Richie Allen Debates Fiona O’Leary on MMS, GcMAF, and Vaccine Links to Autism

Richie Allen Debates Fiona O’Leary on MMS, GcMAF, and Vaccine Links to Autism


Published on 11 Aug 2015
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  • theunhivedmind

    This being is definitely aiding the destruction of humanity by the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries of London, the Worshipful Company of Barbers (big Pharma) and the Rockenfeld’s (Rockefeller family) of the New Venice Empire (Britain). Notice how she argues “well what do we do if we don’t use vaccines?” I can give you a very simple answer we use the far superior homoeopathic nosodes which have been proven numerous times for centuries just as the nation of Cuba knows all too well. The answer to most of the world’s health problems can be reversed if we follow the work of Antione Bechamp rather than Louis Pasteur. All you need to do is promote hygiene both inside and outside of the body and in the environment. We need good nutrition, exercise, chiropracting and homoeopathic/herbal remedies. All foods must be natural and free from additives and chemicals whilst the same goes for the water being free from poisons like fluoride. If we follow these rules we won’t have any problems but if we keep using the backward slave model of big pharma then we will go down fast.

    Autism was hardly known and trust me it wasn’t going undiagnosed because it was very rare and the same for cancer at one time. Cancer was so rare at one time that one teacher of surgery boasted to his students this cancer victim may be the first and last you’ll ever see in your career. Cancer rates started to increase as we defeated bacterial infections. Cancer rates have rocketed in modern times to now one-in-three people and this is by design and precisely why there aren’t any scare stories on the subject and everyone is made to believe it’s normal when it’s far from normal. Autism rates will be like cancer rates and this isn’t normal and it’s tied to the main trigger being vaccination. Even if there were a genetic element to the issue we still wouldn’t have the autism without the vaccination so don’t blame genetics and instead blame the trigger vaccinations that are totally unnecessary and could even be given with less risk via singular and more safety conscious vaccinations at a later stage of life.

    This is a planned assault on the populace by the Club of Rome and until people get it through their heads that we’re in a population reduction agenda then no one will see clearly what’s taking place. The Club of Rome desire a fifty percent drop in the World’s population by the year 2050 and then a further 35% drop in the survivors by the year 2100. Without wars the main method of disease inducement is allopathic sorcery aka medicine which incidentally becomes a main economic need during a zero-growth post-industrial society. So connect the dots and do the math as it’s very easy to see what’s happening.

    Most people like the being interviewed in the Allen show are all hit by multiple layers of the stinking onion brainwashing and whilst they believe they’ve a free mind they end up falling into many other mind programmes without realizing so. I’ve heard similar shills attack ozone and colloidal silver by calling them poisons etc and yet I’ve seen amazing results using both. Let’s just say I’d rather ingest ozone than any can of aspartame tainted coca-cola or even a non sweetened coca-cola. I recently administer colloidal silver to an old cat who’s back legs were dragging and paralysing. The colloidal silver within 24hrs of the first dose made a startling difference where you could quickly see power and strength coming back to the legs and now the cat walks upright, he can do a stool in the litter properly and without falling etc not to mention climb down large steps etc.

    So please do not fall for so-called goodie twoshoes hippies pretending to be looking after the best interest of the people and children especially if they promote any form of medicines external to emergency medicine. So if someone promotes a vaccine then walk away. Only emergency medication and emergency surgery has any worth in this world. We’re now about to enter September and so it should be time to increase your Vitamin D levels and by the end of September get onto your Influenzium 30c homoeopathic nosode once per week. There’s no reason whatsoever to take a highly dangerous flu vaccination.

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    `·-☆ The Unhived Mind

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