Propaganda trying to justify unnecessary Breast Cancer treatments

Breast cancer screening does ‘more good than harm’

By Emily Selvadurai
13 September 2012 Last updated at 01:27

Breast cancer screening saves the lives of two women for every one patient who receives unnecessary treatment, according to a major European review.

There has been a fierce debate about the use of screening, and policy is being reviewed in England.

The latest study, published in the Journal of Medical Screening, said at least seven lives were saved for every 1,000 women screened.

Health charities say the findings will provide further clarity for women.

Mammograms spot dangerous tumours, increasing the chances of survival, but also detect lumps that are essentially harmless, exposing some women to undue anxiety and surgery.

Tens of thousands of women die from breast cancer across Europe each year. The effectiveness of screening programmes across the continent was evaluated in a series of studies.

It concluded that for every 1,000 women screened, between seven and nine lives were saved and four cases were over-diagnosed.

One of the lead researchers Prof Stephen Duffy, from Queen Mary, University of London, said the study “confirms that the screening services are delivering the benefits expected from the research studies conducted years ago”.

“In particular, it is good news that lives saved by screening outweigh over-diagnosed cases by a factor of two to one,” he said.

“Screening doesn’t just save lives today or tomorrow, it saves lives 10-20 years down the line.”

In England, the Department of Health is reviewing the evidence around breast cancer screening, which started in 1988. The findings will be published later this year.

The charities Breakthrough Breast Cancer and Breast Cancer Campaign said in a joint statement: “This hugely detailed, impressive piece of work supports the widely held view that breast screening saves lives by helping to detect breast cancer early.

“As charities, we will be working closely with the screening programme to ensure women receive the best possible information on both the potential benefits and risks of breast screening.

“In the meantime, if women have any questions we advise them to discuss these with their doctor.”

Dr Julie Sharp, Cancer Research UK’s senior science information manager, said: “This study adds to the information which is currently being independently reviewed on the harms and benefits of breast screening. The independent panel is taking account of all relevant views, studies and evidence. We look forward to the conclusions, which will be available later this year.”

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  • Notice how they never tell women about the importance of Iodine in their diet seeing as the breasts are the second biggest iodine user other than the Thyroid. Study how all the great herbal healers would all use different forms of iodine and Red Clover (Hoxsey, Christopher, Caisse, Sir Jason Winters) against cancer including breast cancer. You had Harry Hoxsey and Dr Max Gerson using the powerful Lugol’s Iodine whilst Dr John Ray Christopher used natural herbal forms of iodine. Incidentally both Hoxsey and Christopher were jailed numerous times for reversing Cancer. The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries and The Worshipful Company of Barbers aka Medical Mafia do not want competition and healing against their billions worth misery and death industry. These pirates of the Livery want population control, profiting and population reduction.

    They never tell you to study the Breast Cancer rates since the Chernobyl disaster do they? Hows about studying the effect of Cesium on the mammary system. Did you ever study the UK farms that have been plastered in Cesium since Chernobyl? Do you think that you human beings never inhaled or ingested any of this from the air and your food?

    They never tell you about the bio-weapon created by man called the Mouse-Mammary-Virus (MMV). They do not tell you about the high levels of estrogen in the food all done to a plan for multiple hidden agendas and it just so happens it has a negative effect on the health of the prostate and breasts via over cell stimulation aka cancer.

    Wake up people and watch how much further cases of cancer and diabetes rise since the Fukushima incident the media has been gagged not to talk about. Remember how you heard about Chernobyl for months and years on the media? How long did you hear about Fukushima? Heard anything today? No! Study the connection of the Department of Energy now closely working with the medical mafia. Study the population reduction plans of the Club of Rome and their Global 2000 Report tying in with the U.N Agenda 21 genocidal programme. Study the covert thesis ‘Apocalypse Equation’ by Audrey Tomason (U.S. Director for Counter-Terrorism) and see how she wants to use nuclear weapons and radiation to commit ‘humane depopulation’.

    Now ask yourself why thyroid disease is through the roof especially since Chernobyl. Why cannot vets see the same reason why animals are suffering this problem as humans since Chernobyl? Then also add in the use of soy and other thyroid killing poisons and well you have your answers.

    If you have a cat suffering hyper-thyroid symptoms then you might want to study the use of a one-off dosage of 200c Nat Mur homeopathic. This is done just once and the effects will occur over a 5-8 week period hopefully to a point of normalization of the thyroid functioning. Study it first and make sure you understand whats happening. Seek a professional homoeopathic vet or homoeopathic pharmacy. Make sure the cat is not getting iodine rich food like Sardines and try to feed the Cat more rabbit or pork since they are both cooling meats unlike the rest. The cats body will be under strain from large amounts of internal heat which you do not want to add too by using the wrong food or increasing metabolism further with iodine.

    May I remind you that the allopathic cancer treatments are pure quackery fit for the dustbin like those brainwashed doctors who believe in the tomfoolery. Radiation gives you cancer so why would anyone want to attack cancer with radiation? Hows about how the chemo creates a super cancer with resistance next time against the chemotherapy poison. Leave those quackery treatments for the wartime battlefield where they belong not in or on your body. Until the cesium is removed if thats your cause then you do not have any cure in the slightest. All you have is another time period or delay before the next tumor arises through over stimulation over the hay-flick.

    The body needs a high level of detoxification especially to rid itself of metals and poisons like cesium. To do this you will need to use homeopathy, chelation methods and utilize real treatments such as Ozone therapy (the only thing I know of that will remove freon gas from the body if your refridgerator has leaked). Then you need to nourish and rebalance the organs especially the Spleen controlling the all important pancreas and the Kidney aiding immunity with the Spleen. The Kidney provides immunity by nourishing the bone marrow. You will also need Liver work doing, as the matrix of Liver-Spleen-Kidney is of the up most importance here.

    -= The Unhived Mind

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