Racist, crazed mobs of young lunatics invade America’s universities… threaten to kill white people

Racist, crazed mobs of young lunatics invade America’s universities… threaten to kill white people… Neil Cavuto exposes total economic illiteracy of student leaders

Friday, November 13, 2015
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

Crazed, racist, lunatic students staged ridiculous protests across America’s universities today, all based on the wholly fabricated claims of systemic racism that simply do not exist on college campuses.

These same lunatic crazies — whose actions now resemble the perpetrators of the Stalinist purge or Maoist mass murderers — are demanding to loot American taxpayers, forcing them to pay off all student debt nationwide… and all based on the most idiotic economic arguments ever uttered in the history of higher education (see below for details).

Here are just some of the highlights of what’s happening now:

• University of Mizzouri (MIZZOU) student body president Payton Head has been exposed for fabricating false claims about the KKK raiding campus. He spread this false claim to incite fear and panic across campus, even falsely claiming he was invoking the National Guard to deal with the KKK. These claims turned out to be entirely fabricated.

• The same Payton Head who fabricated the KKK claims turns out to also have visited the White House multiple times in the last few months, leading many observers to conclude he may be an Obama operative carrying out a racial separation and instigation plan to invoke a race war across America. (So far, it seems to be working, as his racism and hatred has spread to hundreds of other educational institutions across America.)

• Black students have begun to send tweets demanding that blacks start killing whites. As this tweet shows, @Charleeea now demands, “#Mizzou black students need to stop protesting and start killing. The white supremacy made it clear they aint hearing it.”

When a white student from Rolla, Missouri, posted something threatening blacks, he was immediately arrested. When black students post tweets urging blacks to kill whites, their tweets are completely ignored.

• The claim that Mizzou former president Tim Wolfe “hit” protesters with his car has been exposed as a total hoax. In fact, a crazed mob of maniacal protesters rushed his vehicle, then claimed they were struck by it.

• The photo journalist who was accosted by a University of Missouri assistant professor who attempted to incite mob violence against him has now filed an assault complaint against Melissa A. Click. Melissa Click has rapidly become an overnight sensation for possibly being America’s most despicable hater of the First Amendment and the rights of a free press. (Never do something on video that achieves instant infamy for your scowling face…)

• An Asian woman was nearly accosted by an entire mob of liberal lunatics on another campus after daring to say that “Black people can be racist.” This obviously true statement — which runs contradictory to the delusional narrative of the insane leftist mobs now on campus — earned her immediate scorn and a forfeiting of her microphone. Free speech, you see, isn’t allowed if you speak an obvious truth that runs counter to the mob’s narrative.

• USA Today columnist Glenn Reynolds has come out with one of the first sane op-eds in the mainstream media, calling for the voting age to be raised to 25 after observing the total insanity of today’s college youth who are too stupid to understand anything about economics, politics or reality, for that matter. I have to say I completely agree with his conclusion. Allowing these young, deluded maniacs to vote in any election is a sure path to the eventual destruction of our nation.

• The best tweet of the day comes from a man named Loren Feldman @1938loren who says: “Why hasn’t a single Yale or Missouri parent gone down there and beat the shit out of their kid for wasting their money and our time?”

• The Minnesota Student Association has now rejected a 9/11 memorial meeting with the absurd notion that such an event would violate students’ “safe spaces.” This new P.C. term “safe spaces” is what today’s leftist colleges students utter when they miss the warm fuzzy feeling that was once provided by mommy and daddy at home. Should universities now provide diapers along with gender studies classes, too?

• The spectacular term “crybully” has now been born! Via Breitbart.com:

Daniel Greenfield at FrontPage Mag writes that the marvelous term “crybully” was coined by Julie Burchill at The Spectator, who described them as “a hideous hybrid of victim and victor, weeper and walloper.” Greenfield defines a crybully as “the abuser who pretends to be a victim. His arguments are his feelings. He comes armored in identity politics entitlement and is always yelling about social justice, or crying social justice tears.”

If crybullies can’t safebait you, they will manufacture threats by faking hate crimes against themselves or phoning in bomb threats to validate their need for a safe space in which no one is allowed to disagree with them. Surviving their own fake crimes turns crybullies into social justice heroes.

It’s impossible to have a rational conversation with a crybully because it doesn’t walk to talk to you; it wants to loudly broadcast its feelings. As one Yale crybully wrote, “I don’t want to debate. I want to talk about my pain.” My pain. Me. Stop arguing with me and start paying attention to me right now.

• The claimed defacing of the Mizzou Black Culture Center sign has turned out to be a Photoshop hoax. Just like the KKK claim and the vehicular assault claim, it’s all a grand hoax.

• In a video that’s rapidly becoming the most hilarious proof of the complete economic idiocy and cognitive incomprehensibility of today’s indoctrinated college students, Keely Mullen — the national organizer for the Million Student March — appeared on “Cavuto: Coast to Coast” to discuss the group’s extortion demands. When Neil Cavuto asks her how she plans to pay for all the billions of dollars in student debt cancellation, free tuition, and a mandatory nationwide $15 minimum wage, Keely Mullen responds — hold your laughter — with this delusional gem from la la land: “Ummm, the one-percent of people in society that are hoarding the wealth and kind of causing the catastrophe students are facing…”

Got that? The reason students have student debt is because the one percent are hoarding all the wealth. How do even respond to such a ridiculous assertion?

Gee, I seem to remember working my ass off to pay off my own student debt. Apparently, I’m not liberal enough yet or I would have demanded everybody else pay it off for me.

To watch this absolutely hilarious video that exhaustively demonstrates the complete economic illiteracy of today’s college youth, watch it here:

• The Daily Caller’s associate editor Scott Greer has posted an outstanding piece entitled Was Mizzou’s President Forced Out Over Wildly Exaggerated Claims?. In it, he reiterates the all-important point that there is no real evidence of systemic racism at Mizzou. It has all been fabricated.

• In the “no one is surprised” category today, the ousted white MIZZOU president Tim Wolfe was replaced with a black man. Not just any man, mind you, but rather a mean who made “race relations” videos with Jonathan Butler, a close activist associated of the MIZZOU activist leader who also fabricated the KKK claims after visiting the White House multiple times. This replacing of a white school president with a black administrator is entirely consistent with the demands of the crazed black student mob on campus that demanded white faculty be fired from the university and replaced by black faculty.

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