Potential Military Coup In Mexico, Massive Flags Flown Upside Down

Potential Military Coup In Mexico, Massive Flags Flown Upside Down

September 5, 2016

The Mexican military has been raising upside down flags all over the country, nobody really knows what’s going on and what it means.

Military convoys are also being reported moving through several major cities and civilian traffic is being blocked outside major airports.

Recently, Mexico’s President met with Donald Trump and there’s been massive controversy over it there since. A few disgruntled generals maybe behind this. It could just be a warning to the president or maybe something more.

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  • uhm

    Potential military coup in Mexico?

    Jim Stone

    This morning it was a police freak out on the main roads, with the Federalis going nuts, and also the local guys. And then I found this.

    The report says the military is all stirred up about how the meeting with Donald Trump went, But it is not the meeting with Donald Trump that started Pena Nieto’s problems. Instead, what has happened is several other things:

    The big trigger was when it was revealed two weeks ago that Pena Nieto forged his way through law school by plagiarizing other people’s work. That’s a big no-no in Mexico when it comes to being the President. Pena Nieto is also facing heat for never letting the price of gasoline drop below $3 USD per gallon, despite the supply side making prices below $1.50 USD per gallon possible. This has triggered a recession because fuel is the life of any economy and having everyone else in the world get cheap gas while Mexico is stuck paying twice as much has hurt Mexico’s competitive edge in product pricing for export.

    Pena Nieto has been running tons of publicity ads that are obvious political pandering, where he is (for example) talking to a student, and getting personal, then a handicapped person, or an old man (one per ad) to “show how good his heart is” and that might work with the underclass but it is not fooling anyone in any higher social class.

    To add to his worries, his main political opponent (Morena) has been running political ads ripping Pena Nieto for the price of gas, and more recently for the price of electricity (which is dirt cheap, so that might fail, electric here costs only $15 or so per month for most homes if you don’t run air conditioning) but even still I guess the price has gone up at least a little, and every peso counts. So Morena is having a heyday with all of this.

    I am not going to give an opinion with all of this (for obvious reasons) but there is another huge thing going on with Mexico that Pena Nieto called for, which is Reforma 2. Reforma 2 is a social movement which is supposed to be cutting down on political corruption, but on the ground here it is noticed as More government control of everything. Your everyday Mexican is oblivious to why that would be bad, but any American ought to know! So obviously I am not in favor of that, and I have a hunch Morena and any military coup would reset a lot with regard to reforma 2.

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