REALITY: 300 mpg from a normal production car – the Volkswagen XL1

REALITY: 300 mpg from a normal production car – the Volkswagen XL1

Jim Stone, April 5 2014

You won’t find the 300 MPG Volkswagen XL1 in an American showroom, in fact it has even been denied a tour of America because it is too efficient for the American public to be made widely aware of, and oil profits are too high in America with the status quo in place. No tour has been allowed for this car because the myth that 50 mpg is virtually impossible to obtain from even a stripped down econobox is too profitable to let go of, and when it comes to corporate oil profits, ignorance is bliss.

Years ago I had calculated that it should be possible to get a small car to exceed 100 mpg by putting parallel direct to cylinder water injectors side by side with the fuel injectors, and using the exhaust manifold to preheat the water so it would enter the cylinders as dry steam, thus providing added expansion (which drives the engine) while allowing the combustion process to proceed without reducing it’s efficiency. But I was obviously wrong with my calculations, because they were in fact over 2x conservative. The 100 mpg carburetor was indeed a reality, and the Volkswagen XL1 proves it with only straightforward nothing special technology we have had since the 1970’s.

Though the XL1 can be plugged in to deliver a 40 mile all electric drive, it does not need to be plugged in EVER to achieve 300 mpg. And it does not cheat in any way to achieve the rating, it weighs over 1,700 pounds, has normal tires, and delivers a very good driving experience with a governed top speed of 99 mph. The XL1 could reach a top speed in excess of 110 mph absent governor and turns in a 0-60 time of 11.5 seconds which is by no means leisurly for a car designed for efficiency. The XL1 in no way cheats on performance to hit it’s rating. It is simply the car we should have always had, and have had taken from us in the name of oil profits.

Though the XL1 can hit 300 mpg under ideal driving conditions, it’s combined mileage is usually a little over 200 mpg, and if you do city driving only that will drop to a minimum of 180 mpg under the worst driving conditions. But I’d be happy with that no doubt.

What does that kind of fuel economy really mean?

If the XL1 was equipped with an 18 gallon fuel tank, and you did all highway driving, you could fill it up with an oil change and when the next change was due you could change the oil and keep driving without filling up for and additional 2,400 miles. But it comes with a much smaller fuel tank, because if it could go that long on a single tank chances are the fuel would foul before it got used. The tank is only 2.6 gallons to prevent fuel age related problems from happening. So fill ups are cheap.

Many of the publications which speak about the XL1 did so when it was a concept car predicted to get right around 250 MPG. But in 2014, after extensive testing of cars now produced, test drivers report economy above 300 mpg under the correct driving conditions, which would be close to sea level, a flat straight road with no stops, and reasonable speeds. To get rid of miles/imperial/U.S. gallon confusion, in the metric system the XL1 is rated to deliver 100 kilometers per litre. Translated for the U.S., that means approximately 65 miles per quart.

I rememer how I laughed at the Smart Fortwo, because even a full size 4 door Chevy Impala significantly beat the “Smart’s” fuel economy, and with the Impala you would get a whole car. The Volkswagen XL1 is clearly the two seater the Smart should have been if it really was what the name implies, and the XL1 is in contrast, a car I’d be proud to be seen in.

You will NOT see the Xl1 in America,

Even it’s far less efficient 85 mpg non hyrid full size station wagon counterpart – the Jetta TDI blue motion wagon (Img, which is made in America is banned from American roads. And I would like to ask why? What excuse is there for banning highly efficient cars from American roads?

One excuse is that “they don’t meet American crash test standards”, but the real truth is that the Fed simply refused to ever crash test them because of what they are, in Europe even the XL1 is considered to be a very safe car in crashes, and the Jetta station wagon is obviously even safer and you CAN buy the non TDI versions of the exact same car in America. The only thing different is the engine, WHAT GIVES?

The answer is obvious. Simply for the sake of raking in huge profits from $4 a gallon gas, getting guzzled at 10X the rate it should be, the corporations have via campaign contributions and other types of pay outs succeeded in getting the FED to legislate the best cars off the road for irrelevant trumped up reasons. The XL1 will not meet American emission standards NOT because it is not clean enough, it will not meet them simply because inefficient parts that are mandated by the EPA are not part of the XL1’s power train. We will never see truly clean running and efficient cars in America, because the FED has mandated that American cars be intentionally stifled by horribly fuel wasting parts that add to the cost of the vehicle and do absolutely NO GOOD, how much more efficient and clean can you get than 300 mpg? The exhaust from the Xl1 has to, by simple math and the laws of physics, run at the theoretical threshold of emissions perfection.

All is not rosy for Europe however

The Xl1 is SO MUCH the car that the oil companies do not want that there will only be 2,000 made. And no production line was set up for them, they are all hand made. And irrelevant “lightweight” parts are added to the frame, consisting of carbon fiber and other exotic materials to add to the mystique. But the materials and production limits are a load of BUNK, the car STILL weighs over 1,700 pounds, if it weighed just 100 pounds more everything exotic could be removed, because “exotic materials” are not doing much anyway, they are just marketing.

Cost is not the issue either Even after being hand made with “exotic” materials in an intentionally limited edition, the Xl1 still only costs $60,000. There is a lot more of a market for this car than 2,000 units at that price, have no doubt, this car is being held back on purpose. If it can be hand made for that little, automated assembly lines could do it for half. And if a 1,700 plus pound Xl1 can get 300 mpg, a 3,400 pound Chevy Truck should be able to deliver at least 150 MPG, the Xl1 lays the mileage scam bare, with every hybrid that gets 40 mpg and every truck off the line that gets 20, Americans are getting the shaft and they do not even realize it.

I was first infatuated and impressed with the 85mpg Vokswagen TDI Blue Motion wagon and wished I could get one in America (when I was still there), and then the 300 mpg Xl1 came along, what a rude awakening and slap in the face for the American car buyer.

The following blows Snope’s core argument away:

To address Snope’s lie that there is no conspiracy to keep these cars out of America, the XL1 is a Non conforming vehicle, which cannot be brought to compliance for completely arbitrary reasons, and if it is brought by someone to America for over a month and discovered by the FED, it will be crushed because it cannot ever meet arbitrary “compliance rules” which mandate certain emissions parts be present that would wreck it’s efficiency. DEAR SNOPES: Please reference that particular federal document I linked here, which clearly states it will be destroyed for non compliance in your rip on this web site and answer the big question: WHY IS AMERICA SO MUCH BETTER THAN EUROPE THAT IT CANNOT HAVE THIS CAR WITHOUT QUESTION? DOES IT SMOKE TOO MUCH WHEN DELIVERING 300 MPG? HOW COULD IT SMOKE AT ALL WITH EFFICIENCY THAT HIGH? WHAT COMPLIANCE STANDARD IN AMERICA MAKES EUROPEANS SUCH SLOBS?

To address your $150,000 dollar claims, Yep, they are true with a but, and it is a BIG BUT: Volkswagen is eating that cost and selling them a lot cheaper than production cost just to prove they work, and even at $150,000, they would STILL fly out the door. And the production cost is only that high because this car has no automated assembly line set up for it, they are all hand made and I would beg to question why. If AL GORE was legitimate in his concern for the earth, he would see this 300 mpg carbon snuffer as a planetary dream come true and PAY volkswagen to set up a real assembly line. I would like to know why Volkswagen has not done that? threats? Can’t do it in THIS DAY AND AGE? Certainly they can’t say “no one would buy it”. And if that real assembly line was set up, and the cars were not all hand made, they would be DIRT CHEAP.

But as you know dear Snopes, with all your credibility on the line, the real reason they won’t set up production for something that obviously works perfect and COULD SAVE THE PLANET is because Global Warming is a hoax, Peak Oil is a hoax, the energy shortage is a hoax, and if it was NOT all a hoax these cars would be heavily subsidized and we would be forced to drive them.

But THE BIG HOAX is too valuable to let go of, the real goal is control of the population and to guilt trip people into believing now they have to live as little slave peons because they “destroyed the planet”. The XL1 HAS TO REMAIN A MYTH for the lies that will lead to mankind’s eventual slavery under agenda 21 to work, for the carbon tax to fill Al the Gore’s pockets, and for the outrageously high fuel prices to remain reasonably profitable. They can’t technically raise fuel prices any higher, especially for diesel engines because vegetable oil will work in them and 300 mpg far surpasses the economic threshold for just using cooking oil

Dear snopes, you have been vetted as a WORTHLESS NWO ENSLAVE MANKIND TRASH RAG, Doing battle with this particular web site will amount to an attempt to hurt yourself, rebutting what is here will only help me because my readers are not stupid and people who have never heard of me will find their way here. HOW ABOUT RIPPING THE FUKUSHIMA REPORT, AND LINKING TO IT? Ready for that much self inflicted damage? Why not do THAT? WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY FOR YOURSELF?

I know what I have to say: Don’t miss the add on piece of this puzzle below this re-posted article titled “the truth behind the engine that runs on water”, which explains how water injection is the holy grail of fuel efficiency.


The truth behind the engine that runs on water

Since water has it’s two elements – hydrogen and oxygen – at their lowest possible energy state absent exposure of the oxygen to an alkaline metal, you cannot run an engine on water, and any chemist will tell you that. But it is possible to increase fuel economy by up to 8x by getting rid of intentionally stifled intake design while putting water in with the fuel, and THAT is the big buried secret.

It should be possible to get a carbureted vehicle to show you the effect just by providing a water mist at the carburetor throat, but the above concept would need direct cylinder injection of water pre heated to 700 farenheit to be optimized.

The concept is simple – once water hits 700 degrees farenheit, the steam pressure is 3,000 psi. This could easily blow the engine absent precise computer control we can now accomplish cheaply. The whole “water in a diesel will destroy it” meme has NOTHING to do with hydrolocking, though shills will say otherwise, it has to do with the fact that in a diesel the compression cycle causes extreme temperatures and will blow the engine up from steam pressure if sufficient water is taken in. That is how much power steam has, but if correctly harnessed and controlled, the steam produced by water injection could easily drive us far into the future.

Absolutely no material in the world will provide more expansion than water, and expansion is what drives the engine. If you precisely regulated the water intake at the correct temperature with computerized control, it would allow you to get rid of the radiator and run close to 100 percent efficient because all the heat that goes out the exhaust and radiator would be turned into expansion from water vaporizing inside the engine, which would provide power rather than go to waste.

The magic number for max steam pressure is an easily acheived 700 degrees farenheit. Water’s expansion curve is not linear, it is exponential with temperature rise and 700 degree water, in liquid form as saturated steam, will provide 3000 PSI of pressure to drive the engine. That would blow it up if enough water was injected to maintain that pressure inside the cylinders. This is the holy grail of otto cycle efficiency, and don’t fall for the shillage that speaks about hydrolocking, cylinder fracturing from temperature variances and piston degradation, BECAUSE:

Hydrolocking would only happen if you incredibly severely over injected to such an extent I doubt it would be possible with any injector you would find, and temperature swings that would cause piston and cylinder degradation can be handled by ceramic coatings and pre heating the water to 700 farenheit with the exhaust manifold prior to injection. At 700 farenheit, water is saturated steam and will not provide cooling, so temperature swings and subsequent metal fatigue will be minimized if water is injected at that temperature. The only problems that would arise would be quenching the flame if too much water was injected, or over charging the engine with too much steam pressure from too much (but less than the aforementioned) water injection or overeheating the engine if you omitted the radiator and then injected 700 farenheit water. 600 farenheit would be a better target temperature for the water because half of the water’s cooling potential is within that last 100 degrees. Then downsize the radiator and run the engine a little hotter with specialized coolants now widely in use.

When all the cards are on the table, It is expansion, and ONLY EXPANSION which drives the engine, the big trick is how to optimize that expansion and increase efficiency. Computer controlled pre heated water injection into a ceramic coated combustion chamber is, according to simple chemistry and physics, the obvious #1 way to accomplish extra expansion and maximize efficiency


  • theunhivedmind

    The Worshipful Company of Fuellers do not want such technologies available because it will hinder their control and profits for the pirates of the Livery of London and their City of London Corporation masters under New Venice (Britain) the Venetian Empire continuum managed by the Jesuit Order at 114 Mount Street in Westminster. The same Jesuit Order which originated with Gasparo Contarini the handler of Ignatius Loyola.

    The Worshipful Company of Fuellers want everyone stuck on their black gold because it is easily controlled and not easy for anyone to create or find and at the same time this keeps the population from expanding. Nuclear energy is cheap and now can be quite clean with the Thorium technologies etc. Store-front nuclear pigs are common behind the scenes and if the truth is known a lot of Chicago is run on nuclear pigs and has been for a long time along with other U.S Cities. Nuclear energy equals a massive expansion of the global population more so than oil did when this came out as the next major fuel after coal and wood.

    The Venetian Empire and its Cini Foundation cannot allow this as their the Club of Rome tries to make sure the population dwindles to desired reduced levels. The Venetians are masters at population control remembering they came from a shitty little city in the ocean (known as Venice aka Chosen Ones) with no room to swing a cat. Is it any wonder homosexuality was the main sexual activity in Venice and female prostitutes went without money and had to work longer in life because of the men preferring other men.

    -= The Unhived Mind

  • theunhivedmind

    Rubicon wrote

    My old VW German Polo in 2003 got 95MPG.
    You are only partly right, and are doing a disservice sayin its just the oil companies.

    When my senator had the EPA and NHTSA send me letters as to why I couldn’t ship my Polo to the US, they used windows, though it had better than required US safety glass, and the diesel engine had been untested in the US!

    Really just look at how much cash flow comes in each and every month in federal fuel taxes.

    Do you think oil companies care about taxes? No they just add it to the price, of whatever we purchase.

    The federal and state govts do nothing and we pay them an immense amount of excise. If we got 300, or even my old 100 MPG Polo, they’d make a third of what they are now, or even less.

    My response:

    What disservice? The same goons who own the oil companies are the government! Web sites like this one are the only thing out there that will force a change. If people get pissed enough to threaten a few of the elite babies, THAT might bring about change, nothing else will, and I am working as hard as I can to accomplish that.

  • theunhivedmind

    BY THE WAY, that motorcycle goes over 60 mph and gets over 150 miles per gallon. It took (barely) less than two gallons to go from Leon GTO to the heart of Mexico City, and then drive around the city for about two hours or so.

    And what’s worse? because it’s the cheap one, it’s economy is considered to be poor here. Go figure U.S.A., eat Mexico’s heart out on that fuel economy. I still get people writing angry mails about the VW XL1, asking me to PROVE it’s banned in America and Snopes stepped up to the plate with a phony rip and bag of lies about my report. LET ME POP A BIG QUESTION HERE: IF A 30 MPH MOPED IN AMERICA CANNOT BE FOUND WITH AN ECONOMY OVER 70 MPG, WHAT IS A “CRAPPY” MOTORCYCLE IN MEXICO DOING GETTING 150mpg WITH A TOP END OF 62 mph? The good ones that go even faster get over 200 mpg when driven flat and straight on the highway, with an average consumption of 65 km PER LITRE. NOT A JOKE.
    And the Honda dealer said I would not like that 11 litre gas tank with only a 2 litre reserve because a total of 13 litres would force me to fill up a lot. WHAT? Leon to Mexico city on a little over half a tank. 1,200KM on 2 tanks of gas without going into the reserve. What’s wrong with that picture? I thought people were full of it until I saw it myself. I guess motorcycles are expected to go forever on fumes and never need a fill up here to be considered “good”.

    And I just gotta eat the lies told in America, about how motorcycles can’t get good gas mileage because the drag coefficient is not good. What a load of B.S. HONDA MEXICO PROVES IT. Yeah, “not good” compared to the XL1 perhaps.

    So, ROUND TWO SHILLAGE: America, WHERE ARE YOUR FUEL EFFICIENT MOTORCYLCES, AND NO SNOPES, THESE HONDAS ARE NOT LEGAL IN AMERICA, JUST LIKE THE XL1 IS NOT LEGAL. Plus, they are quiet and make absolutely no smell at all, they run clean as a whistle.

    My “press credentials” are fully verified by the FACT I GET IT RIGHT, and that’s all that matters. Who wants a credentialed liar?

  • theunhivedmind

    June 4 2014

    Sans X

    Following on the heels of Snope’s slander attack on this web site over the 300 MPG XL1 report, comes complete vindication. China is getting their version of the XL1, and it only costs $600 USD. Hard to believe?

    It´s a single seater that only gets 258 mpg and only goes 74 mph because it’s just straight up diesel and not a hybrid. But for $600 U.S., who can complain?

    The Volkswagen XL1 design team has produced a single seat version in China which sells for $600 USD, believe it or not. They are calling it the L1 instead of the XL1. And with it only costing $600, I was right all along. The XL1 should be CHEAP. The high price is a ruse.

    Here are two photos of the XL1:

    Compare those to the Chinese version, it’s definitely a little brother, with the biggest styling difference being the headlights.

    Here are the lies Snopes told about my report on the Xl1 which preceded this new Chinese version:

    1. The Xl1 has to be plugged in to get 300 mpg. FALSE. It does not need to be plugged in. It’s straight up diesel electric and operates the same way locomotives do. This means a diesel engine turns a generator which then charges a very small battery bank. Who would want to plug in a 300 mpg car anyway? People’s time is more valuable than that.

    2. It is flaky, and expensive to build. FALSE. The Chinese version costs $600 US dollars, and Volkswagen does not release crap. They make Porsche and Audi. WAKE UP.

    3. It gets poor crash test results. FALSE: It meets European standards. It actually meets formula 1 safety standards. Ever see those formula 1 wrecks people walk away from? At 1,700 pounds the XL1 would do a nice job on a Chevette or Metro. And it would kill the driver of a SMART. How is THAT thing on the road if crash testing really means anything?

    4. It uses exotic lightweight components which makes the price too high. FALSE. At 1,700 pounds, it can be made of anything. The exotic components are for marketing reasons.

    5. I did not state the difference between Imperial gallons and U.S. gallons . That is a lie, I most certainly did. I gave quotes for both types of gallons

    6. I, the “freelance hack journalist” do not reference anything and just spout off. FALSE. Because if Snopes missed these important points, which were all linked, including the government documents which prove it is banned on tenuous “emissions” grounds,It’s banned because it is missing required parts for emissions. But it’s a safe bet that at 300 MPG it blows away American emissions standards but parts are parts and bureaucracies are stupid (er, I mean corrupt.) Snopes needs the recycle bin badly, THEY ARE THE HACKS, THEY SUPPORT THE FASCIST STATUS QUO, AND I HAVE PROOF IN THIS IFRAME BELOW. READ IT AND WEEP SNOPES, YOU ARE BUSTED ON ALL POINTS.

    Car for 1 – Volkswagen’s $600 car gets 258 mpg

    This $600 car is no toy and is ready to be released in China next year.

    The single seater aero car totes VW (Volkswagen) branding.

    Volkswagen did a lot of very highly protected testing of this car in Germany, but it was not announced until now where the car would make it’s first appearance.

    The car was introduced at the VW stockholders meeting as the most economical car in the world is presented.

    The initial objective of the prototype was to prove that 1 litre of fuel could deliver 100 kilos of travel.

    The aero design proved essential to getting the desired result. The body is 3.47 meters long and just 1.25 meters wide, and a little over a meter high. The prototype was made completely of carbon fibre and is not painted to save weight.

    The power plant is a one cylinder diesel positioned ahead of the rear axle and combined with an automatic shift controlled by a knob in the interior.

    Safety was not compromised as the impact and roll-over protection is comparable to the GT racing cars.

    The Most Economic Car in the World will be on sale next year:

    “Better than Electric Car – 258 miles/gallon: IPO 2010 in Shanghai”

    This is a single seated car

    From conception to production: 3 years and the company is head-quartered in Hamburg , Germany ..

    Will be selling for 4000 yuan, equivalent to US$600..

    Gas tank capacity = 1.7 gallons

    Speed = 62 – 74.6 Miles/hour

    Fuel efficiency = 258 miles/gallon

    Travel distance with a full tank = 404 miles

    For Appointments : 928-282-6621 or

    Never forget this, and NEVER give Snopes an ounce of credibility, they just tell lies of convenience and hope people buy them. Their lies were so easy to debunk it was pathetic, their audience obviously mainly consists of drooling mouse pushers who just watch and NEVER DO AN OUNCE OF LOOKING INTO THINGS ON THEIR OWN. Just seeing it all on a screen is good enough, no participation needed. When things are written at the level I write with, given the time constraints I have, I can’t link it all, people have GOT TO at least know how to use Google before ripping what is here.

  • theunhivedmind

    Hi James,
    Great story on $600 VW. My BMW 325XI cost about $100 per pound, VW appears to cost about 50 cents per pound. It seems to me the only way VW could do this is if they had developed an advanced 3-d printer. I mean very advanced, and if that is true, then most auto manufacturers are dead. What do you think about this?

    Best wishes,

    My response

    I looked into carbon fiber long ago, which the car body is made of. It is the most over priced scam in the world. If someone sidestepped that scam as VW obviously did, the entire car body would only need to cost $50. China sells huge rolls of carbon fiber fabric in a variety of weaves and patterns, it’s relatively cheap and it’s the real mccoy. All it takes to make it a strong composite is vacuum injecting epoxy resin into it to saturate the fibers and then lock them in place and it suddenly becomes the strongest composite there is. Look into it, I don’t have time to link it but was looking into airplane wings a few years ago and know I am correct. The entire car body could easily be done for $50 sans opportunists, ridiculous markup and instead with the made in china price in china where it would be a REALLY LOW price.
    Beyond that all it would take is a cheap diesel engine which I also know China can do for $100 because all you have to do is go to Harbor Freight and see how cheap the Lifan engines are AFTER import and taxes and shipping and markup, China can definitely do a diesel on Chinese soil for $100. The most expensive part of that car would be the suspension and tires. And VW has to make a profit at $600 or they would not do this.

    It may seem baffling how this could be done, but if kept in China, I believe it is absolutely so. It won’t be that cheap elsewhere.

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