RT Now Four Months Behind Tax Wall Street Party in Reporting on ISIS/Daesh Logistics and Jarablus Corridor

RT Now Four Months Behind Tax Wall Street Party in Reporting on ISIS/Daesh Logistics and Jarablus Corridor; Virginia State Senator Richard H. Black Correctly Illustrates Best Way to Destroy Terrorist Congeries – Using Map and Analysis Substantially Identical to Those Published by TWSP on July 28, 2015

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Morning Briefing | Thursday, December 3, 2015

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RT co-opts analysis and functionality of TWSP map – https://youtu.be/uRnkF3CsFc4

Amateurs talk tactics, while professionals talk logistics. As Napoleon once said, an army travels on its stomach. Supply lines from an army’s base and rear echelon are vital because they deliver the sinews of war. The US strategy in World War II in the Pacific was to capture the Philippines and cut the Japanese supply lines from the areas which today comprise Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, surrounding areas. In American history, the sieges of Atlanta and Richmond depended on railroad supply lines. The Germany army was defeated at Stalingrad because the supply lines had been cut when the city was encircled. Any army in the world will wither on the vine if its supply lines are cut and it cannot get logistics any other way.

ISIS/Daesh is portrayed by the corrupt western media as a mysterious band of supermen endowed with magic powers, receiving food, ammunition, gasoline, spare parts, and cannon-fodder recruits through the services of djinns riding on flying carpets. But back in the real world, the ISIS/Daesh terrorist congeries and genocide is a very material army just like any other army. Cut the supply line from Turkey into ISIS/Daesh territory and everything collapses sooner rather than later. The Tax Wall Street Party, as our readers know, has been hammering on this theme since late July. Close the 100km (60 mile) Jarablus corridor and ISIS/Daesh is a dead duck. We have brought this theme to a major conference in Germany, and we have featured it in a widely-viewed video report directed to Anglophone and Francophone audiences. Our goal right now is to force one major power – any one will do –to team up with one major force on the ground (the Syrian Arab Army or the YPG Kurds) to close that corridor.

We have also been acutely aware of the other terrorist infiltration problem posed by Turkish pro-ISIS policies – this time it is Turkish support for Al Qaeda, Nusra, and the “Free Syrian Army” in northwest Syria, which threatens Latakia province. Since Russian bombing began on September 30, Moscow has been focused on wiping out the terrorists in this sector because of the threat they pose to an area loyal to Assad. The Turkish bandit attack on a Russian military aircraft took place precisely in this area, just as the ISIS/Daesh front was about to collapse, as we reported one day before the shootdown.

If the ISIS/Daesh force collapses in northwest Syria, as many experts expect it to before the end of the year, it will be time for Russia to do its part in closing the Jarablus corridor, since it is only by doing this that ISIS/Daesh can be finally and completely destroyed.

We are glad to see that Virginia State Senator Richard Black is calling for the closing of the Jarablus corridor. We note that the map he shows is conceptually identical and graphically largely identical to the one we published on July 28 (see above). We welcome the fact that RT has finally decided to cover this critical issue. It would have been better for all concerned if RT and other news organs had concentrated public attention on the ISIS/Daesh supply lines over the past four months. Maybe enough public attention could have been generated to force some government to defy Turkey and to interdict the corridor – and there are half a dozen governments who could do this. In that case, the war would already have been won and done. The Tax Wall Street Party would have been pleased to provide speakers on this question anytime from late July to the present – a period of about four months. We hope that the RT coverage of State Senator Black, together with the various exposes on the Erdogan crime family, are a sign that Russia intends to begin closing the Jarablus corridor.

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