Rainbow Doritos the latest absurd example of corporate #gaywashing… Frito-Lay trying to feed obese lesbians GMO snack chips laced with MSG and artificial colors

Rainbow Doritos the latest absurd example of corporate #gaywashing… Frito-Lay trying to feed obese lesbians GMO snack chips laced with MSG and artificial colors

Friday, September 18, 2015
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

Corporate #gaywashing is becoming so absurd and insulting to the LGBT community that it deserves serious comment. Frito-Lay has just introduced “Rainbow Doritos” which pander to gays and lesbians, insulting their intelligence by hoping they will blindly eat genetically modified corn chips laced with MSG and chemical colors just because it’s all packaged under the “rainbow banner.”

This is corporate #gaywashing at its worst… a demeaning attempt to invoke an almost dog-like Pavlovian consumer response through the use of rainbow colors that aren’t even real food in the first place (they’re faked with petrochemical-derived coloring agents).

It’s clear that Frito-Lay thinks gay people are nutritional morons who don’t care what they eat as long as it’s rainbow colored. The very effort is so insulting and brain-dead that you wonder why the LGBT community doesn’t starting calling out these corporations for their pathetic pandering.

It doesn’t get better: it gets worse

Today, Frito-Lay and the It Gets Better Campaign jointly announced rainbow-colored Doritos as a shallow marketing gimmick to serve genetically modified junk food to gays and lesbians, all with the claimed goal of raising money for those very same LGBT community members.

All this insulting gaywashing is taking place in an era when lesbians have far higher rates of obesity than heterosexual women. If you’re already obese and you keep eating genetically modified Doritos laced with MSG, it doesn’t get better… it gets WORSE.

Think about the utter insanity of this entire contrived campaign: Gays and lesbians are supposed to rush out and buy these artificial colored GMO Doritos for $10 a bag as some sort of “show of support” for the LGBT community? Really? The same community that’s already suffering from high rates of obesity?

So after suffering verbal abuse from gay-haters, the LGBT community is now directly promoting CHEMICAL abuse of their own members? All while promoting the profit interests of Frito-Lay and Monsanto, two corporation that utterly lack ethics of any kind?

Seriously? Is the LGBT community now going to align itself with Frito-Lay and Monsanto? Maybe next the It Gets Better Campaign can offer “GAY GLYPHOSATE CHIPS” for $20 a bag. The new slogan: “Take PRIDE in poisoning yourself!”

Rainbow Doritos would probably better be called, “HATE Chips.” If you hate yourself, eat some GMOs and MSG, then wait for the cancer tumors to kick in.

Note to Frito-Lay: Gay people aren’t nutritional idiots

Note to Frito-Lay: Gay people are not stupid. They actually tend to know more about nutrition than straight people.

As a result, the only people who are going to eat rainbow-colored Doritos aren’t gay people, but stupid people who don’t know anything about nutrition. No self-respecting gay person that I know would dare be caught dead with his hand in a bag of Doritos. If I see someone eating a bag of rainbow-colored Doritos, I’m not going to think to myself, “That person’s gay.” Nope, I’m going to think, “Wow, that person’s an idiot.”

Check out some of the ingredients of the Cool Ranch Doritos, which serves as the template for Rainbow Doritos:

(GMO) corn, (GMO) vegetable oil, (GMO) maltodextrin, (GMO) corn starch, (GMO) corn syrup solids, (refined) sugar, monosodium glutamate, (GMO) dextrose, Red #40, Blue #1, Yellow #5, disodium guanylate…

And what’s not even listed is all the pesticides, herbicides and acrylamides that might also be contaminating the product.

Frito-Lay’s message to LGBT community: Take pride in your obesity, diabetes and migraine headaches

If I were gay, I would be really, really offended by Frito-Lay’s lame #gaywashing attempt. They think that just because they slap some artificial colors onto genetically modified corn chips, that all the gays and lesbians are going to blindly line up and gobble this stuff down without even reading the ingredients list?

The It Gets Better Campaign dares not even show the ingredients on their Rainbow Doritos donation page. While gays have long since come out of the closet, Frito-Lay wants to keep its Doritos ingredients hidden away in the closet, far from public scrutiny.

Notice they never say how MSG causes migraine headaches and brain cell damage? It makes me seriously wonder: Are they trying to deliberately dumb down gays and lesbians to make them keep buying Frito-Lay products that no intelligent person would ever eat?

Frito-Lay, by the way, is the same company that spent huge dollars to block GMO labeling on food products, making sure that all the gays and lesbians in America are kept nutritionally ignorant of what they’re really eating. GMO labeling, it seems, is being shoved way, way back into the closet, making sure it never sees the light of day.

That’s how much Frito-Lay really supports gays and lesbians: they claim to support your right to “be yourself” but not to be informed.

What a pathetic joke… a total insult to any intelligent human being, gay, lesbian, transgender or otherwise.

Spread the word: Boycott Frito-Lay for its pathetic gaywashing

Message to Frito-Lay: Your #gaywashing just backfired. To all those Natural News readers who are part of the LGBT community, please share this story widely, and join the effort to boycott Frito-Lay’s pandering #gaywashing stupidity.

Don’t become a gay sheeple sucking down toxic GMO junk food that enriches evil corporations. If you’re gay and you really want to celebrate your individuality, then protect your health with sound nutritional choices. Make informed food choices, not color-coded “consumer reactions” that are programmed into your head by gay-pandering corporate twits who frankly don’t give a crap about you being gay in the first place.

They’re not interested in doing anything to set you free. They actually want to addict you to their processed, chemically-laced junk foods, all while pulling your emotional strings with contrived color symbols that they hijack for corporate profits. Don’t let these corporations turn these symbols against you like weapons, all while feeding your genetically modified junk food and monosodium glutamate.

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    May I remind you that the so-called God of the Rainbow in the occult is none other than Lucifer the prince and the power of the air. Lucifer is the planet venus represented as both the masculine (upward pointing five-pointed star whilst the feminine is the downward reversed version) So what you have is Lucifer who’s a hermaphrodite like its mother Selene the concubine of Zeus the son of Kronos aka Saturn.

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