Rabies – Ebola Connection?

Rabies – Ebola Connection?

October 15, 2014 Ebolaafrica, connection, ebola, rabies, testing, vaccine, virus

I have received several questions, the latest today, about whether or not I believe there is that rabies and ebola connection going on in this fabricated ebola outbreak.

Well, why couldn’t there be a connection in this fraudulent outbreak? It is within the possibilities that it is one of those reasons why they try so damn hard to cover up the reality regarding the health status of West Africa.

There’s also no need to be surprised about it if we’d find out for sure that, as I mentioned earlier, the current outbreak narrative serves as a cover story and legal protection for the vaccine testing that may have been going on in Guinea and Sierra Leone, in the very epicenter of the outbreak where according to the BBC no cases of ebola had been found “miraculously.”

For example, we already have reports about “New virus in Africa looks like rabies, acts like Ebola” – NBC, September 27, 2012.


“Rabies Vaccine Protects Nonhuman Primates Against Deadly Ebola Virus”
– NIH July 15, 2013


Both reports can serve as indications that indeed vaccine experiments on human subjects have been going on in West Africa but somehow things got out of control in early 2014 and a full cover was now required. And while this had occurred anyway why not roll out a full invasion of Africa as well? It’s a perfect crisis from many perspectives.