Reddit bot goes through your comment history and comments as you

Reddit bot goes through your comment history and comments as you

By Ryan Whitwam Aug. 1, 2015 11:31 am Reddit

There’s a new fad sweeping Reddit, and unlike most of the things that sweep Reddit, this one has nothing to do with an ill-conceived user revolt. No, this one is just for fun. Someone made a neat commenting bot that impersonates you, and it’s pretty good at it. All you have to do is tag it in a comment and the bot will reply with a comment that embodies your Reddit account.

The bot is known simply as User_Simulator, created by user Trambelus. To tag it on Reddit, you need to add the /u/ preface so the bot will get an alert. Your comment also has to have a specific format for the bot to understand, so just include +/u/User_Simulator /u/YourUserName to get its attention. It takes a few minutes for the bot to reply because it’s going through your public comment history to see what sort of things you say before crafting the perfect comment.

User_Simulator’s comments are always grammatically readable, but they’re completely nonsensical. The cool thing is that they’re incoherent in a way that feels like you. For instance, I’m a giant phone nerd and many of my comments on Reddit are related to Android. For me, User_Simulator came up with, “I’ve never had any issue with my N4 and N7 quite often. When there was such huge interest, of course they jumped on the Moto X is okay, but nothing like Samsung devices.”

You can go to User_Simulator’s account page to see all the responses it has posted, but it’s more amusing if you do it on your own account. There’s also a simulation megathread in a special sub-Reddit where you can test the bot without annoying anyone.

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