Pragmatic Merkel plans to introduce tougher border controls

Pragmatic Merkel plans to introduce tougher border controls

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s CDU is considering introducing transit zones at the frontier to better control the flow of refugees and migrants into the country, it has emerged.

In an interview with Bild, Merkel claims to be indifferent to polls.

Do I think Angela Merkel is indifferent to polls? Absolutely not. She is a pragmatic politician who wants to stay in power.

I can say from my own experience Merkel does not give a damn about the German people or freedom of the press or any Christian values. I gave important information in 2009 about the swine flu vaccine protecting the health of millions of Germans and other people around the world. Since then I have been smeared, threatened, beaten up and nearly murdered several times, many documented. All of this has happened in the public arena. Has Merkel ever lifted a finger for me? No. No German politician has. They know very well there is no freedom of speech, that certain topics are not politically correct, and that telling the truth is dangerous. They don’t have the courage of a Donald Trump to say something out of the box. It might serve the public interest. But what matters to them is their well paid jobs and their pensions inside the system.

Merkel made a big speech yesterday yet again praising freedom of the press in Europe. She knows that’s a lie. Again look at my case, known in Germany. Yet Merkel will repeat the slogans because it keeps her in power while journalists like myself risk death trying to spread the truth in matters of public interest. Merkel doesn’t care about the public interest. She doesn’t care about people in Germany, in Greece, in Africa or anywhere. She doesn’t care whether vital information about the swine flu, Ebola or other pandemics and vaccines ever reaches the public or not. All she cares about is herself, staying in power and the polls. That is her single focus. She is typical of our political class.

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