Romania Extradites ‘Guccifier’ for Hacking Ex-US Presidents’ Families

Romania Extradites ‘Guccifier’ for Hacking Ex-US Presidents’ Families

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A Romanian hacker with the online name “Guccifier” has been extradited to the United States after penetrating computers used by family members of two former US presidents, a former Cabinet secretary and a former member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the US Department of Justice announced in a press release on Friday.

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — The hacker, whose real name is Marcel Lazar, “violated the privacy of his victims and thought he could hide behind the anonymity of the Internet,” US Attorney Dana Boente said in the release.

The Justice Department explained that after Lazar gained unauthorized access to the victims’ accounts, he “publicly released their private email correspondence, medical and financial information and personal photographs.”

The release did not name the former US presidents or officials affected.

The indictment cites three counts of wire fraud, three counts of gaining unauthorized access to protected computers and one count each of aggravated identity theft, cyberstalking and obstruction of justice, according to the Justice Department.

Lazar faces trial in the US state of Virginia, the release noted.

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