By Jadin

Recall that, over the past several years, the powers behind the mass media sporadically, yet methodically, floated sensational stories about what they repeatedly termed a “Zombie Apocalypse.” Here you can see unfolding the plans of the social engineers and the media attitude shapers, with their gradual mass inculcation of the concept of, and even the terminology of, their planned “Zombie Apocalypse.” Notice that, from time to time, they have popularized and publicized mass marches of people made up to look and act like zombies. They float these high visibility zombie mob stories with a tongue-in-cheek aura of humor. Recall that Glenn Beck floate one such story in TheBlaze.com about FEMA doing a zombie apocalypse drill. Imagine, a drill! Why? because it is designed to get people to think about the idea of shooting throngs of menacing zombies marching toward you.

This is such a grave issue, because they are deliberately working to create ghouls among the population so that police, military, and the undiseased citizenry will accept the idea of shooting Americans who have become ghouls. This is the way they divide and conquer the otherwise rebelliously outraged American population. Please watch the Alex Jones video clip, which I widely posted five years ago. They had not fully unleashed the pandemic at that time, so, naturally, the issue evaporated from public interest. YouTube took down my multi-part series by Alex Jones on Baxter and Bayer Pharmaceuticals’ March 2009 deliberate attempt to infect the population with deadly bird flu, which they had bioengineered and were then beta testing to go from intransmissible by air to highly transmissible by air. I’ll have to upload it soon and hope that they don’t take it down again, because now there are reports of deadly viruses spreading in foreign countries. They have vowed to unleash plague upon the world, as Jesus prophesied. Several years ago, they did a beta test of several of their rabies-infected/drugged/hypnotized cannibalized subjects, setting one of them out in a homeless section of Miami. The cannibal was caught, and it was deliberately widely reported that he was eating the flesh of his victim.

We know that the rabies virus turns people into ghouls, which of course would horrify the citizenry when the elite decide to make the rabies virus go epidemic. That’s why they’re dropping rabies virus over Texas. What better way to make people shoot their fellow citizens in order to cause the citizenry to decimate itself, and thus to enable the diabolical power elite to dominate populations without opposition? Their intent is to so annihilate populations by war, plague, and famine — all of which Jesus prophesied — such that only a fraction of the world’s population will survive to serve them, unable to revolt. This they have vowed in stone at the “Georgia Guidestones” — to kill 12 out of every 13 people on the planet, and wind up with a population of only one-half billion. Just type “Georgia Guidestones” into the search window on YouTube.

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  • theunhivedmind

    I think if we want to look at a good example of predictive programming towards this agenda then it would have to be the movie ‘The Crazies’. In this movie the virus is offloaded onto the populace via the Stratospheric Atmospheric Geoengineering program as they are all watched by the Satellites monitoring the effects. I was the first to expose that film and I added the old article again to my new site at the link below. In this movie it shows Americans being detained in a FEMA like camp and having to wear electronic bracelets. I recently warned about these electronic bracelets in a response to Jim Stone’s T4 Nanobot information.

    -= The Unhived Mind


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