Psychotronic weaponry in full use and ready for the U.S. Election

Psychotronic weaponry in full use now

Jim Stone

Electronic mood manipulation has been a reality for decades, and hit the mainstream in the war on Iraq over a decade ago. In Iraq, American troops would drop what they called “poppers” onto rooftops after major battles that killed a lot of Iraqis, and they were called “poppers” because they electronically drugged the population into submission, rather than allow them to feel a righteous rage over losing loved ones and subsequently fighting.
In America now, every cell tower is a “popper” and even ordinary cell phones can be used for the job. If you ever wondered why on some days everyone appears to be happy, and other days everyone appears to be sad and there is no reason for it, electronic mood manipulation is the probable answer.

When the election is stolen (and probably even now) they will have the mood altering systems in overdrive, to take the will of the people to fight away. People are really going to have to fight hard to overcome this, and I do not know if it is even possible. America’s only advantage in this is that these systems have already been used so much that the people in America have developed a resistance to them. These systems can wreck your sleep so you lack energy, and then deliver the knock out punch to your free will by forcing you to be complacent. They can force you to feel fear. It will not be easy to take America back when everyone who is feeling righteous rage gets it sucked out of them by a filthy machine.

October 26 2016

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