that when the wreckage is found, we could figure out what happened by examining passengers mobile phones.

Malaysia Airlines is apparently taking a more cautious approach to the news, telling the Beeb that it would be “premature” to speculate.