Refugees Are Political Pawns

Refugees Are Political Pawns

October 6, 2015

Jews in Britain declare war on Germany.jpg(left, Jews in 1930’s England fomenting war)

This short excerpt from William Joyce’s Twilight over England is a reminder
that refugees have long been used for non violent invasions.
In the past, these refugees were often Jews. Just as the pogroms in
Russia in the 1880’s spurred emigration to the US, so did Nazi anti Semitism to the UK. Today, Illuminati-backed insurrections have caused a deluge of refugees into Europe fulfilling the Masonic Jewish (Illuminati) plan to change the face of the continent.

by William Joyce
Twilight Over England (1940)
(Excerpt by

In every direction, the Jewish advance has been immensely strengthened by the influx of the so-called “refugees.” If England had started banning the worst form of German export five years ago instead of in 1939, she would have saved herself the mortification of being eaten out of house and home by the new arrivals.

They have been shown preference before the Englishman to an extent inconceivable to those unacquainted with the facts and comprehensible only to those who appreciate at its true value the power of Jewry in England.

(left, The Daily Mail, 1938)

So great has been the indignation of certain sections of the public that even the Press has had to take notice of the abuses which have arisen. The more far-seeing Jews also have been quite worried as to the danger of the reaction which the behaviour of this new Army of Occupation must provoke.

The Sunday Express of October 23, 1938 wrote as follows: “There are more aliens living and working in Britain today than ever before, and every day more are landing to swell the army. In May–the last month for which figures are available at the Home Office–the number of aliens registered with the police of England and Wales alone was 196,852 over the age of sixteen.

In addition, of course, there are thousands in Scotland and Ireland. Since these figures were compiled, there has been a big influx of Austrian refugees. We are now seeing the first wave of what may possibly be a much larger influx from Czechoslovakia … It costs only £ 10 to become British. In six months this year the total number of aliens naturalized has almost reached the total for the whole of the year 1937 …”

How do refugee aliens make a living? Once they obtain a permit to work from the Ministry of Labour they receive the same privileges and, incidentally, the same unemployment benefit as British subjects … aliens who can hardly speak English are now driving London taxicabs and forcing British drivers off the streets. Cut-price gown shops are also being opened right and left by aliens. Often they start by employing British sales girls who are later displaced by newly arrived foreigners often disguised–to get over regulations–as relatives.

Influential aliens do not hesitate to put pressure on British firms to employ foreigners … Dr. A. Welply, secretary of the Medical Practitioners’ Union, says: “I have investigated personally cases of threatening letters sent to doctors on hospital staffs who have opposed the admission of foreigners as colleagues. There have been cases of the dismissal of a British doctor without adequate explanation to make room for an alien of no better qualifications. There are hospitals now almost entirely staffed by alien doctors.” …

(Flash forward to the present, refugees walk along train tracks leading from Serbia into Hungary on Friday.)

Of course, the word “Jew” is carefully avoided in the above passage: but of course these “refugees” are not South-Sea Islanders: and one can hardly expect complete frankness from the British Press: indeed it is highly probable that no reference would be made to the invasion, were it not that silence might be construed as complicity…

According, however, to the Daily Express of February 10, 1939, the National Federation of Grocers stated: “We can say without hesitation that aliens are responsible for cut-price trading, and that it has increased since refugees began to reach this country in large numbers. These traders sell proprietary lines at cut-prices and, having attracted custom to their shops, unload cheap and unreliable goods on the housewives of this country … The trouble is that these people often have as many as a dozen aliases. No sooner have we stopped them trading under one name than they carry on under another.”

On January 13, 1939, Mr. Dummett, the Bow Street Magistrate, said in Court: “This system by which Jews get sailors to smuggle them into this country, and then refuse to give the name of the ship or men who got them here, is a grave breach of the Aliens Act.” Mr. Metcalfe, the Old Street Magistrate, expressed himself on the subject in even stronger terms. Most of the stipendiary magistrates know that the so-called aliens are Jewish criminals of the lowest and shiftiest type or, at the best, rapacious political nuisances.

The resentment which is occasioned by the operations of these pestiferous harpies prompted Sir Samuel Hoare to say, in the House of Commons, on November 21, 1938: “In this country we are a very thickly populated industrial community with at the present a very large number of unemployed. Competition is very keen with foreign countries, and it is difficult for many of our fellow-countrymen to make a livelihood at all and keep their industries and businesses going. It is quite obvious that there is an underlying current of suspicion and anxiety, rightly or wrongly, on any big scale. I know from my own daily experience at the Home Office … that there is the making of a definite anti-Jewish movement. I do my best as Home Secretary to stamp upon an evil of that kind. That is why I have prohibited demonstrations in certain parts of London where they would inevitably stimulate this evil movement … I may be pardoned if I choose to pay tribute to the Jewish people, the race which we know better than any other race.” …

(left, William Joyce)

For years the Government has tolerated huge Communist demonstrations against itself. Police have been battered about, the Union Jack has been torn to pieces in the streets, men have lain down on the busy streets and interrupted the traffic, thousands of people have been allowed to assemble and pelt the Fascists with stones and old iron. The House of Commons itself has been raided by the unemployed: but once let any body of citizens try to demonstrate in their own streets against the menace of Jewry–and the case is altered. All fine phrases about democratic liberty are forgotten in the twinkling of an eye. Thus it follows that the Jews have more influence than any other element in the population of Britain: and the strength which they possess is amply demonstrated by the facts given in the preceding pages….

On September 3, 1939, Britain declared war on Germany. But over and above this decree was another–a decree pronounced by the Supreme Court of History: it was the sentence of death upon the power, the riches, and the ambition of the Jewish race. When this sentence will be executed, no man can say: but sooner or later, the most influential Jew on earth will have no more influence on the course of Aryan affairs than a jelly-fish upon the time of sunrise. What the English people do not see today, they will learn by bitter experience: the German people have seen the truth already. When twilight falls on the field of battle, it is the twilight of the Kingdom of Judah on earth. They have tempted God–these Jews–for the last time.

(left Stasi Jew Aneta Kahane put in charge of persecuting Germans who resist white genocide)

Note- The Jews got the last laugh. William Joyce, who broadcast Nazi propaganda from Hamburg during the war, was hung for treason in 1946, although he was Irish, and therefore did not commit treason. He went to death defiant saying: In death as in life, I defy the Jews who caused this last war, and I defy the power of darkness which they represent. I warn the British people against the crushing imperialism of the Soviet Union. May Britain be great once again and in the hour of the greatest danger in the West may the standard be raised from the dust, crowned with the words – “You have conquered nevertheless”. I am proud to die for my ideals and I am sorry for the sons of Britain who have died without knowing why.

First Comment from Dan:

Good sources support your article today, Henry. Canaris’ treason dates at least to 1938. It is fully documented and undisputed. It’s astounding that he got away with it till February ’44, when Himmler finally had enough circumstantial evidence to have him dismissed from the Abwehr and placed under house arrest. He must have had 9 lives like a cat, for that prevented him from participating in the July 20th general’s plot to kill Hitler. Himmler held Canaris as a potential bargaining chip for his own scheme to negotiate a secret surrender deal. When that fell through, Himmler got Hitler’s approval to court-martial Canaris, who was hung at Flossenberg concentration camp, April 9th, 1945. He was 3 weeks short of surviving the war.

Canaris was a highly decorated U-Boat commander during WWI, and a Prussian. His services were too valuable to Nazi regime to challenge him easily. He must have had a lot of dirt on high placed Nazis. To his way of thinking, he wasn’t a traitor. The testimony of Sturdza supports that Canaris and Muller understood from the beginning that Germany would be destroyed when Hitler’s bluffs came to body blow with the ‘Perfidious Albion’ (Great Britiain).

He couldn’t prevent the war, but he did as much he could to bring it to earlier close. Among many things he accomplished was foiling an order from Hitler to kidnap Pope Pius XII in 1943 in a knee-jerk response to the arrest of Mussolini in 1943.

The Chabad Lubavitch credits Canaris with helping the Lubavitcher Rebbe Yosef Yitzchok Schneersohn out of Warsaw and off to New York.

Two out three good deeds ain’t bad. After Schneerson got to Brooklyn, Rabbi Wise helped him solicit a lot of money from Jews to use to buy more Jews out Warsaw, but instead Schneerson spent the money to establish Lubavitch world headquarters and yeshiva in Brooklyn Heights.
– See more at:

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