PUTIN is the Real Leader on the block

Putin vs. Obama….OR…

Macho Man vs. Sissy-Boy


Putin: Blackbelt in Judo. Obama: winces like a girl at the sight of Judo.

Putin rides horses. Obama rides girlie bicycle with helmet.

Putin plays with loaded rifles. Obama plays with plastic squirt guns.

Putin power-swims in cold water. Flabby Obama wades in warm water.

Putin drinks beer like a man. Obama sips with dainty pinky extended.

Putin is muscular. Obama is a skinny legged runt.

Putin casts his fishing rod like a man. Obama ………well.

Putin rides navy speedboats. Obama rides childrens’ bumper cars

Putin sits like a man. Obama sits like one of the girls.

Putin folk dances with REAL women. Obama girly dances with lesbians.

Putin looks China’s President in the eye. Obama bows like a weak dog.

Putin has a “badass” Magazine Cover. Obama……………….well


    Putin and Claude Van Damme


    Ask Larry Sinclair about what Barry Soetoro aka Obama really is and realize Michelle is simply his CFR handler and beard. It is time for Vladimir Putin to land some P700 Granits on Washington at both The Pentagon and The White House whilst targeting Vatican City with Borgo Santo Spirito and of course Tel Aviv and the City of London aka New Jerusalem. Greece is the final straw after these rigged elections just to delay the collapse till the beginning of 2013. Syria is the next agenda and this will give the great Vladimir Putin the excuse to let guns blazing.

    -= The Unhived Mind

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