Real music to empower and relax you unless Western POISON


  • My friends, I’ve been listening to this type of excellent music for a while now since getting into Chinese medicine and having a lot of acupuncture where I was forced to listen to it for 30 minutes. I now appreciate this excellent beautiful music because I know it will help with your body’s balance. Western music has been designed to hurt you and your meridians especially the two main meridians called the Governing and Conception vessel. The Worshipful Company of Fuellers want disharmony in the body leading to bad health. This is why they attach dangerous frequencies into the music to hurt our bodies purposely. This is all connected with The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations and their wicked social engineering programs. They’re now starting to infiltrate China in order to destroy its culture and traditions like they have everywhere else. They will reduce China to the level of Britain and destroy everything that was good for people. They really want to destroy Traditional Chinese Medicine and they’re starting to succeed as they riddle Universities with drug medical fraud. Move away from pop, rock and electric musics and listen to only real music, otherwise your health and mind will suffer. Forget about languages and just listen to the music and vibrations or real voices of real singers who can sing for once and excellent musical instruments.

    -The Unhived Mind

  • Vittorio,

    Check out this video and notice the instrument used at the beginning. I
    wondered if you’ve ever encountered it and how it compares to the Lute
    of the Protestants. I believe it would be an excellent musical tool as
    theres nothing the Chinese do bad it seems. I’m starting to move into
    listening to this type of music now as the Western Tavistock dribble
    pushed by The Worshipful Company of Mercers is enough to drive you
    crazy, we need peaceful, relaxing environments not shouting, screaming,
    rapid electronic nonsense which hurts our Governing and Conception
    vessels. Everything in the West is designed to hurt us today and what
    wasn’t has been turned to hurting us. I highly suggest Eric and Thomas
    make the switch to similar musics or just don’t listen to anything at
    all. Also keep your television off or throw it out. When the Grid
    arrives and we’re not allowed on the web anymore I will assure you right
    now that I will throw out everything or maybe just keep a computer with
    all my savings of information for personal use but I will not have any
    other technology or internet feeds. I’ve thought about this recently a
    lot about how life would be so much better without technology. Think
    about it we sit in front of these screens all day doing what we do and
    all the time we’re in a beta state or which one it is. The time will
    come soon and I think I will be glad once I get out of the addiction of
    the internet and computers around me, which won’t take long.

    -The Unhived Mind


    Check this one out boys:

    It sounds like a Piano, complex interwoven voices. Impossible to sound that good on a guitar.

    As you can see and hear the 24-string Baroque Lute, a protestant/Venetian invention, was far too superior to the inferior Spanish Jesuit 6-string ‘boring-as-hell’ guitar. Augustian Lutist, Martin Luther being a virtuoso, forced the Jesuit order to bury the Lute during the French Revolution. This is proven by numerous musical historians and experts. You can visit Oxford university museum, historical instrument section, and get a fresh inquiry, if you don’t believe me. It makes absolutely no sense to abandon a great instrument for one that is inferior. The same goes for law. Robert Newman is a researcher into this field.

    The Jesuits sought out to eliminate complex polyphony, and equality in the bass and melody. And that is why they introduced romantic music, and homophony, which is very ‘bad’ for the brain. Beethoven knew this, and further criticised the Jesuits and their culture agents many times. The last true Protestant master was Brahms, who was a bible believer and extremely Lutheran.

    A interesting thing about the Chinese race is that, like the Japanese, and some Indians, most everyone has, Perfect Pitch, and they can also hear semi-intervals between the common intervals. My chinese clients can tune a lute without an electronic tuner. I also possess perfect pitch, like most Venetians. It is becoming rarer now in the German offspring. Germans are losing everything. God is favoring the Chinese for some reason. Maybe they will be the ones to supress the Jesuits, god willing!

    I wish Eric could get a Chinese preacher on to warn the Chinese.


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