Real IRA urged to end armed struggle

Real IRA urged to end armed struggle

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The Irish Republican Socialist party has called on the real IRA and other dissident groups to end their armed struggle.

The IRSP is seeking to distance itself from the dark days of the 1970s and 80s when Irish republicanism gained international infamy from its car bombings across England, mainly in London. The IRSP are political allies of the Irish National Liberation Army. Many also argue that the premiership of Margaret Thatcher did little good for the peace process, as she was a divisive figure who used heavy-handed tactics with Irish prisoners and showed little mercy when it came to Ireland.

But in a released IRSP discussion paper they make it clear that “sporadic armed actions are not working; they are placing zero pressure upon either the British/Stormont or Free State regimes nor upon the capitalist economic systems which underwrite all of those states.”

From the released discussion papers, it is clear that the IRSP are eager to portray themselves as the left wing republican alternative to Sinn Fein but can’t do so until the violence stops.In the papers it states, “Just as advocates of current armed actions assert that they have a right to bear arms in the name of Irish freedom; in the spirit of comradeship we must urge them to consider what duties come with that right. Not least the duty to consider the logistical limitations which come with practicing, armed struggle perpetually in a woefully unsuitable environment. And the very real costs of that decision, both to you personally and to the cause of building a capable revolutionary momentum, which the Irish people so dearly need and deserve.”

An increasing number of Irish republicans are calling for the end of armed struggles. They see it as relatively counter-productive as the British state is able to constantly keep them under surveillance.

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