Royal Privilege: Prince Charles Can Legally Set Off Nukes

Royal Privilege: Prince Charles Can Legally Set Off Nukes © AFP 2015/ Andy Buchanan

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We should all be praying that Charles, Prince of Wales, won’t go nuts one day, as it turns out that the British criminal code has a breach allowing Prince to legally set off nuclear bombs, according to a new study at Plymouth University, the Independent said.

“The title of Duke of Cornwall excludes the prince from punishment from a number of laws, including the Nuclear Explosions Act,” the Independent reported.

The study was conducted by John Kirkhope from Plymouth University who examined what special legal advantages Charles’ royal title gives him.

Kirkhope looked into archives and met with government officials to discover information on the legal impunity of Prince Charles.

Besides the Nuclear Explosions Act, Prince Charles can also ignore the Data Protection Act, the Marine and Coastal Access Act, the Water Industry Act, the Wildlife and Countryside Act, the Transport Act, and the Licensing Act.

Immunity from all these acts was given to the Crown and the Duchy in 1913.

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    I’ve told you numerous times that the Doge powers of New Venice (Britain) regained many of their previous lost powers and this all occurred in 1689 when the English Bill of Rights was bought into force. Nothing happens in most lands in Britain without the authorization of the New Doge, the only possible exception would be certain areas of the City of London which are under the Jurisdiction of its then current Doge Thomas Pilkington a leading figure in the Worshipful Company of Skinners. The Skinners were the same vermin who threatened America by claiming they wanted the settlement debts paid in full which has been amassed by the Charter of the Virginia Company of London. So my dear friends it was the Skinners that caused President Abraham Lincoln to dissolve the nation state land of America and then place it temporarily under an Admiralty Law only to end up with Lincoln being assassinated and the corporation to continuum forever more.

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