Racist Papal Bull Roman Catholic Church International Law Scam Exposed [Video]

Racist Papal Bull Roman Catholic Church International Law Scam Exposed



  • May I remind you that it was the Spainish Catholics who destroyed the Red Indians and then had to replace them with African slaves. Something the Catholics enjoyed as the blacks were easier to control and could do three times the work. So when you hear all the attacks against Protestant slave masters think again. Make note how Protestant slave masters treated their slaves far better than Catholic slave masters. Make note how the very original Ku Klux Klan was formed not to kill blacks for fun but to protect against blacks being forced by their Catholic slave masters to rape and murder Protestant peoples and even their black slaves too. Eventually the Catholic filth got their infiltration going on the organization and corrupted it whilst making it what most know about it through Albert Pike who was handled and mastered by Jesuit soldier Pierre-Jean de Smet SJ. I think there may be some confusion here as the Terra nullis is not a Papal Bull but is part of Roman Law. I believe he may be meaning the The Papal Bull called Inter Caetera by the Borgia Pope Alexander VI in 1493. The other Papal Bull he speaks about is Pope Paul III’s Sublimus Dei of 1537.

    -= The Unhived Mind

    • MetalHeadViking

      I find it interesting that David Duke was the first Grand Master Wizard of the KKK to introduce catholics openly into the organisation. I find that fact intriguing.

      • David Duke has been put out there to blame everything solely on the Jews whilst never explaining the different faction of Jews which are the Torah following known as God’s chosen people and then there is the Sabbatean Frankists who are hofjuden to the Papacy such as Jesuit trained Shimon Peres. Study where the Talmud originated and then study the roots of the Catholic Church back to that same location. These are all Saturnalian factions, in this case the Synagogue of Satan. It is the Sabbatean Frankists which run Israel which is mastered through the Council on Foreign Relations and the United States through the British American Project controlled by New Jerusalem (City of London). The KKK have the same dress where as Italian secret societies and same system as Freemasonry which is Templarism.

        -= The Unhived Mind

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