Read the first chapter of the “False Pandemic” 2009 in French here

Read the first chapter of the “False Pandemic” 2009 in French here

21 Oct 2016

Thank you to Carolyn Dunning for the translation!

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In addition, the declaration of a pandemic emergency level 6 has allowed governments to give the overall immunity against prosecution to the pharmaceutical companies for the event that their vaccines may cause injury or death.

Given the many other ways that are safe, tested and cost-effective to protect people against infection by the virus – masks, colloidal silver, vitamins – the decision to implement a vaccination campaign in the mass using these untested vaccines, and toxic is all the more incomprehensible if the WHO really puts the health of people in priority.

Given the damage that the swine flu vaccine may cause, the International Health Regulations of 2005, signed by 193 States, allowing for the vaccination and forced quarantine in the event of a pandemic is of particular concern.

Laws authorizing vaccination and forced quarantine were incorporated into the plans of a pandemic of every national government in 2005, and these plans began to be activated from April 2009.

A document was disclosed in August, revealing plans by the French Minister of Health, Roselyne Bachelot, to vaccinate 100% of the French population before the end of January 2010. The documents contained instructions for the establishment of centres of vaccine special : it was planned to incorporate elements of security in some of these centres and the family physicians would be expressly excluded from the vaccination campaign against the swine flu.

Earlier in the year, Bachelot had asked a group of legal experts, if to do so would violate the law to make vaccination mandatory, and was told that force the people to receive a vaccine against the pandemic would be in accordance with the law.

Of course, as the“Humanity” pointed out in a report in January, a plan as ambitious as that of Bachelot to vaccinate everyone in France could not be expected that the people receive the vaccine voluntarily, given that they are usually reluctant to be vaccinated.And the decision to set up vaccination centers special swine flu, by incorporating structures that are secure, indicates that the French government was planning to use the force when a sufficient number of people harassed by a campaign of fear would have already received the vaccine from their so-called“voluntarily”, because a vaccination enforced 100% of the population is impossible for the point of view of logistics.

The nurses and the doctors were forced by the laws of “requisition” to work in the vaccination centres, often in conditions of hygiene, unhealthy, and without pay.

In December, Bachelot announced that the government was considering to move the country to the highest level of pandemic internal, which would have allowed for the implementation of martial law on a large scale.

A document leaked to Release in September showed that the government planned to use the swine flu pandemic for the purposes of suppression of civil liberties. The plan was to extend the period that suspects could be held in detention, without charges and without a hearing before a judge, up to a maximum of six months, as well as the holding of secret trials and trial of children in adult courts.

On October 23, Obama declared that the swine flu was a national emergency, putting the United States on the brink of martial law, so that there was at that time only about 1000 deaths from the swine flu.

President George Bush did pass the Presidential Directive 51 National Security (“National Security Presidential Directive-51”) and Presidential Directives homeland Security (“Homeland Security Presidential Directives”), allowing the use of an emergency catastrophic health such as a pandemic as a pretext for declaring martial law.

In the United States, the provisions relating to the vaccination forced had been incorporated into the federal and state laws.

Massachusetts is an example of a State that had passed laws are particularly draconian for the event of a pandemic, allowing the police to enter forcibly the houses to vaccinate the people.

A note of the parliamentary information of the United Kingdom in November argued that the vaccinations forced would be possible in the United Kingdom in the event of a pandemic.

Following the declaration of a pandemic emergency level 6, committees of crisis and special secrets were created in the countries of the world. These latter operate under the authority of the WHO. This gives the WHO unprecedented power over national governments, their health services and the army, and also the power to use them to implement a vaccination campaign in mass, which could cause death and injury to millions.

All these facts taken together are evidence that the WHO, national governments, and pharmaceutical companies acted together to establish a crisis pandemic artificial in order to implement a vaccination program in mass with a vaccine toxic in the aim of harming and killing deliberately a large number of people.

In parallel, WHO has taken control of the main functions of governments around the world in what is in fact a coup in the world, in forming the embryo of a new world government. Recently, many of the heads of government who have supported the program of vaccination against swine flu, as German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy, and british Prime Minister Gordon Brown, spoke openly on the media about a “new world order”, and the need for a new world government.

The establishment of a world government can only take place if the States national sovereign are dissolved, and such a plan could include the death of a significant number of people, who would stand up to the transition to the one world government-style totalitarian if it was what was proposed. The destruction of the life and health of millions of people could be achieved by a vaccination program in mass with a vaccine that is toxic.

Certainly, the idea that our governments could plan to actively cause the death and damage, and to plunge their own States in the chaos is hard to grasp.

It is true that few people in Europe or in North America today believe that governments represent their interests. The corruption became too obvious. This is particularly the case in the USA and the United Kingdom. The scandals surrounding the handling by the government of the information to justify the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, including the events of September 11, 2001, have eroded confidence.

Nevertheless, most people are still convinced that their government adheres to the fundamental rule of the law and that it is governed by democratic institutions that can be held accountable to their electorate.

In addition, national and international governments are limited in their actions by the rule of law. They can certainly not make mandatory vaccines that are recognized to be dangerous and insufficiently tested.

And yet, this is precisely what happened with the vaccination campaign against the swine flu in 2009.

It is very difficult for us to believe that our governments want to kill us. However, the facts of the campaign of the swine flu indicate that the vaccination campaign in mass with a toxic substance, or possibly by means of the use of force, constitutes an attempt of murder on a gigantic scale.

These facts strongly suggest the notion that the WHO and national governments have deliberately and knowingly set up a false pandemic with the state of emergency and a mass vaccination campaign in mass not only for financial gain but to achieve political gains are significant, namely, the foundation of the one World Government.

That some among the “elite” that exert an influence on national and international governments because of their wealth, want a substantial reduction of the global population has been well documented.

Ted Turner, the largest land owner of the United States, the owner of CNN, and donor of the United Nations, said during an interview with Charlie Rose of PBS that the world’s population must be reduced in order to preserve the environment. Turner said that a total population of 250-300 million people is optimal, but this implies a reduction of about 95%.

David Rockefeller, who donated the land for the UN building in New York, also maintains that the world population must be reduced.

March 22, 2009, Jonathan Porrit, the adviser green of Gordon Brown, had said that the british population “should be reduced to 30 million”, according to a report published in the Times, but without explaining how this was to be achieved.

Prince Philip had gone even further in October, implying that the United Kingdom would need to reduce its population to 3 million, according to a report published by Agence France Presse.

But these people have-they really relationships? Are they actually in the process of pursuing systematically the goal of population reduction and one World Government, using the UN and WHO as the vehicles of power?

Many people have issued warnings about the existence of a global conspiracy comprised of bankers, powerful, and royal families that control the financial structures and the energy supply industries of the world.

In 1961, John F Kennedy had issued a warning about the existence of a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy in a speech to the American Association of Editors of the American Press (“American Newspaper Publishers Association”).

“We are facing, in the whole world, to a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy. Which rely mainly on clandestine means for expanding its sphere of influence. On infiltration instead of invasion. On subversion, instead of elections. On intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day.It is a system that enlisted the human and material resources are enormous in building a machine close-knit and of a remarkable efficiency that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, operations, economic, scientific and political. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, and don’t make the headlines. His detractors are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed,” he said.

Meanwhile, even the mainstream media are beginning to recognize that there is a problem.

“The idea that cabals of banking secret control of the country and the global economy is a fact of life among the conspiracy theorists, who make of the stocks of ammunition, bottled water and peanut butter. After hearing of the us Congress this week about the plan of rescue of“American International Group Inc”, you have to ask yourself if these people are really crazy, after all,” wrote David Reilly of Bloomberg in January.

“Wednesday’s hearing described a secret group that deployed trillions of dollars to banks to be favored, by operating with little oversight by the public or by elected officials,” he said.

You could say lhas the same thing about the scam of the swine flu. The public hearing of the Council of Europe Tuesday, January 26, described a secret group that deploys billions of dollars to pharmaceutical companies favored by the WHO, operating with little oversight by the public or by elected officials.

This global conspiracy or shadow government functioning as a State with imperial ambitions should be carried out by the UN and the WHO. It cannot be identified with a nation and it has no national army. Its only armies are the many people who work for it in the various national governments and international and the secret service to advance the agenda of the shadow government, behind closed doors.

These agents are infiltrated in high-level positions where they govern the laws or guide the nations in the sense intended by the shadow government. These agents have obtained their political function in the first place only because they belong to this secret network and they are abusing their function to enact the agenda of their funders.They coordinate their activities at the international level to support and advance a program of world government and mass murder in mass through the use of vaccines, toxic, famine, and wars and conflicts are artificially induced.

This organization meets to discuss its plans in instances secret, such as the forum of Bilderberg and the world economic forum (World Economic Forum).

Among those present at the forum of Bilderberg last year in Greece, in may, there was David Rockefeller, Daniel Vassela, CEO of Novartis (the manufacturer of the vaccine against the swine flu), the head of the austrian government, federal Chancellor Werner Faymann (the incident of contamination by Baxter) as well as the Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carl Bildt, who gave a conference on the transformation of WHO a body of expertise in global health.

The scam of the swine flu must be understood as part of this overall picture. The swine flu pandemic coincided with a series of financial and economic crises that have spread from Wall Street to Europe, Asia and in the rest of the world. Today we are facing a depression similar to the 30 years. But there is evidence that this same group has designed the financial crash current to their advantage.The crash is designed to concentrate even more of the world’s wealth in their hands when it is finished, thanks to their control of governments. The financial crisis was the result of the contraction of credit by the banks under the pretext of being less willing to lend because they had done so many bad debts. The governments have signed agreements pledging taxpayers ‘ money to banks in the event of failure, assuring them a huge profit if they precipitate a crash.

The mainstream media have contributed to conceal the fact that the bad debts have been invented by the banks and maintained by means of the banking system, simply as an excuse for the banks to declare themselves strongly in debt, discontinue lending, to remove money from the economy and plunge the nation into economic crisis and debt, a repetition of the events that led to the Great Depression of the 1930s.

The result of the activities of this group, a huge number of people is depleting. The oligarchs who enriched themselves at the expense of the citizens need to manage these same citizens frustrated by corruption, unemployment and exclusion.

The growth of the movement of protests “Tea Party” and the events at the g20 summit in Pittsburgh bear witness to the growing dissatisfaction vis-à-vis the economic and social conditions.

But “the elite” world had predicted that the social unrest would increase dramatically due to their financial scams.

In parallel to this process of wealth transfer between their hands, this group has put in place the structures of a world government authoritarian. The vehicle of this world government is the United Nations system, in particular the WHO and the IMF (International Monetary fund). The stepping stones towards a one world government are the EU and the Union of north american (“North American Union”). Indeed, the EU has been transformed into a semi-dictatorship under the Lisbon Treaty.

The vaccination program in mass against the swine flu has been scheduled to take place at the same time that the economic meltdown.

Catherine Austin Fitts, former advisor to the government of the United States, said that the goal of the vaccine of swine flu is the reduction of the population.

“I believe that one of the objectives of the vaccine of swine flu is a depopulation. Maybe it is the goal of the outbreak of swine flu too, whether through biological warfare or hype around a flu season”, she said on her blog in July.

The same group behind the financial crisis and the scam of the swine flu also appears to be involved in the scandal of climate change.

Leaks in the form of intercepted emails from the University of East Anglia showed how scientists have manipulated data to hide the fact that the current increase in global temperatures is nothing extraordinary when compared to the temperature fluctuations experienced on the planet over the last millions of years.

Data and the system of peer review for publications that have been manipulated by scientists such as Phil Jones to suggest that the current increase in temperature should be attributed to the carbon emissions of man.

These falsified data were used by the panel of the UN on climate change to justify the introduction of new taxes on carbon emissions, as well as the creation of a global bureaucracy to control the amount of energy used in the world.

But the Treaty of Copenhagen, to establish the UN as the economic government of the world under the pretext of the need to regulate carbon emissions, was rejected in December, at a summit, in large part due to the leaks emails.

Just as in the case of the false swine flu pandemic, the science has been downgraded to the level of fiction in order to justify the creation of a Global bureaucracy, with its own army, its police forces, and possibly its own currency in the world.

Even if the WHO has managed to convey the image of an organisation and selfless in the service of human health, there are more and more evidence that he is a major player and focal point of a biological warfare secret carried out against the peoples of the world by “the elite”.

The WHO has defined health promotion as the control of infectious diseases by use of vaccines. In this way, the WHO has created a gigantic market for vaccines in developing countries.

The plan of the global pandemic has simply extended the method used to justify mass immunization programs in developing countries by applying it to a larger scale, in the world.

First, WHO says that there is an infectious disease, then WHO says that it can be fought only with vaccines, and WHO arranges for the administration of vaccines, by force if necessary.

A recent study from the John Hopkins University has shown that children in Africa are more likely to survive outside of the UNICEF programmes that include vaccines.

The exact extent of the influence that the international network of organized crime has on the national government was revealed by the fact that only a minister of health in Europe, the Minister of Health of poland, refused to order the swine flu vaccine, on the grounds that he represented a risk to people who exceeded the risk incurred by the benign virus.

All of the ministers of health would have had to reach this decision if they had been guided only by the facts.

The reason for this secret group has been able to move their program is due to the fact that they control the mainstream media. The mass media today should be understood as part of a massive operation of deception. The major media are in the hands of very few people and the media operate as a cartel, with a strategy of centralized information. As a result, we always have the same coverage of events in the United States and Europe – and still the same intentional omissions.By controlling the information that we have about reality, this group has been able to hide their presence as well as the nature of their activities.

The media manipulation of events surrounding the September 11, 2001 has been examined extensively. In the meantime, 1000 architects and engineers have formally requested an investigation into the events of 11/9 with facts and evidence that prove that the collapse of the towers of the “World Trade Center” could not be the consequence of the impact of the planes.

But it is necessary to bring the general public to be persuaded of the need to finance a war in the Middle East, to serve in the military, to receive the vaccine, pay the taxes, let them steal and kill and all this without complaining, and we cannot persuade the general public to do all of these things that the deceiving to a gigantic scale that he believes he is threatened by the terrorists, swine flu, global warming, and so on.

The role of mass media in the realization of the fraud of vaccination against the swine flu can not be underestimated. Thomas Glocer, CEO of Reuters, sits on the board of directors of Merck and James Murdoch, chief executive of News Corps, serves on the board of directors of GSK. The media have consistently exaggerated the dangers of swine flu virus in minimizing the dangers of the vaccine. The media also create the impression that there is a consensus then that there is no consensus, for example, the consensus that vaccines are necessary.

The mass media we suggest that we are at the controls, that we control our government through elections, and by various other mechanisms. The reality is very different. Our national governments are entirely under the control of an international network of organised crime in control of almost all the major parties in the United States and in Europe, of the right and left, just as they fund both sides of most wars.Be it Bush or Obama, Thatcher or Blair, who is in power, the policies are the same and they encourage the banks and the conglomerates of energy.

The media has always been recognized as a tool to disseminate propaganda and to lead the people. There is a vast literature on the use of media as an instrument to govern the masses. It is a central theme of the novel by George Orwell, 1984. Orwell discusses how the role of the media can be used to intimidate people and shape the attitudes of people to accept the permanent war, poverty, as well as monitoring.

The emergence of independent media has created an opportunity for us to get out of this matrix of illusion, this reality invented that hides the nature of the evil of the people in charge of our governments and have used the great power which they have from their positions at the top of the hierarchies to shape the terrain in which we operate, reduce our share price and limit the path of our thinking, so that we were going to where they want us to leave.

The new technologies of communication and information have helped people to recognize the extent of the corruption that has taken hold of governments, national and international.

The facts about the pandemic of swine flu and the vaccine are so clear that they are sufficient to dispel any illusion on the WHO and the pharmaceutical companies. Discovering the facts is not enough, however, as important as it is. Now we need to take decisive action.

The government is there to serve the people. The government must respect the Constitution and the laws of a country. Governments are there to protect the interests of citizens, their rights and freedoms. When governments are not able to fulfil this function, it is necessary to remove him from power through elections. When governments do not even wish to fulfil this function, but are aligned on a “elite”world resolved to destroy the nations and their citizens, and steal, and to kill even the children at a gigantic scale using biological weapons concealed, then people have to take decisive action.

If the police and the judges are too corrupt to convict the members of the government who are responsible for the false pandemic and the vaccination campaign in mass against the swine flu despite overwhelming evidence of their crimes, the police and the judges should be accused of complicity. If the prosecutors of the State don’t want to accuse, the citizens have to take legal action insisting that the laws are respected and accusing the prosecutors of the State abuse of power.

Networks secrets, such as the masons, who serve the interests of that elite and many members of the hierarchy at lower levels may not know the plans of the masons of the 33rd degree – must be studied, and their doctrines, based on a distorted view of history, must be denounced for what they are, a tissue of lies.

The United States and Europe need to have leaders of integrity, people who were attached to the highest ethical standards, that are disciplined enough to put the interests of their people ahead of their own, and also have the knowledge, the skills and experience needed to make wise political and economic decisions that deliver tangible benefits to their people.

The character, values and attributes necessary to being a good leader were discussed in depth by the ancient Greeks. Plato’s Republic describes a model of society ruled by a king philosopher, a leader with the spirit large and discerning who is able to see the overall picture and that is committed to putting the interests of his people first, willing to subordinate his personal interests to this goal. Plato also describes how a dominant class can get corrupt more and more by greed and avarice. Such is the situation we are in today.Corruption has seized the highest offices in the government. Elected leaders exercise their power with a brutal indifference to the interests of all except those of the tiny elite that they serve, while hiding their actions behind a curtain of smoke misleading.

A mild flu is declared a pandemic, and a dangerous vaccine is forced on the people by means of false statements regarding its usefulness and security. The mainstream media under the control of this manipulation have amplified the propaganda and took in all corners of the globe. Children and pregnant women are targeted in this war biophysics conducted in secret against humanity by the elite, using not only the vaccines and drugs, but also food GMOS, and famines artificially created.

While the people of Europe and America has perhaps escaped the death trap of the swine flu vaccines, their governments are now sending the vaccines are toxic to the developing countries to administer to the people there. The WHO plans to expand the vaccination program in developing countries – and also in Europe. On 26 January, the European Medicines Agency has launched the idea to standardize the practice of testing the safety of drugs once they have been administered, thereby exposing populations to more risk.

The new technologies of communication and information allow us to discover the true facts and disseminate the real facts. Today, we are at the centre of a battle for information of an unprecedented intensity and also at the center of a spiritual war. We can use communication networks, and electronic networks to regain control of our governments and we can mobilize to force accountability where parliaments fail to ensure that the rule of law is respected.There is a great hope that we will conquer the empire of the New World Order and that we will make rapid progress in our development as human beings and in the establishment of societies based on justice, freedom, peace and prosperity for all human beings.

Nothing can stop the upward movement of humanity towards higher consciousness because this movement has been designed into the very fabric of the universe as the Aztecs and the Mayas knew very well. The earth continues its ride through the universe at an incredible speed and is expected to be in alignment with the galactic center on December 21, 2012.

Nobody can predict exactly what this will mean. However, it is known that energy in the form of photons flow already increased to our earth, and that this energy interacts with our DNA to stimulate our consciousness. The Schuman frequency of the earth has also increased steadily, rising from 7 Hz in 1908 to 12 Hz in 2000 to be 13 Hz in 2012, and the December 21, 2012 is the last day of the 13th era in the mayan calendar.

Felipe Calderon, Mexico’s president, said of the death of Felipe Solis, that the gods of the dead were jealous of the revelation of their secrets. He wanted to say, perhaps, that the shadow government is jealous of humanity and does not want to what makes the experience of this new age illuminated.

But they must recognize that their time is over. Time cannot be reassembled.

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