Submitted by David Livingstone on Thu, 11/15/2007 – 13:13

At least in one media source, the Associated Press, there is an attempt to acknowledge the real support being gained by Ron Paul. This is a very interesting development, and reflection of the current state of affairs.

The media certainly lost a lot of credibility, as a result of their obscene coverage of the Iraq invasion. We seem to be living in a new day and age. I don’t know why the media squandered their credibility like that. Was it deliberate? A result of gross arrogance and incompetence? A symptom of the increasing importance of the internet?

Likely a combination of all points.

But it shows that the media still maintain a powerful influence, but that they certainly can no longer dictate what people believe.

The relative success of Paul’s campaign I think is a positive sign.

But his campaign also makes obvious the very problems that plague the responses to the emerging tyranny.

Paul has picked up rightly on many of the ills that afflict the US, but within bounds that will mislead people in the end.

He extols most of the main points of the Patriot movement, by calling for a return of the Constitution, the principles of the “Founding Fathers”, and in line with the conspiracy fringe of the movement, he is demanding an end to the Federal Reserve.

I can’t disagree with him on those points. But essentially, like the Patriot movement, his ideas are affiliated with Libertarianism, which is a movement financed directly by the same Neo-con conspiracy that manipulated the US into war in the first place.

Aside from advancing “total war”, the very premise of the Neo-con agenda is the promotion of their right-wing economics. Their most clever ruse has been to identify themselves with “Christian” values, and pass along their devious economic objectives along with other more noble principles.

As revealed by extensive research available at Media Transparency: The Money Behind Conservative Media, the Neo-Conservative movement was headed by Irving Kristol, but now his son William, through various “think tanks”, funded by several tax-exempt foundations, namely the Bradley and Olin Foundations.

More recently, John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt have also demonstrated that these same “think tanks” form the backbone of the Israel Lobby, like the AIPAC.

They fund TV programs like Rush Limbaugh’s, or William F. Buckley’s Firing Line, or his National Review, and other right-wing publications, and support educators and specific university departments.

Their campaign has been responsible for raising the false alarm about “political correctness”, and the myth of the “liberal media”.

For the most part, they are correct about the hypocrisy of these institutions, but they are using these accusations to hide their more devious agenda.

Essentially, the Neo-Con conspiracy is out to privatize the entire industry, including health care, education, welfare, and other social services, in order that it may be appropriated it into monopolies and mega-corporations that will enable them to run every aspect of our lives. But also to remove all regulations, deceptively called “free-enterprise”, that they may rampage through the world without restrictions about who they exploit or what they destroy.

The argument they have deceptively presented is based on Freemason Adam Smith’s delusion that greed is good. That, giving reign to the pursuit of self-interest is in the good for us all. It’s patently absurd, but as a result of the collapse of the Soviet experiment, has managed to attract increasing swaths of society.

But since Adam Smith, this has been a ploy to prevent industrial societies from curbing the rapacious appetites of private interests.

The philosophical basis of this creed is “Libertarianism”. It dates back to another Freemason, John Stuart Mill. It is perceived to mean that governments are illegal, because, inherently, no other person has the right to tell you what to do. This derives from the Luciferian maxim of “do what thou wilt”, disguised by adding the clever conditional of, “as long as you don’t harm anyone else”. Readers will likely recognize this as identical to the guiding principle of the Wiccans.

And so, everywhere, dupes of the Libertarian conspiracy are calling for an end of “Big Government”. While government was originally intended to protect them from the monopolization of power by the few, and to guarantee fair redistribution of wealth, they now blame this entity for the crimes that have been perpetrated by these same few, who have cleverly managed to usurp control of this government for their own advantage, and are thus furthering the transfer of that power.

Paul is likely sincere. And like much of the Patriot or Libertarian movements, he has been attracted to a correct assessment of the tools of control used by the elite. But this sugar-coating has helped him swallow the poison pill, leading him to act as the pied piper in calling the masses into the true hidden elite agenda of privatization.

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