Prince Charles uses intestate to own benefit

Charles uses ‘intestate’ to own benefit

Thu, 02 May 2013 10:37:44 GMT

The British monarch, Prince Charles has been rapped for exploiting money from the deceased to his own benefits as the Duchy of Cornwall, local media reported.

Fresh accounts show that the monarch uses “intestate” cash — the money left by people who die without wills or family — in Cornwall to fund his own charities, including his old private school in Scotland, The Guardian reported.

“Many people will be shocked to learn that Charles receives money from the dead, but we were always told that it went to charity,” said Graham Smith, director of Republic, the campaign for an elected head of state.

“Now we see that only a tiny proportion actually goes to good causes. Charles is sitting on those funds when they could be supporting the vital work of charities, many of whom are really struggling at the moment. The trust has only negligible costs and doesn’t deliver any services so there’s no reason why that money can’t be used by voluntary and community organisations right now”, added Smith.

This is while that the “Duke of Cornwall” title already provides him with an £18 million private annual income.

It means that Charles seizes the assets of anybody living in the county who dies “intestate”.

Latest accounts show the monarch has been earning £3.3 million in cash for many years of collection Cornish legacies.

People in Cornwall have long been calling for inheritances to be channelled into the public purse as they are in the rest of England.

Burt Biscoe, a councillor in Truro, said Charles was “abusing the loyalty” of Cornish people and the “privilege” of receiving the intestate assets.

“If he is using this money to fund his own charities and his old school in Scotland then a further covert injustice is being prosecuted against Cornwall,” he said.

John Angarrack, a Cornish nationalist who scrutinises the Duchy of Cornwall’s activities, said: “We are one of the most impoverished regions in the UK and the money would be much better used here, where all sorts of youth projects are in need, than at Gordonstoun.”

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