Roberta Achtenberg: prominent Jesuit-trained lesbian hofjude behind Black Lives Matter covert race war agenda

Roberta Achtenberg: prominent Jesuit-trained lesbian hofjude behind Black Lives Matter covert race war agenda aided by socialist-communist black-racialist professor Melina Abdullah (self.RomeRules)

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The cited leader of the Los Angeles Black Lives Matter movement in a recent article on 1 is Melina Abdullah.

Abdullah is a professor at California State University-Los Angeles where she teaches classes on racial Pan-Africanism. Her biography on CSULA’s website outlines her socialist-communist philosophies: 2

A central theme of Dr. Abdullah’s classes is commonalities among people from disadvantaged groups and ways in which marginalized populations might utilize strategies of group consciousness and coalition building to encourage the development of a more just society. Course themes also emphasize the overlapping nature of marginalization and oppression, with particular attention paid to those who stand at the intersection of race, class and gender disadvantage. Through her teaching, Professor Abdullah hopes to inspire a new generation of scholars, researchers, educators and activists who will carry with them a commitment to diversity and equality.

Dr. Abdullah revived her graduate and doctoral degrees in Political Science from the University of Southern California.2 The Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University of Southern California is Wallis Annenberg, whose name may sound familiar if you read my write-up on Donald Trump; she is the daughter of Walter Annenberg, a Knight Commander of the Order of Saint Gregory the Great whose Annenberg Foundation funds American Universities that groom future politicians and government officials to be Papist devotees. 3

As mentioned, Abdullah is a professor at California State University-LA. The chair of the Board of Trustees of California State University is Jewish lesbian, Roberta Achtenberg, who has served as Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development as appointed by Jesuit-Georgetown-trained Bill Clinton (also likely a homosexual) and in 2011 she was appointed by Obama to the United States Commission on Civil Rights (“uncivil rights,” in actuality). Achtenberg is Jesuit-trained, having attended the school of law at Jesuit University of San Francisco. 4

So a Jesuit-trained homosexual court Jew holds chairmanship over the board of trustees at the University where the racialist Black Lives Matter leader – Dr. Abdullah, who attended the hofjude Annenberg-funded University of Southern California for her post-graduate studies, is a professor.

When questioned by Politico about the Black Lives Matter protests that have interrupted the campaign speeches of Bernie Sanders, Abdullah said this: 1

“It’s not that we’re targeting him specifically,” California State University-Los Angeles professor Melina Abdullah, one of the leaders and an organizer of the Black Lives Matter chapter in Los Angeles said of Sanders. “I think it’s just really important to understand that these things didn’t happen because there’s some grand plan. It just so happened to pan out that way that Sanders has been on the receiving end twice.”

Abdullah said there’s no candidate on the Republican or Democratic side of the 2016 cycle who has made racial injustice or police brutality against African-Americans “a centerpiece of the campaign.”

From the above it is seen that Black Lives Matter is ostensibly portrayed by Abdullah and others involved as politically-motivated, but is that a true depiction? When considering the ideology of the movement – a pro-black, anti-white candidate for Commander-in-Chief, it hardly is. The motivation is of course racially-derived and Black Lives Matter will be a catalyst of the designed and currently unfolding race-war in the current era of the “uncivil” rights movement started in the 1960’s, fomented by Jesuit John LaFarge Jr. through intelligence asset Martin King Jr. On a related note, Pan-African studies as taught by Abdullah and all others should be entirely concerned with blacks establishing their own nations, as was championed by Marcus Garvey with his “Back to Africa” movement and later espoused by Malcom X.


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