Rihanna worships the Goddess Isis

‘Always in and on my heart’: Rihanna honours late grandmother with tattoo of Goddess Isis spanning across her ribcage

By Nadia Mendoza
PUBLISHED: 01:59, 10 September 2012 | UPDATED: 11:38, 11 September 2012


Rihanna has paid tribute to her late grandmother with a tattoo alluding to her as a goddess.

The Russian Roulette singer, who performed at the closing ceremony of the London Paralympics tonight, posted a revealing snapshot on Instagram of the etching on her chest between her breasts.

Holding her arm across her bare cleavage for modesty, a large image of the Egyptian goddess Isis can be seen, kneeling with her wings spread and spanning across Rihanna’s ribcage.

Alongside the picture, Rihanna tweeted: ‘Goddess Isis – Complete Woman – Model for future generations – #GRANGRANDOLLY – always in and on my heart.’

Isis is said to be ‘the ideal mother and wife’ as well as friend to slaves, sinners and the downtrodden.

In July, the chart-topper’s grandmother passed away following a long battle with cancer.

After performing at the Wireless Festival in London’s Hyde Park, she jetted back to her native Barbados, where she attended the funeral of her late relative.

At the time she wrote: ‘Words can’t explain the essence of her beauty.’

Yesterday, Rihanna added the latest etching to her already heavily-tattooed body.

Emerging from a parlour in London’s Soho, the Grammy-winner was seen flashing her midriff as she raised her sweatshirt to reveal the clingfilm and masking tape used to cover fresh inkings.


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