ASUNDER means “apart or widely separated”.

“let no man put asunder”??????…….and yet that’s exactly how the so-called FAMILY COURT OF AUSTRALIA operates. “What therefore :God hath yoked together” is being “put asunder” WITHOUT GOD being consulted BECAUSE there are NO JURIES in the so-called FAMILY COURTS OF AUSTRALIA. NO JURIES means that there is NO PRAYER of “SO HELP ME GOD” offered up by the JURORS when they swear their OATH.

It’s all part of the comprehensive STRATEGY to ENSLAVE us and DESTROY us through our LACK OF KNOWLEDGE and our “deaf, dumb and blind” ACCEPTANCE of the POWER of the JUDICIARY as they “advance their noiseless step across the field of jurisdiction like a thief”, as Thomas Jefferson foretold “a germ of the destruction of our nation” would be. DEVALUING MARRIAGE is a key component in the BATTLE PLAN of the BANKSTERS and their NWO partners such as the “evil counsellors, judges and ministers” as they go about their campaign to “subvert and extirpate (our) laws and liberties” (Bill of Rights 1689).

This word, “ASUNDER”, has a double-barrelled effect.

1. there is the straight-up dictionary meaning of the whole word, ie: to take apart, and

2. when one breaks the word into “AS” and “UNDER”, one can see that, instead of MARRIAGE being UNDER GOD’s LAW, it is being placed UNDER STATUTE LAW, which is BUREAUCRACY with such Acts of Parliament as the “FAMILY LAW ACT 1975” which created the FAMILY COURT OF AUSTRALIA.

The FAMILY COURT OF AUSTRALIA is undoubtedly the most WICKED of all the “places where Justice is (supposed to be) administered”…… the MISERY and DEPRIVATION caused is astronomical with such statistics as “5 – 7 suicides a week by non-custodial fathers”. There are NO JURIES in the FAMILY COURT OF AUSTRALIA.

They are there purely as “tribunals” to ADMINISTER Acts of Parliament that are the most INIQUITOUS applications of FASCIST DOCTRINE ever conceived by INHUMAN MINDS pretending to be “conciliatory”. Therefore, MARRIAGE is denigrated to the level of COMMERCE with ADMIRALTY LAW prevailing.

And so, the DENIAL of TRIAL BY JURY marches relentlessly along. When we FORGET GOD, HE WILL FORGET US. What do we do?

Firstly, we WAKE UP.

Secondly, we print up the PUBLIC NOTICE by the squillions, distribute them far and wide, and USE THEM in the Courts …. EVERY Court…..the FAMILY COURT OF AUSTRALIA and EVERY COURT in Australia.

This firmly PROCLAIMS that we will not be satisfied with anything less than what we are entitled to and what we are COMMANDED to do – which is to LOVE GOD and LOVE OUR NEIGHBOUR AS OURSELVES.

John Wilson. Chairman, Australian Common Law Party
PS: Merry Christmas to All.

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