(The time of revelation 2012-2019)

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Table of Contents:

XIII Preface Princess Kaoru Nakamaru
XIV The Jews are bipolarized
XVI The real power comes from the size of the Illuminati
XVIII Introduction author
24 Chapter I The time of revelation (2012-2019)
The anticipation of ‘”elected” and the so-called end times
29 Rise of the Dragon (the odd)
45 Sacred Geometry
52 From the mystery of the HAARP Georgia Guidestones
60 Behind the scenes
64 The prophetic message of the Georgia Guidestones
70 The Manifesto of the Rosicrucian community in 2007
73 The earthquake in Japan may be one of
signs of the end times?
79 The seven years of Tribulation
85 Karma of the Jewish race or manipulation of the end
89 The strange correlation between the nuclear and the UFOs
from the greatest tragedy in the history of Japan
92 Among nuclear, UFO and military activities
107 Considerations “atomic”
109 Kurosawa and redness of Mount Fuji
110 The Israeli involvement in the safety of central
Japanese nuclear central banks is good and right thing?
115 Why trust our security to Israel and the
of the Rothschild Zionist that manipulate it?
118 We must change from the ground and even under the
127 The reason for a change
135 Final thoughts on the relationship Mafia-Masonry
137 The end of Masonry from prohibition
hypocritical about drugs
146 Chapter II On 21 December 2012 is the need for positive change
The magic number 12 represented by
148 The Cosmic Year
152 How to fight the negativity represented by the periodic
do the Tribulation (2012-2019)
154 Everything we need is … the logical consistency
156 While the Illuminati founded the Academy and land
in Hollywood
162 Technocracy sinarchica here and now: the turning operation
173 internal turbulence
176 Racism in American Freemasonry
179 Reflections racist attitudes in this
American Freemasonry
183 The solution is quite another
185 Again and always Sirius
190 Chapter III The “New World Disorder” and its Nations
The roots of the problem together UN
192 The center of the occult control of the United Nations
194 The altar magnetic UN, Scandinavia and
a mysterious death
197 Attention! Scandinavia is not what it seems
199 The Swedish and Russian roulette to Satanism “lights-
to “the Scandinavian
203 Saving for your children, is the time of the Antichrist
205 The expectation of the Messiah “Maytreya” at the United Nations
214 My judgment on the transaction Maitreya and His “indi-
ted ”
222 New Age, racism and hypocrisy
224 The P2 comes to the United Nations
228 Balestrieri, Rotary and the UN
230 Conclusion of the author on the UN and its activities
235 Chapter IV The Illuminati and the New World Order-
prophetic aura 9/11: the red pill
237 The mass counter-initiation wanted by the New
World Order
239 The Plot to the creation of so-called “End of
Time ”
244 The Mother Grand Lodge of the Eclectic
249 It’s time the enlightened Tyrant
253 Short Biographical of Giuliano Di Bernardo
(Son of the eternal love …)
257 Illuminati with dignity? Yes, those who manipulate with
266 Here is the founding document
267 serves to join the opinion of members
268 2012, than the myth, the reality is scary
274 Cardinal Bea, a Zionist infiltrator at the court of
280 The Mysteries of Freemasonry is the oldest Jewish or religious
gious according to the Order of the Illuminati
290 Chapter V The Norwegian politician and secret project to
survive the catastrophic events of 2012 on
message of “Norwegian politician”
292 The Message
303 Let’s talk a little ‘me of the politician and the Norwegian
311 More info on Norwegian politician
313 appears on the bases present further deep throat
Norwegian underground
321 That mess of Norway July 22, 2008
326 speaks of the servant of the hidden powers Anders Behring
Breivik and the events of July 22, 2011
332 The numbers
336 Chapter VI The existing evidence about a link between Baphomet, the
Satanism and Freemasonry of the Apologists
Freemasonry and the overuse of deception
347 Summer 2011. And we have the usual, Brothers of Quallera
348 Witches and evil Freemasons: the usual accusations
353 And here’s the evidence that I promised you on satanism
generational Freemasonry
365 Keith J. Shaffer and friends (not recommended)
368 The “Great Commander” Gnostic
372 And in Italy? Priestesses of sex and satanic rituals in ambi-
to the military?
378 Considerations of the author
382 Mind Control
385 Here comes the solution K
392 The warning
396 Chapter VII My experience in the New World Order
Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Quaestio Jerusalem
Caput Mundi
406 My experience
418 Fiat lux
424 Out of the chorus?
428 Ordo ab chao? No, chaos out of order …
445 ‘Ndrangheta, dirty money and cocaine in the masonry of the GOI
450 The Committee of P2 for the creation of a global
456 The Monte Carlo Lodge of P2
461 My belonging to the “Committee” and the creation
Ordo Illuminatorum Universalis
465 Death of the First Republic
471 The Manifesto of the Universal Unity and the so-called
“Creativity Harmonica”
480 The turning point
484 The controversy
495 George does not give
500 Thus began my war against the New Order
Confessions worldwide and are born my online
507 Master Transaction
512 Intelligence games “the Archers”
514 The Michelangelo Code
518 Yet another twist
525 And I’ll pay!
532 The Tetraktys and esoteric secrets of the Crucifix
535 P3, P4, P38 … The usual Masonic cliques from the “P”
542 Excerpts from an article by Rita illuminating
Pennarola of November 7, 2010
552 The red pill matrix revealed the
557 Chapter VIII Zion, the 2012 Olympics and the “Game of
Conspiracy “A tie inspired by the Creator?
560 The strange connection on the Olympics
Monaco, 1972
562 Olympic propaganda and the occult
565 The Olympic rings and the prophecies about 2012
368 The lair of the “Biancoconiglio” becomes increasingly pro-
569 The truth about the logo for the 2012 Olympics
572 The Illuminati and the ‘”Final Act of the Conspiracy”
574 Steve Jackson against the Illuminati
579 Recent reflections on the current game
580 Chapter IX A grand finale of HAARP technology, changes
weather, ufo, misinformation and Masonry
Arpeggiando with humanity
583 Elenin, the Hopi prophecies and the Fifth World
593 The testimony of a 32 degree Freemason of the
dealing with the paranormal and UFOs
600 The final odd about the many revelations of
606 Michael Prince: the comet and the misinformation
609 Benjamin Fulford between fact and misinformation. A little ‘
of clarity on this mysterious character
628 The story of a cult and its alien shadow drifts
the National Security Agency
635 The End
643 Additional note closing
665.666 Supports documentary RSAA
667,668,669, VARIOUS DIAGRAMS based on Chapters 1,4,9
670-676 Media documentary case Balestrieri
677 The author

Confessions of an Enlightened vol.2.
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