Roman Catholic Rosemary Collyer: Wicked Federal Judge Attacking Gun Ownership

Posted by EJP on Feb 2nd, 2012

And the hits from Jesuit-ruled Washington, via Jesuit Georgetown University, just keep on coming!

Once again we see the Black Pope’s concerted attempt on the part of his U.S. Federal judges to disarm the American populace by regulating-to-death gun sales from over 8700 gun shops in the Southwest. This is the Order’s policy of death to American gun rights, i.e., “death by a thousand cuts.” Rob, one of my advisers writes:

“Federal Judge Roman Catholic Rosemary Collyer rules, that every Mexico border state (the entire Southwest including CAL) gun shop owner (over 8700) has to report sales, if more than 2 firearms are sold within one week. Other restrictions as well. This is a great example of the “Holy Roman” Fourteenth Amendment American Empire, post 1868, 14th amendment doing what it was exactly designed to do. It will be nearly impossible to get a permit to carry in this country within 3 years.”

The solution is simple: State secession of every state affected by this damnable ruling must immediately ensue! And the wicked witch who “framed this mischief with a law” should be required to live right in the middle of the anti-White, hatefully-racist, Hispanic Roman Catholic Alien Invaders who hate all Whites with a passion—especially White Protestants and Baptists. The whole Roman Catholic/Islamic AZTLAN movement is anti-White Anglo-Saxon Protestant as its Jesuit leaders have openly stated! Maybe this judicial whore for the Jesuit Papacy will get down on her knees and lick the boots of her Hispanic attackers while crying out:

“But I am a Roman Catholic too!”

It is time to repent of our sins, believe the glorious gospel of the risen Lord Jesus Christ (I Corinthians 15:1-4) and then seek almighty God our Father—in Jesus’ name—in leading our elected state representatives by His Holy Spirit to secession or issuing a Declaration of Independence by every state in this doomed “Holy Roman” Fourteenth Amendment American Empire (1868-Present).

Remember, the Jesuit Papacy is the GREATEST ENEMY to private gun ownership on the face of the earth. Every one of their socialist-communist, socialist-fascist and Fabian Socialist-ruled nations (including Great Britain and Germany) have completely abolished or nearly abolished private handgun ownership—the only real gun to have in a bind. The American Jesuit Conference has publicly gone on record as being totally opposed to private gun ownership including handguns, rifles and shotguns. And why? so when the Sino-Soviet-Muslim invasion finally occurs, we will be disarmed and at the mercy of our killers led by Jesuits of the short robe!

Read more about this evil, wicked and damnable ruling in the NRA article here.

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