Rep. Paul Broun Says Evolution, Embryology, and Big Bang Theory are bullshit [Video]

Rep. Paul Broun denies evolution, embryology, and the Big Bang Theory, saying that they are lies from the “pit of Hell”.


  • What Broun does not tell you is that his masters who rule over the Congress are based at Georgetown ‘military fortress’ University. The powerhouse of the Jesuits commanding the United States corporation. He also does not tell you that it was the Jesuits behind evolution and the big bang theory. Evolution was created by the Jesuits and fronted through the Darwin family. The Big Bang Theory was created by Jesuit soldier, Georges Lemaître SJ the handler of Einstein. The Jesuits have perverted everything today and they most certainly are not Christian and despise the Geneva Bible 1560/99 and the Reformation. A Jesuit was always defined in old dictionaries as ‘a clever person who deceives the people.’ Their roots come from the Knights Templar in the Kingdom of Aragon, the only Knights Templar allowed to survive by the Pope.

    They have pushed false science through Freemasonry with The Worshipful Company of Mercers and the creation of Gresham College into the Royal Society. Freemasonry they took over with the House of Stuart fronted Scottish Rite as these Templars believe they are the only true Templars and all others must be subordinate or destroyed. Freemasonry Lodges are the work of Lucifer and will never have a Geneva Bible present within. The King James Bible is present in a Masonic lodge but that was mastered to destroy the Geneva Bible and all through the deceit of Sir John Dee an Enochian occultist of The Worshipful Company of Mercers. Science stems from Satan allowing Lucifer to guide the masses. You will even see Masonic drawings symbolizing Kronos the God of time and judgment (Saturn/Satan) with his sickle bringing on the feminine hermaphrodite Lucifer (Venus) to usher in the age of science. Evolution has been the number one attack against the Bible aiding in the attempt to discredit the Bible through deceptions. By the way the Earth does not travel around the Sun, the Sun travels around the Earth. Once you under stand Geocentricism you can start to understand anti-gravity, alternative energy and nuclear detonations.

    The Knights Templar were known as Satanists worshiping Baphomet as most elite families still do to this very day. The Los Alumbrados origins of the Jesuits were captured by the Catholic Church for Witchcraft. The Jesuits are the masters of the Mystery Schools and the teachers of the real elites like King Juan Carlos as well as the politicians of the World like Bill Clinton and Shimon Peres. Wake up to their five hundred year deceptions. Look into how many nations they have been expelled from and then look at the revenge they have taken on those nations. Look at how even the Catholic Church tried to destroy them and failed and then since 1814 the revenge these Templars have taken out on the Catholic Church whilst still festering within it as a front till it too much be destroyed for their one-World religion aka Luciferian Doctrine.

    All of education is commanded by The Worshipful Company of Mercers and The Worshipful Company of Haberdashers. Just look at the shield logo of Gresham College and you will see the Knights Templar arrow as well as the Mercers logo present. These are the vile cretins who are dumbing down your education through plans like America 2000 tied to their front World Government dictatorship of the United Nations. May I remind you of the power of the Knights of Columbus over US education and remind you that John Bush is a 4th Degree Knight of Columbus who kneels, serves and kisses the fisher’s ring of the Pope.

    An example of why the destruction of worship and the Bible is important to these vile elite swines is quite simple. Lets take knowledge of Genesis where we are informed that man was created in God’s imagine with dominion over the animals. Now lets look at what U.N Agenda 21 aka Sustainable Development has in store for your rights. You have no rights higher than any other living thing on Earth whether thats a bear, cat, mushroom or tree. You are to be dealt with like a machine would deal with you, with no compassion or respect for humanity. In fact animals will have more rights than you shortly as you are forced into human buffer zones if you survive the population reduction measures of the Club of Rome. So now can you see why true-Christianity is the biggest enemy to these Luciferian filth? The Bible gave you all your freedoms thanks to the Reformation. Now these filthy Luciferians have brainwashed idiots into thinking that religion stops freedom. Just look around you today please and see that freedom is almost gone and will be in the post-democratic society planned. What has Atheism done for society? Wake up and use common sense for once. The Geneva Bible is your only hope left. Atheists are the Jesuits puppets to aid the destruction of current religions and beliefs in order to aid the bringing of the World-religion the Luciferian Doctrine. Once this religion is about to be formed the Jesuits will then create a new brainwash in order to bring Atheists back as believers in this new hogwash they’ve created.

    -= The Unhived Mind

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    I heard there going to be doing there final CERN tests pretty soon

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